Affiliate Marketing Check List

What is the why and wherefore and purpose of an affiliate marketing checklist? Affiliate marketing is a wonderful new (new in the sense of the long view of advertising and marketing history) marketing technique that allows people to make commissions from the internet sales of others. These others may be corporations, small businesses, or simply individuals who are involved in providing products to the internet community, and who are willing to pay tidy percentages to those who promote their products each time a sale occurs. If you’re thinking of joining this increasingly gargantuan and multifaceted industry, having a check list to work from can be a real boon. It allows you to make sure that you have all the important points in mind as you embark on the great adventure of your affiliate marketing campaign – your trip into the info sea if you will. The following are some checklist items that you might include. Feel free to use these or related points:

1. Success Mindset?

Check. This means you are, in a fundamental sense, certain of success. People may tell you that there is no way to be certain of success in anything, but these people are misinformed. In actual fact, when you have a certain mindset, success is in fact guaranteed. It is only a question of the form the success takes, and this form will be guided by the decisions you make during the process. But a success mindset fundamentally knows it will succeed and then proceeds on this basis. In so doing, it produces success as an inevitable result.

2. Marketing Plan?

Check. This is your launch pad. It is where you lay out the nuts and bolts of what you’re going to be doing so that you can screw them together and build something great.

Write out a plan that works for you, accounting for preparation, marketing strategies, traffic generation techniques, budget, expected earnings, and so forth. Much of the actual work is done right here. The plan is the mental template that sets up the action patterns that will result in affiliate marketing success.

3. Product Knowledge/Affinity?

Check. If you don’t know or feel an affinity with a product you are trying to help somebody sell, that could carry through and give you an aura of crassness and dishonesty in your campaigns. You don’t want that. You want to appear and in fact be genuine in your communications. You’re there to help people, not chisel them out of money with products whose inherent qualities have barely even come to your awareness. So familiarize yourself with these qualities by actual contact with the product itself. Even if this is only putting the product in your home and walking by it every morning, contact is essential. And if you can’t afford to actually buy a product, reading up on it is an option as well, and will serve the same purpose.

4. Well Chosen Niche?

Check. The niche is important, but not as important as some might say. Moderate competition is OK. The quality of your campaigns and the general spirit of your endeavors are equally, perhaps more important elements. Choose a niche that seems comfortable and which doesn’t have an absurd amount of competition and go from there.

5. How’s the Campaign Doing?

Check. You need feedback to know where you stand. Get this feedback as often as you deem necessary but make sure you do get it. Consider your affiliate marketing campaign a kind of conversation between you and internet surfers. It’s not a monologue but a dialogue, so you’ve got to listen as well as talk. See what works and what doesn’t and act accordingly.

Have fun creating an internet checklist and always remember, you’re the captain of the ship as you sail your marketing vessel into the info ocean that is the world wide web.

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