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So what is an affiliate network and how do I make money? These are two very important questions that arise when affiliate marketing becomes reality. If you want to be an affiliate marketer then you need to know what an affiliate network is and how you can make money from them.

First, an affiliate network connects the publishers  and advertisers together. You being the advertiser. You see, you are advertising a product or service of another company not related to the affiliate network. The network just sets you up with various offers you can advertise. Then, you are given a commission based on the product.

For example, some networks have the same product, however, offer different commissions. Most of the time networks have thousands of offers. But numbers arent everything if the offers arent good and the affiliate managers are terrible. So there are a few factors that make a great network as you can see.

Some have experienced terrible Affiliate Network Managers. While others may have experienced payouts not being on time or offers that arent very good. Ideally, you want great offers, great AM’s, and great payouts. However, that is all speculation. It really depends on what you want to advertise. For some, a great affiliate network may not be that great to others.

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