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Affiliate Marketing: Tips for Beginners in later 2012 & Approaching 2013

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Sep 25

Amazing Selling Machine Course Closing October 11th 2013, How-to Successfully Sell on a 60-Billion Dollar Market That Is Amazon.com- Course Bonuses Revealed

Owatonna, MN (PRWEB) September 24, 2013

Amazon.com had revenues of about $ 60 billion dollars last year, but what most people don’t know is that almost half of that revenue was produced by business owners and online marketers just like Matt and Jason. That means that over $ 25 billion dollars a year is produced by third party sellers on Amazon that are small business owners and entrepreneurs like them,”

James Harbal is a successful, current member of the ASM course. “After quitting my job as a cable TV installer, I found this Course back in 2012 when it was originally called the Amazon Money Machine. I have always dabbled in Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, but have never had any luck with it, maybe making a few bucks selling other people’s products.”

He goes on to say, “I watched the prelaunch videos and I knew these guys were for real, so I jumped on the chance to join the program.”

The current prelaunch videos are available now, but will be taken down once the course has closed its doors to new members after midnight October 11th 2013.

Watch the videos now and see their amazing results.

6 months after quitting his installation job and joining the course, James Harbal was grossing over $ 50K on Amazon per month selling wholesale and private label. “I don’t do as well as Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback, combined they are have grossed $ 4.1 Million selling on Amazon from the beginning of this year, 2013. But I am working my way up to their level. I expect to get up to 100K per month during the Christmas shopping season.”

You can see more of James’ Story on his Facebook event for the relaunch of The Amazing Selling Machine.

A Little About the Course Creators, Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback

Over the last 3 years Matt Clark has been mastering e-commerce and selling on Amazon, Jason partnered with Matt less than 2 years ago and has been killing it since on Amazon.

Matt & Jason Decided that to grow their businesses, and become experts in the community, they had to share their knowledge with others, and the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) course was Born. Of course, sharing knowledge was their goal, but they also were able to learn a lot from all the different backgrounds of the entrepreneurs that joined them on their quest to dominate in the world of Selling on Amazon.com.

In Matt and Jason’s First ASM prelaunch video, they prove their results. They also share with you their secret, a 7-step process on How to Sell a Product Successfully on Amazon by getting their Private label products ranked in the top positions of the Amazon Search pages. “If you don’t rank well for your keywords, you won’t sell anything, and you won’t be able make it on Amazon”

Watch Matt and Jason reveal their secret 7-step process to dominate the competition on Amazon here.

The verdict is in, selling on Amazon works. Not only do entrepreneurs all over the United States successfully sell on Amazon, but business owners and online marketers are successfully selling on Amazon worldwide. The major difference is most people are not following the proven step-by-step system and plan Matt and Jason layout in their video. They are simply listing their products on Amazon just as they do on their own business or personal websites.

“This is where us as ASM students have such an unfair advantage,” says Harbal. “We are able to implement the systems, processes, software, tools and community support provided by Amazing Selling Machine and gain a significant competitive advantage in every category of products being sold on Amazon. The Prelaunch videos will be providing tremendous value to anyone that watches them, even if they decide not to purchase access to the valuable ASM course, tools and community.”

Don’t miss the first video, or the other 3 that are released before the course opens to new members October 4th 2013, and closes to new members on the midnight of October 11th 2013.

“As a member of the ASM community membership, I have been able to help many other members get through the course content.” Harbal continues to talk, “There are many concepts that some may not get right away because they seem so simple, or because the concepts are new to them. Many of the new members have never sold anything online before, so they need more help then the more experienced members. The beauty of the course is that it walks you step by step on how to sell on amazon your own private label goods. But when someone needs help, the community of members step in to make sure that when someone has questions, those questions are answered.”

James Harbal is a big part of the ASM Member Community. He has been able to help many people with questions. Probably due to his success with the ASM Community, his willingness to help others, and because he started with the original AMM Course Matt and Jason Released in the middle of 2012.

James continues, “Because I have been so successful with this course, I am offering my mentorship and personal attention to new members that decide to sign up for the limited time offering ASM membership.”

Some of the “Bonuses” that James will be offering are one-on-one coaching calls, 8 personal Q & A webinars with a fellow successful ASM member to coincide with the mass member webinars that Matt and Jason have after each week of the course. “We think you will most likely have questions that won’t necessarily get answered by the mass Webinars, so we want to give you the opportunity to ask those questions on a more personal level.

Other Bonuses Include:

Some professional photography to make those Amazon Product Images pop! Lists of potential products you could sell on Amazon that James thinks would work well starting off.

Also, a Super Launch Formula that James uses personally to gain market share on Amazon within the shortest time frames possible to make sure you are successful with your first product on Amazon.

If you want to get these bonuses, valued at $ 2000, when you Purchase this course and membership you will have to sign-up under James Harbal.

Other bonuses are explained by james on his facebook event if you click on this link you can view them and join the Amazing Selling Machine course launch on Facebook

Make sure to grab the Free 7-step ultimate promotion system PDF before it is taken down when the doors to the course are closed, maybe for good.

About James Harbal

James Harbal is a successful member of the Amazing Selling Machine course. He is a member so he has exclusive knowledge of the inner workings of this course and can help you build your new Amazon business into an empire. Referral commissions are typical with a course offering like ASM so please do go to the ASM launch Facebook event to read his full disclosures and get the details about the Course.

Sep 08

BEST Affiliate Programs Online 2013 Work at Home Jobs! (4k per Month PROOF)

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Aug 13

2013 WebSearch University Roster to Include Powerhouse Trio from the Association of Independent Information Professionals

Baton Rouge, LA (PRWEB) August 13, 2013

Among the three researchers, they have 24 years of experience as WebSearch University instructorswith one now a key planner of the annual event. Its no wonder, then, that Mary Ellen Bates, Marydee Ojala, and Marcy Phelps will be featured speakers at next months WebSearch University in Washington, DC, where they will address major shifts in how info pros are doing research and adding value to their research products.

All three women readily acknowledge that their long-time membership in the Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) has helped them stay on the cutting edge as info-entrepreneurs and information industry thought leaders.

The parent company of WebSearch University likewise recognizes the value of the AIIP brand. Tom Hogan, Sr, President and CEO of Information Today, Inc., explains, “Our company has had a close relationship with AIIP for some time. We are delighted to have such prestigious AIIP speakers at WebSearch University, as we think it validates the high quality of the information provided to attendees.

Marydee Ojala, Editor-in-Chief, Online Searcher, and Information Consultant, Ojala Associates (Indianapolis, IN), will present a session on new approaches to using news resources. Explains Ojala, I’ll be talking about how the news cycle has changed, what people need to look out for when searching for news stories and setting up current awareness services, and how newer sources are bypassing our traditional online services. In a second session, Ojala will discuss current trends in question-and-answer services such as ChaCha, Quora, message boards, technical forums, and user-generated content.

Mary Ellen Bates, Principal, Bates Information Services (Niwot, CO), will offer a session titled Information Alchemy, which she defines as the skills and tools that info-entrepreneurs need to transform information into [value-added] impact, an increasingly important feature of our information services. In a similar vein, Batess second session, Stalking the Increasingly Elusive Advanced Search, will address the ongoing need of info pros to get even more out of their online research.

In Visualization Tools for Turning Information Into Insights, Marcy Phelps, Founder, Phelps Research (Denver, CO), explains that I will focus on simple tools, many of which we already have at our disposal, for creating charts, graphs, diagrams, and other infographics to use in our research deliverables. This represents a major shift in that clients no longer value how much or even what type of information we find. More and more, our value is in helping clients understand what the information means to them and making it decision-ready. And, in our increasingly visual world, visual formats are definitely in demand.

Bates and Phelps will also participate in a WebSearch Seminar panel billed as an “unsession,” where the goal is to share tips for research and for adding value to research reports and other deliverables. According to Phelps, this interactive session, in which attendees will participate in the discussion, reflects the trend of conferences and meetings moving to speaker/audience discussion and other interactive programming formats.

According to all three presenters, WebSearch University is a great fit for info entrepreneurs and an excellent platform for sharing skills sharpened through their association with their fellow AIIP members.

As event co-planner Ojala explains, WebSearch University is a skills-based event. It’s not a conference with thousands of attendees and a huge exhibit hall. It’s focused on search skills, allowing people to talk with each other. These networking opportunities are invaluable for learning skills and getting to know potential business partners. Ojala also notes that the event is a great place to share the knowledge I’ve gleaned both from doing research projects for clients and from hanging out (usually virtually) with the highly intelligent, internet-savvy members of AIIP.

Twelve-time presenter Bates says that she usually speaks about advanced research techniques and about adding value to research results, both of which are skills I have honed over the 20+ years of being an info-entrepreneur; and having access to the support of AIIPs industry partners and affiliates has made a big difference in search expertise.

Newcomer Phelps concurs. A lot of what I’ve learned about the topics I’ll be speaking about has been through AIIPespecially [discussion list] AIIP-L. I learn so much by listening to experts, and AIIP members are so willing to share their vast knowledge on any information-related topic. Also, speaking at WebSearch University is by invitation only, so I believe that the professional network that I’ve created through AIIP helped raised my visibility and make the connections that led to that invitation.

All three speakers would recommend belonging to AIIP and attending WebSearch University. As Phelps noted, Theyre both great ways to keep your skills up to date. Resources continually change andin an age of Google and other DIY research toolsit’s especially important to find new ways to increase our value as info entrepreneurs.

Information Today, Inc., is offering AIIP members a significant discount on the upcoming WebSearch University Conference. To receive preferred pricing, AIIP members must contact Information Today’s Registration Department (Nancy Ellor, Registrar, 609-654-6266, nellor@infotoday.com).

For more about WebSearch University visit: http://www.websearchu.com/2013/.

About AIIP

The Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP, http://www.AIIP.org) consists of more than 500 business owners from around the world whose firms provide research and consulting services across a wide variety of industries. Business research, competitive intelligence, market analysis, database development, training, and information management consulting are just a few of the areas in which AIIP members specialize. Some of the vertical industries AIIP members serve include scientific, medical, pharmaceutical, regulatory, information technology, education, financial services, manufacturing, nonprofits, and life sciences. A directory of members is available at: http://www.aiip.org/content/hire-info-pro/.

Media Relations/Public Relations Contact: Jeff Mustard cell: 954-801-8263; email:

Jeff(at)TheBambooAgency(dot)com; http://www.TheBambooAgency.com.

For more information about AIIP, contact AIIP Headquarters, Baton Rouge, LA; (225)408-4400, email: office(at)aiip(dot)org.

Aug 10

World Rainbow Hotels website shortlisted as a finalist in Travolution 2013 awards

London (PRWEB UK) 31 July 2013

The 1,200 hotels in 129 worldwide destinations displayed on WRHs website have all been put through a rigorous set of screening criteria, including analysis of their current involvement with the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender) community, compliance with non-discrimination policies and same-sex benefits for their staff.

Member hotels are encouraged to undergo LGBT-welcoming training and required to put together an Out & About information guide providing tips about their local gay & lesbian scene, which can be downloaded from the hotels profile on WRHs website.

Sharon Wimborne, eCommerce Director, said, We are delighted to be shortlisted for Travolutions Best Accommodation Website award. We feel we have developed a unique online proposition as well as some innovative ways for the LGBT community to share experiences and contribute to the assessment and suitability of LGBT-welcoming properties around the world.

The websites uniqueness comes in great part from its original, information-rich content and its interactivity, making it a place where users can obtain up-to-date recommendations about the properties local gay & lesbian scene and share their experiences with others.

WRHs website has been designed in such a way that hoteliers, customers and non-customers from around the world can easily contribute information via on-site social media.

The properties profile information 100% original content created by WRH can later be edited by hoteliers themselves, ensuring that prospective guests obtain the most accurate and relevant information about their stay. The website also allows concierges to contribute relevant LGBT-related news to their hotels profiles.

Customers and non-customers alike are also invited to provide feedback on the local LGBT scene through the Add Your Voice feature of the website.

To create an engaging and inclusive feel to the user experience, WRH offers two key user journey types: the search route, enabling a quick search-and-book journey and the browse route, promoting community, advice and recommendations.

Website visitors can explore WRHs destinations and properties through whichever path is most appealing to them: an interactive map, a destination directory, browsing by style or amenity or by an LGBT events calendar.

WRH also works closely with its member hotels to provide its customers with the most competitive rates on the market, and create with them innovative promotions and rate packages that can be booked only on WRHs website. Member hotels also provide negotiated rates for WRHs demand partners and travel agencies.

To better collaborate with affiliated travel agencies and tour operators, WRH developed a dedicated Agent Portal which enables demand partners to securely book exclusive discounted rates while earning enhanced commissions. Registered agencies can view commission information, as well as manage and amend their own bookings and branded client communications.

On July 3rd 2013 WRH launched its 2014 RFP program, giving hotels around the world the opportunity to be included in its program and to be featured on its website. To participate, hotels can submit their RFP by August 16th either electronically via Lanyon or Nexus or by contacting WRH offices at info(at)worldrainbowhotels(dot)com.

WRHs website has been designed by Zolv, a leading web design company specialised in the travel industry.

Olly Wenn, Zolvs owner, said, We are delighted worldrainbowhotels.com is a finalist in this years Travolution Awards. We are enormously proud of what we have achieved together. The brief presented plenty of opportunity for us to come up with new ideas and this nomination is proof of our success. Good luck World Rainbow!

About World Rainbow Hotels

Launched in 2011, World Rainbow Hotels is a carefully chosen collection of more than 1,200 gay & lesbian-welcoming hotels located in over 129 destinations worldwide.

For information about World Rainbow Hotels, please visit worldrainbowhotels.com or call us on +44 (0)845 004 9393 ext 6523.

To see examples of Out & About guides, check: worldrainbowhotels.com/Why-Book-With-Us/Out-and-About/

To see testimonials of leading hotel brands and LGBT organizations, check: worldrainbowhotels.com/hoteliers/testimonials

Interested affiliates can find out more information on: worldrainbowhotels.com/affiliates and hoteliers interested in joining can find out more via worldrainbowhotels.com/hoteliers

For press enquiries contact: Nicolas Wijnants, Brand Director, World Rainbow Hotels on: +44 (0) 8450 049393 Ext: 6523 or nicolas(dot)wijnants(at)worldrainbowhotels(dot)com

Website images, logos and photography can be provided on request.

Aug 05

IHC Specialty Benefits Wins 2013 Best of PiMA Award and Gold Award for Best e-Commerce Website

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) August 01, 2013

IHC Specialty Benefits, a member of The IHC Group, recently received the 2013 Best of PiMA award and a Gold award for Best e-Commerce Website for healthedeals.com in the Professional Insurance Marketing Association Marketing Methods Competition. Marketing awards are given to member insurance companies and agencies for demonstrating outstanding marketing and creative strategy with measureable results.

Re-launched in January 2013, healthedeals.com was rebranded as a merchandizing shop for individuals looking for affordable health insurance products. Using responsive design, the site features a health care reform calculator and a Healthcare Blue Book look-up function. The campaign was kicked-off with a combination of public relations, lead generation and search engine marketing.

We are extremely pleased with this award. The primary objective of healthedeals.com was to convert a short-term medical website into a multi-product shopping cart experience, increasing sales and improving conversion rates. Its an honor to be recognized for creating a website that provides health insurance solutions for many needs, lifestyles and budgets, said Brian Dow, Chief Operating Officer of IHC Specialty Benefits.

There were over 500 entries in PiMAs annual marketing contest, which included over 100 insurance companies and big box agencies represented in the competition.

About IHC Specialty Benefits

IHC Specialty Benefits, Inc. is a member of The IHC Group. The IHC Group is comprised of insurance carriers, and marketing and administrative affiliates committed to providing excellent service and offering competitive health, life, disability, stop-loss, short-term medical, travel and dental insurance products to groups and individuals. IHC Specialty Benefits is a customer-driven company and share a mutual desire to provide important benefits to our customers and to meet their needs in an innovative, hassle-free manner.

About healthedeals.com

Healthedeals.com is a website offered by IHC Specialty Benefits, Inc., offering individual major medical health insurance, hospital indemnity insurance, temporary health insurance, dental insurance, limited medical insurance, critical illness insurance, bundled accident, critical illness and term life insurance, and pet insurance.

Jul 28

Vehicle Protection Association (VPA) has announced the annual meeting September 15-16, 2013, Las Vegas

St. Louis (PRWEB) July 25, 2013

The Vehicle Protection Association (VPA), a professional non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the integrity of the automotive service contract industry, will hold its annual meeting 15 -16 September 2013 Bally Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.


join members, future members and friends of the organization 6-8 pm Sunday, September 15th May for a warm welcome. Monday, September 16, the day will begin with a forum sponsor, which will be held from 10-11:30 am The exhibition style forum is open to all participants and showcase companies that sponsored portions of the annual meeting. After the forum, lunch will be served from noon 1:00 in the program, which ends at 04:00 The program will include guest speakers and updates on the latest industry standards.

Participants will be invited to ask questions about the Association and the ongoing developments in the vehicle service contract industry during a Q & A session. This will once again be an exciting event filled with great speakers, networking and updates in the industry.

The annual meeting will be held in the same week that the F & I and Showroom and Industry Summit of the University of used cars, which will feature the F & I Conference and Expo, subprime Conference, the CRM of the Convention and Used Vehicle Convention retail. Participants at the annual meeting are invited to attend the summit on September 16 to 18, 2013 at Paris Las Vegas, however, the APV is not affiliated with the event.


for the annual meeting are available on the website of the VPA. The cost is $ 250 per participant, register before August 19th and book your seat for $ 125.

book hotel rooms in Las Vegas Bally, contact (877) 603-4390 or visit http://www.ballyslasvegas.com.

About the Association for the Protection of vehicles

Vehicle Protection Association (VPA) is a non-profit organization representing companies operating in the sector of car service contract. Members include service contract marketers, administrators, insurers, payment providers and software vendors. VPA currently has more than 60 members. The organization is committed to ensuring regulatory compliance among members, educating consumers on their rights and otherwise ensuring the integrity of the automotive service contract industry. For more information, visit http://www.vpanet.org site.

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