Jul 08

Introducing ForexExpress.com, a Top Forex Affiliate Program for Forex Affiliates Offering High Payouts

London, UK (PRWEB) August 27, 2014

The new Forex affiliate network is an offering that caters to revenue generating partners focused on marketing in financial markets and the online trading industry. Affiliates will now be able to advertise WWM as a premier Forex partner in return for industry leading commission payouts. ForexExpress offers marketers the option of CPA payouts up to $ 700 or revenue sharing up to 50%.

A large component of the success of ForexExpress is driven by the WWM teams Forex affiliate marketing expertise. The WWM team has developed strong long term partnerships with affiliates and paid out over $ 20 million in the last three years alone. The launch of Forex Express expands WWMs offerings to serve affiliate marketers through the use of new technologies to deliver and manage ad campaigns along with conversions in real-time.

Commenting on the new launch, WorldWideMarkets Daniel Alexander, a highly experienced marketing expert, who was recently appointed to the role of Director of Digital Marketing, explained ForexExpress is the most intuitive and innovative FX affiliate program on the web. Offering the highest payout commission plans and premium partner support that exceeds our partners expectations.

These qualities have combined to create an efficient solution for money managers, introducing brokers and affiliates which include the following features that help affiliates succeed:

Platforms available as a web-based, desktop, tablet and mobile devices
Available in 15 different languages and growing
Fixed or Variable Spreads
Free Unlimited-time demo account
Trade live with as low as $ 100 deposit
Broker Authorized and regulated by the FSC/FCA
Easiest registration process in the industry
The quickest and easiest account opening process

ForexExpress: Gateway to earn Commission from Marketing WorldWideMarkets

The ForexExpress mission is to create value for affiliate marketers through a process that delivers the industrys highest conversion rates and highest payouts. High conversion rates are delivered through a fast and easy customer account opening process driven by fully automated processes that allow the customer to fund and account and begin trading immediately. The highly automated and efficient processes also produce higher profits that drive the industrys highest affiliate payouts. High conversion rates and the industrys highest payouts is the core of the ForexExpress value proposition to the affiliate marketer.

ForexExpress expands WWMs offerings to serve affiliate marketers through the use of new technologies that deliver and manage ad campaigns and account conversions in real time. The ForexExpress website will serve as a hub for partners and forex affiliates of the WorldWideMarkets brand, and will provide resources and capabilities for users to access banner, text ads and related marketing features.

Offering a proven and efficient user experience that allows affiliate marketers to focus on acquiring customers and generating revenues. ForexExpress software features include advanced tracking and reporting features like a 365 day cookie tracking, real-time performance control panel, which combine to make it easier for affiliates to track the success of campaigns and various banners and traffic generated, while earning commissions in real time. The key to the system is transparency and ease of use. As our partner you will have full access to view your referred customers activity.

The idea behind the name of ForexExpress is to make it fast and easy for clients to start trading, and is made possible because of WorldWideMarkets instant account creation process and funding options, which are based on an automated administrative process of verifying and approving live forex trading accounts for clients. This makes it possible for affiliates to provide one of the most efficient options for prospective traders to open, fund and trade with WWM in the fewest amount of clicks from their computer.

The Highest Payouts in Industry, Gives Affiliates Best of Both Worlds:

ForexExpress offers a lucrative commission plan of up to $ 700 per customer acquisition, and is one of the most competitive structures available for forex affiliates.

In the end, leveraging the internet to earn income from advertising and marketing online trading, which is a category that has proliferated in recent years, makes sense when choosing forex broker affiliate programs to build a long term partnership. Considering the fast growth of WorldWideMarkets, as well as when examining the background of the company, it remains one of the best options for new affiliates to sign up to.

The leader of forex affiliate programs is now open to the public, simply join for free and a dedicated affiliate account manager will be assigned to assist you throughout the steps to become a successful partner.

You can learn more or sign up for free by visiting their official website at http://forexexpress.com.

Mar 18

Super Affiliates Reveals to People Effective Affiliate Marketing Strategies Vkoolelite

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) November 20, 2013

Super Affiliates is a new marketing course that teaches people how to choose their domain name, how to set up their hosting, and how to set up their autoresponder to automate their business. This course is developed by Ewen Chia, an online marketing expert who has over 11 years of experience in teaching other people how to become successful affiliate marketers. Ewen also is the owner of many well-known websites such as the Internet Marketer website, the Internet Marketing Guru website, the Fast Track Cash website, and other websites. Since Ewen released the Super Affiliates course, a lot of clients have used it to learn how to dominate markets from the inside out, and how to build a reputation that will grow their profits for years. Accordingly, the website Vkoolelite performed a detailed overview about the effectiveness of the Super Affiliates course.

A detailed overview of Super Affiliates on the site Vkoolelite indicates that this course takes people step-by-step through the process of discovering proven strategies for finding and selecting profitable markets. The course also instructs people how to create their own website, how to set up their own blog, and how to choose the right domain name. In addition, when ordering this course, people will receive a series of tutorial videos and instruction manuals from E. Chia. Firstly, people will get the 15-Steps In Top-Secret Super Affiliates Blueprint manual, 50 Step-By-Step Tutorial Training videos, and the Case Study Super Affiliates video. Secondly, people will receive the Instant Affiliate Business-In-A-Box manual, the Graphics Designer manual, and the PPC Affiliate Marketing For Beginners manual. Thirdly, E. Chia will provide people with the Film Marketing manual, the Money Mouth manual, and the Personal Development Tips manual. Finally, people will get 3 Instant Affiliate Commissions Secret videos, the Built-In Passive Income System manual, and the Monthly Mystery Business manual.

Dave Guindon from the site Vkoolelite says: Super Affiliates is the unique course that provides people with 5 forum signature files they can use when they post in forums. The course also teaches people how to create simple email messages that get visitors clicking the buy button. In addition, people will get a wide range of special gifts when following this course such as the ‘How To Manage Your cPanel’ video, the ‘How To Upload Your Website With FTP Software’ video, the ‘How To Create Your Own eBook’ video, and other bonuses. Moreover, Ewen Chia also offers people a policy of money back guarantee if the ‘Super Affiliates’ course does not work for them.

If people wish to view pros and cons from a full overview about this course, they could visit the website: http://vkoolelite.empowernetwork.com/blog/why-dont-you-learn-effective-affiliate-marketing-strategies-with-super-affiliates.

To know more information about this course, get a direct access to the official site.


About the website: Vkoolelite is the site built by Tony Nguyen. The site supplies people with tips, ways, programs, methods and e-books about many topics including business, health, entertainment, and lifestyle. People could send their feedback to Tony Nguyen on any digital products via email.

Oct 01

Boost Affiliates Kicks Off Series of Webinars for All Interested Parties

(PRWEB) September 27, 2013

Boost Software is pleased to announce the success of its first webinar, How to Make Real Affiliate Income With PC HealthBoost that was held Tuesday, September 17th. The webinar, featuring the company’s two co-founders and one executive-level manager, was recorded and will soon be posted to the Boost Affiliates website.

Boost Software owners and Co-founders Peter Dunbar and Amit Mehta, together with VP of Business Development Brock Bourne, guided affiliates both old and new through various tactics and considerations that they have tested to sell their PC optimization software, PC Health Boost .

The webinar was directed at both new and experienced online marketers. For the new crowd, the webinar team covered the basics of how to set up a campaign and begin selling. For the more experienced crowd, the Boost Affiliates team spoke to the elements of the program that affiliates might not be accustomed to, such as company-sponsored guest blog posts and the allowance of direct linking.

The Boost Affiliates team also covered ground that was of interest to marketers of all levels of experience, such as page elements specific to the registry cleaner industry that they have found to improve conversions.

Those new to the online marketing world were also treated to a discussion of the mindset needed to succeed as an online entrepreneur.

Failure is okay, said CEO and Co-founder Amit Mehta. Every failure you have is just one more stepping stone to success. I failed 16 [big] times for half a year before I made any money online.

Mehta went on to explain that he made absolutely no profit during his first seven months as an affiliate. Then, during his eighth month, he made $ 2,000 in profit. He increased his online income to $ 10,000 in profit during his ninth month. After that, he quit his job.

Consistency is the biggest key to your success as an affiliate, said Mehta. I had to go through a lot of trial and error before I found out what works. My goal now is to teach Boost Affiliates members what works, so that they don’t take nearly as long.

Towards that end, Mehta and Boost Software Co-founder Peter Dunbar spent nearly three years honing the PC HealthBoost campaign while live in the market. Both being believers in

consistent split testing, the two product owners tested not only ads and landing pages, but every graphic, screenshot, banner ad, and even the shopping cart and other elements of the sales process.

The Boost Affiliates website supplies the best of these text and banner advertisements, site graphics, and screenshots in its member section. The reasoning is simple: The easier Boost Software makes it for a software affiliate to sell PC HealthBoost, the better off everyone is.

Dunbar and Mehta co-founded Boost Software in 2009. They built the company’s flagship product, PC Health Boost after becoming frustrated with similar (but lower-quality) offers in the market. They recently added the software to the ClickBank network, where it became the site’s most popular registry cleaner (and 3rd most popular software overall) in less than 2 weeks.

The company’s affiliate program is free for all to join at BoostAffiliates.com. Their next training webinar will be emailed out to members soon and announced on the Boost Affiliates Facebook page. You may contact the Lead Affiliate Manager, Pete Futchko at pfutchko(at)boostsoftware(dot)com for additional information.

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Jul 31

Boost Super Affiliates Reveal Secrets to Success in Afternoon Webinar

Boston, MA (PRWEB) October 03, 2013

Last week, Boost Software entrepreneurs and former super affiliates Amit Mehta, Brock Bourne, and Peter Futchko revealed key marketing secrets. At 2pm EDT, they hosted the “How to Make Super Affiliate Income Promoting PC HealthBoost webinar.

They introduced PC Health Boost and shared tools for success that are for Boost Affiliates members only. Their objective is to help all affiliate marketers reach the 90% commission tier and snag the $ 150 bonus for the first 5 sales.

They also answered any questions aspiring marketers had on the road to making PC HealthBoost the most profitable and top registry cleaner in their arsenal of affiliate income.

If youre successful, so are we, said Bourne. “Nothing breeds success better than copying something that’s successful.

Along those lines, the three former affiliates advised marketers to tap into the power of smaller networks. This will help them find their niche in order to gain the 5 unique sales they need to earn their bonus.

Its all about finding diamonds in the rough, Bourne said.

They recommended that Boost affiliates do a quick online search but go 12 to 15 pages deep. This is where PC HealthBoost promoters will access newer networks where they can place ads even if they only have a $ 5 a day budget.

The target demographic for promoting this product is quite broad, but particularly suitable for persons 50-60 years old. However, they dont just have to advertise on computer and technology sites.

For instance, people reaching retirement age might be interested in investment products, the weather or the economy. Perhaps they also might want to know where to travel during certain times of the year.

Of course, it might take some creativity on the part of Boost Affiliates to incorporate software ads on non-computer related sites. Needless to say, anyone who wants to promote PC HealthBoost is given all the resources they need on the members site.

For instance, they can access high-ranking keywords, ready-made ads and landing pages, a direct download link, and affiliate training videos. Of course, they also receive inspiration as they listen to the stories of how the former (3 and 4 figures per year) super affiliates started.

In fact, Amit Mehta ran 16 different affiliate marketing campaigns before he found what works. However, his journey didnt stop there. It took him 8 more months to even begin making sales.

Then, on the ninth month, he made the most ever $ 10,000. Mehta refers to this as the tipping point, because after this, his profits skyrocketed. He said he made more money this month than he did at his former job.

The How to Make Super Affiliate Income Promoting PC HealthBoost webinar reached a large audience. However, anyone who didnt attend can visit BoostAffiliates.com to learn more about how to make PC Health Boost, the top registry cleaner on ClickBank, work for him or her.

You may also contact the Lead Affiliate Manager, Pete Futchko for any questions at pfutchko(at)boostsoftware(dot)com.

Dec 29

Affiliate Marketing Ideas for Underground Strength Affiliates

UndergroundStrengthAffiliates.com – Here are three affiliate advertising and marketing tips you can use successfully to ethically market our merchandise and earn cash as an Underground Strength Affiliate. You never even require a blog, if you use facebook or twitter you can get began. Also, sign up for our Affiliate Advertising and marketing Newsletter at http so we can e mail you much more affiliate advertising ideas, updates on our promotional events and a lot more. Thank you for the supporting and we’re psyched to support YOU succeed as an affiliate. Particulars here: UndergroundStrengthAffiliates.com

Oct 22

Affiliate Advertising Organization- Merchants & Affiliates

The affiliate promotion applications are described as a win-win situation for both the merchant &amp the affiliate because of the spend-for-advantage method. Both the merchant &amp the affiliate take pleasure in some advantages in affiliate promotion. There are loads of rewards on the side of the merchant.

It provides the merchant a wider market place in which to market a solution or service. Affiliate promotion will give the item or service the maximum exposure can’t get with other traditional promotion strategies. The far more affiliate web sites a merchant has, the higher the site visitors that can convert to sales. Affiliate promotion is the equivalent of obtaining an army of vendor’s promotion &amp will only obtain a commission if the buyer buys.

Affiliate promotion is an superb way to earn funds while at residence. There are practically no production fees. The solution currently developed &amp tested subsequent to the merchant, as effectively as all you require to do to get the prospects you can, that will bring benefit for both the merchant &amp the affiliate. Affiliate applications are usually free to join, so associates don’t need to be concerned about the fees of implementation. There are thousands of products &amp solutions you can pick. You can get affiliate programs for every product below the sun. There’s without having a doubt a product or service out there that is relevant to your web-internet site.

In addition, there is definitely no sales encounter required.

Most affiliate applications provide outstanding support when it comes to delivering promotion material. The simplicity of affiliate promotion lets you be an affiliate marketer at the least cost &amp convenience. You might even make a effective affiliate promotion business correct in the comfort of your personal residence.

In affiliate promotion, your responsibility is fundamentally to get prospects for the merchant &amp you never want to worry about stock, order processing &amp shipping. These, along with buyer help are the duties of the merchant.

Provided the international reach of the net, you can fundamentally get thousands of potential customers. You can intensify your promotion campaign via exploiting a lot more aggressive &amp productive approaches like viral promotion. By attracting much more potential consumers, also maximize the potential of winning.

Yet another advantage of an affiliate marketer is the minimal danger involved. If the product you’re promotion is not producing funds then you can dump &amp select yet another. No lengthy term binding contracts tying you to merchandise these aren’t producing funds. All the identical, the greatest benefit of becoming an affiliate marketer is the possibility to enhance your earnings &amp you can make a profit even if affiliate promotion is only a sideline enterprise. Along with your own affiliate organization, you can earn fundamentally earn extra income, even though you do need to exert function &amp use your imagination to maximize your earning prospective. Indeed, affiliate promotion is one of the simplest &amp most successful company opportunities on the net nowadays.

Michael Francis is a Lead Generation Specialist with years of exp. and is the owner of Worldwide Matrix Media. The greatest affiliate network in the globe &amp accepts affiliates from all over the planet Click here affiliate network. Can meet each our advertisers and publishers requirements Click right here affiliate marketing. Develop your firms now! Click right here affiliate.

yearoftheaffiliate.com The Web Marketing and advertising Forum is launching to the public with the release of Year Of The Affiliate 2. ebook by Sean Rasmussen. Music by The James Southwell Band.

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