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Back to Soccer School…EduKick Academic Year Football Academies Kick Off

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) September 05, 2014

EduKick International Football Academies (EIFA) 2014/15 Residential Academic Year Soccer & Education Courses officially “kicked off” this week in Spain, England and other EduKick venues around the world.

EduKick provides academic year soccer academy boarding schools (also half-year, semester, monthly & summer language immersion football camps) in Spain, England, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, USA and Mexico with full-time educational options (ESL, EFL, BTEC Sports Science, Foreign Language Study, IGCSE and A-Level, and USA 8-12 Online Distance Learning).

The two most popular EduKick venues worldwide are EduKick Madrid and EduKick Manchester. EduKick President & Founder, Joey Bilotta credits the popularity of these country’s world renown professional football leagues and football pedigree of it’s players and also the need for international student-athletes to learn important second languages such as English and Spanish in this modern-day competitive, global market.

Bilotta explains, “We have seen our Manchester & Madrid academies become very popular with our international footballers over the last 6 or 7 years. Parents want their children to learn a useful second language that will help distinguish them in the professional workplace and become more inter-culturally competent and experienced. The participating players are attracted to Spain and England because arguably, they have the two best professional leagues on the planet and attract the most popular superstar soccer players.”

The EduKick Manchester Football Academy is EduKick’s most popular venue this academic year with nearly 30 players attending the year-long course currently and an additional 8-10 expected to arrive in January for the half-year course offered.

Participating players can expect daily soccer training and regular matches throughout the academic year and exposure to professional clubs is provided on a constant basis in the following three (3) key ways.

Firstly, competitive friendly matches are scheduled on a regular basis. Throughout the season the EduKick Manchester squad will play competitive matches against professional and semi-professional club youth academy or development squads or against local North West College teams whose coaches are also scouts for professional and semi-professional clubs.

There are two categories of fixtures at EduKick Manchester: “Development” fixtures, where all available players receive equal playing time and exposure and “Target” fixtures, where a squad is selected based upon performance in previous training sessions and development matches.

A second way EduKick exposes players to the pro game is by holding professional club guest coaching sessions. EduKick Manchester has affiliations with many professional clubs in the North West of England and each month the EduKick Manchester squad will receive two guest coaching sessions from professional club coaches. One session will take place at the EduKick Manchester training complex and the second follow-up session will take place at the facilities of the professional club.

Lastly, EduKick conducts Open Football Trials. All EduKick Manchester participants are entered into open trial events that take place in the North West of England during the Winter, Spring and Fall (Autumn) seasons. EduKick has carefully selected and partnered with a well-respected and ethically minded UK national scouting/trials organization to give participants the maximum opportunity to expose their talents in front of the invited professional & semi-professional club scouts & coaches.

Other EduKick soccer and education academy venues include, Perugia, Italy, Cannes, France, Hennef, Germany, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and starting in 2015/16 a new US based venue in Santa Barbara, California. In each venue participating players (and parents if under 18 years of age) choose from a selection of academic pathways to combine with their daily, intense and progressive soccer training regimen.

Because of EduKick’s extensive international marketing efforts over the past decade on the internet, through educational consultants, and via social media, the ethnic diversity at EduKick International Football Academies has become extremely impressive.

For example, there are 27 international players attending EduKick Manchester presently from 18 different countries. At EduKick Madrid its a similar situation with the 2014/15 academy class consisting of footballers from around the world (Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas). EduKick academy players are enriched by learning about several other cultures (of their academy teammates), not just the culture of the EduKick program they happen to be participating in. This inter-cultural exchange nicely compliments the overall EduKick soccer and education experience abroad.

Because the demand from lady footballers worldwide, in 2012, EduKick made a concerted effort to design a specific football and education course for international female players. Currently in Spain, female players can register to participate for an academic year or longer in the EduKick Madrid Female Football Academy.

This soccer school for girls combines daily academy morning training sessions with insertion onto a Madrid area competitive female club for an additional three evening training sessions and weekend match play. Interested female players can “follow” the current course via their “Female Football – Soccer & Education Academy” Facebook Fan Page.

Registration is now open for footballers worldwide from 12-24 years of age to begin in January 2015 for the EduKick “Half-Year” Courses or September 2015 for the “2015/16 Academic-Year” Course.

To inquire or to Register, Interested parties please contact EduKick direct at the contact information provided in this release.

Jun 04

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs Leader Andrea Laine White Debunks Top 3 Myths Holding Online Entrepreneurs Back

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) May 07, 2013

One of the highest paying affiliate programs team leaders, Andrea Laine White Co-Owner of Internet Marketing Wealth, recently debunked the most common myths associated with affiliate marketing programs for beginners that prevent the ability to generate wealth online.

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs Myth #1: Big Upfront Investment Required

Entrepreneurship is often tagged with the requirement for a lot of start-up money. True, if starting a bio-tech company. However, starting an online business requires very few physical assets. Often a computer and internet connection is all thats required. Both of which can be borrowed.

What I love about one of the highest paying affiliate programs around, is that I could get started for just $ 25 per month. That small investment provides 100% commission on every membership and product sold. Andrea Laine White, team leader of one of the highest paying affiliate programs online

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs Myth #2: Technical Skills Required

Many would-be success stories are never realized due to intimidation by the world of online technology. From SEO to SEM, Google ad words to online marketing campaigns. Fortunately, with many of the highest paying affiliate programs, including the one lead by our team at Internet Marketing Wealth, members can join the community with little more knowledge than how to fill out a form online. Any tech-savvy necessary is taught in the product modules. Additional support is provided through a community of like-minded, energetic professionals with a wealth of knowledge.

“Before starting my online business I hadnt realized it was in-fact one of the highest paying affiliate programs around. That was exciting! No to mention it was one of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners because of all the support. The products have taught me all I need to know to be successful.” Andrea Laine White, team leader of one of the highest paying affiliate programs online

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs Myth #3: Online Businesses are a Major Time Suck

I dont have the time is a popular objection. The truth is most people begin in any one of the highest paying affiliate programs part-time and commit only an hour or two a day to building a business. The key is having a system to follow. Bigger results come from bigger efforts, but beginning with just an hour or two a day is feasible.

“I was shocked by the people in the community that were earning money and only working their business part-time. Lawrence made $ 200,000 in just seven months working part-time, Tracey made $ 20,375 in one month working part-time. Perhaps the most shocking was the 12-year-old boy from Holland, Geese, who made $ 12,000 in four months working on his business after school! I was encouraged.” Andrea Laine White, team leader of one of the highest paying affiliate programs online

As one of the top highest paying affiliate programs online this community is perfect for beginners. Those interested in making extra money online, working in a supportive community of success-oriented entrepreneurs and creating a passive revenue stream from home should contact Andrea Laine White, one of the team leaders, for information on how to get started. Andrea and her husband Chris provide a team atmosphere and a wide range of affiliate marketing for beginners training.

About Andrea Laine White

Before getting started in one of the most exciting and highest paying affiliate programs online with her husband, Andrea spent her entire career in the fast-paced world of advertising. She had the great fortune of working on global, culture-driven lifestyle brands like The North Face and Audi. She now uses her internet marketing knowledge to help average people from any background set-up a business to generate passive income using the same simple, three- step, proven system she uses.

Andrea works with her husband Chris who owns two internet marketing companies. Together they use their expertise to leverage their passion for helping other people create the same level of confidence they have online. They offer exclusive bonuses to all their team members and top-notch support to develop their confidence and to help them grow their business. The strategies they teach can be used to build any online or offline business.

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