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Tyrone Shum Interviews Corbett Barr

To Corbett Barr Lifestyle Design and Absolute Adventure

Today is really a full episode of inspiring experiences and knowledge oriented where I share with you my latest podcast this month with a professional blogger and highly respected entrepreneur when it comes to lifestyle design and construction of traffic, and also continues to grow with the public online.

Corbett Barr is certainly the lifestyle of the entrepreneur who managed to escape the corporate world, entrepreneurship and experience a unique adventure of its kind outside their country of origin, changing lifestyles of San Francisco in Mexico City. His great sabbatical year gave birth to both blogs and built close public only a few months, then it takes time to meet different life experiences.

Corbett Barr Interview

How it all began?

Corbett: It is two years ago this coming January, my wife and I, in fact, the installation of a six-month sabbatical in Mexico. We took a roadtrip, I live in California for only packed our car and brought our dog with us and went to Mexico with no destination in mind or plans or anything. And the goal was simply to take a break in the career they had been. I really works in the corporate world for a while and then actually started a business, a kind of traditional boot here in Silicon Valley, where we raise investment capital and so on. And my wife and I were in a kind of pause, she is an artist. This is one of our paintings back here, actually.

And so we were both, and we took a few days off and when we went to Mexico, I first thought I would really take the time to plan what I wanted to do next and not jump into anything. But in a month or two, I began to notice a pattern, he had a lot of people out there who lived a kind of alternative lifestyles. And what I mean by that is that these are things that I really was not aware of in the past. These were people who were not rich or retired, but they also work there for a week at a time, or something either.

They were people who spent months each year living in a foreign country and had to work in some way for his career to work around your lifesytle. They were a slave in a car and having to spend only two or three weeks of vacation each year. They want to have your work break for a month at a time or you know, bring their work with them and do a lot of work there. So I started my first blog, FreePursuits about 21 months ago now, while I’m on this trip really just to share these stories of people that have been collected and is a kind of chronicle of the trip and I was I really got to me was today.

Escape From global enterprise

business Corbett: I’d probably think I put in more than 10 years of work before I started my blog and started this style alternative life you know, the career that I am now. So I spent about three years building a priority mail service that actually grow to integrate with Yahoo or Gmail to make it easier for people to sort by e-mail they receive, especially if they receive a lot of it. And it was a kind of time spam filters worked almost as if it was like this today. And so I went the traditional route, as I mentioned, we shopped for angel investors and venture capital. And live here in San Francisco in Silicon Valley, I’m really at the heart of all the activity so that it is relatively easy to find lots of venture capitalists. And so we had an evaluation, a reasonable amount of money and built an office and had 10 employees and really just what you think as a starting point to be.

And what I found personally, is that instead of just having a boss like you do in the business environment, when you have an office and employees and investors, and co-founder of a board of directors, all these things become essentially a large number of different patterns that you have to meet. You must please many different types of people, not to mention you have your users, customers who you know or worry too much. So, for me, just doze the last script and I thought I was here, opened a business and becoming an entrepreneur was, in some respects, the life I dream for me, but I ended by feeling a bit stuck in I did before in some aspects.

So when I go on sabbatical that was really the goal was not only to think about what I wanted to do the following from a perspective or theme you know the kind of service I wanted to build, but also how I wanted to do and how I wanted to live my life. And, you know, if I could find a way to do it without point-only to get rich and retire mentality that many people have, but somehow really appreciate what I did and make him feel more as I was retired because I love what I do and I know it will take time and do this kind of thing. And it was really the best choice for me and this is what I have developed over the past two years.

Lessons from San Francisco to Mexico Change

Corbett: The most important thing for me is just to hear that such things are possible, because I don ‘ honestly had no reference framework. I did not know anyone when we lived before this kind of lifestyle and the only people I knew who were entrepreneurs really loved being an entrepreneur, and I will definitely be your own boss, but they were also very people busy and there was a lot of headaches associated with being an entrepreneur, especially if you use some sort of brick and mortar type.

But the people I met there are a fair bit different priorities established for themselves. His priorities are not necessarily to become rich and they were not having a bigger house and have more things. What they really wanted was more time and mobility and their ability to live where they want and maybe take their work with them if they wanted to. And some of these people also like what they did for a living so well and all the things that really just opened my eyes. And I’m a big supporter of sabbaticals and travel and time.

fears behind Living in a different environment and how they are resolved

Corbett: It takes a little practice to learn just skip both fear and go realize that the worst that can happen is not that bad. In your mind, you can have a lot of fear, but it’s really the fear of the unknown. If you can not quantify that kind of fear and realize that what you fear it might not have as much money as you had before, or maybe not as much or do not have the identity you had before, you know how to drive a good car and have a nice apartment and get a group of people that you used to fit. Losing your identity and looking for something different is really scary and then I had to work harder to quantify this kind of fear and realize what it was.

And when we went to Mexico, what I understood is that many people do and is very well and saves you a lot of money, live another kind of life style. It is much cheaper in other countries, so if you take a gap year can be perfect, in fact, go to another country, because you can pay six months then maybe you can only buy 2 month their country of origin. If you live in a place like Sydney or San Francisco or somewhere that is quite expensive. So it was great because we could spend six months, the cost essentially two months here.

Interesting things done during the sabbatical in Mexico

Corbett: In the last three winters now who returned to Mexico just a few months to live there and we all go back to the beach. So I find myself on a routine almost daily when we surf there and I have some good friends who had also at the same time and thus we arrive at the point a bit of assembly. Really just absorbed the relaxation time at the beach. My wife does a lot of yoga while we are there. There are actually a whole group tickets every day, every morning, she does yoga, so she really loves. Both of us also work while we are there.

And you know she is an artist and she is able to get to work with her and then, as we have an Internet connection, I can do the work that I do and do well. We try to go to work, and while we’re here, because there are many other things, outdoor activities to do. There is also a bit of the music scene during the night that we love and enjoy going out and listen to bands play.

So there are plenty of things to occupy. This is a small town, so it’s different from being in San Francisco. There are many of these great events to do, but on the other hand, I think the small because it is a perfect complement to the entry of a big city, because you really get to know everyone who lives in the city and just get a feel complete difference in life that you live normally and that’s really what I want. It is a way to escape and open creativity to find new things from there.

Think Blog Traffic

Corbett: So, as I mentioned FreePursuits was a sort of passion project and it was kind of something that started on a whim. I did not initially intend to become a professional blogger. I really wanted to kind of trip or chronic and explore myself this alternative lifestyle is possible and what I felt I wanted to live. And from FreePursuits I learned a lot about building an audience for a blog because he grew very quickly and at a given time, only 6 to 8 months for him. In fact, I had about 100,000 people on the site in a month and I’ve learned a lot about the kind of relationship building and content writing that people cared about people and I would be interested in sharing and really just how to build and engage the public.

And then I felt as if I had some knowledge to share on the subject. I was also really into it and I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to thinking about building traffic and audience and that’s really when I focused on FreePursuits and I built as I said a couple of other online services past. And so I took all the knowledge and I thought, what people are struggling with as entrepreneurs? And people who want to become professional bloggers or whether you want to create a new life for themselves, which involves running an online business. And again and again, the only thing people ask me how I built an audience, how do I get people to really pay attention to what I do and I looked as if it was a good combination and a thing that I was not interested in something that I had some skills and something that does not need to be filled.

And this is actually housed the launch of ThinkTraffic blog is more than just a blog because as you know a blog is not really a business in itself, be a company or sub- behind him. So I started this site from scratch, with the intention of building consultancy firms around him, and then, finally, product launch too. So I launched the site about 8 months ago, and the answers were great and I was able to build a successful business around way too.

As Corbett was able to generate income from FreePursuit and ThinkTraffic

Corbett: It is now a combination of three things: affiliate marketing, which is the thing that I started with and then, more recently, is selling my products and also by consulting practice. I actually work with people to help them discover how to market websites for both motivated individuals or small businesses and as I said, is a combination of three things that work well for me now the opportunity to earn the amount that I have to win, because I was able to solve rise of these three sources of income quickly.

When I started, in fact, with affiliate marketing, I focused on building mini-sites, essentially, is to build a small site dedicated to a very specific topic and you only represent a couple or a handful of products that can meet the needs of people who come on this site. And really you generate traffic to these sites is the search engines and that is a very specific formula and that’s how I started. And themes that I focused on what was really opportunistic, you know that it was not necessarily related to my blogs because the two were separated so you know, I can represent any type of financial product or a kind of guide that helps people on health issues, whatever.

And I tried to focus on the things that I had experience with at least allowing me to build an attractive offer and actually help people instead of just putting noise out there, and this is the approach that I teach in the course.

Now, however, because my public FreePursuits ThinkTraffic and grew to become very large, I can earn more affiliate marketing by promoting products at the hearing and the products promote them are obviously related to the themes of blogs that are entrepreneurial lifestyle FreePursuits or if you know, building a business with high traffic or building an online business, if ThinkTraffic.

What is the secret behind the success of Corbett In Traffic Building?

Corbett: The fact that I spend too much time trying to build online businesses in the past and I jump from one case to another, without taking any active me. No construction assets in the business that I could ride to another company, then you essentially start from scratch. You can be sure that you can use for the new business, but you do not have assets. And what I mean by active or essentially, if you have subscribers, if you have a list of people who are interested in a specific topic, you can use it to leverage your next contract.

If you have a personal brand, if people start to you as an expert in a particular knowledge domain, then you can make your target audience that you have created, you need to recognize their new projects and . And I do not want to try this, the value of what I started ThinkTraffic. Because, as I said I was not starting from scratch in this case, I built a public FreePursuits they knew who I was and some of the public was also interested to audiences line for them to come to ThinkTraffic then it is that I was able to do things as quickly.

But I just think the way I said in 2003, when I built my first product, if I had spent more time building my personal brand and building assets J ‘had worked in companies where I would be today? And I encourage people to think long term and the first thing you get may not be successful and, in fact, you will not be successful, but you’ll make it to your next business transaction and as you can kind of start to build a snowball, essentially, they are just a little extra time accumulated enough momentum to get so that you can move well.

How to contact Corbett Barr?

Corbett: The best place to get hold of me is either through blogs, and more once the site is on the way of life of the mind business and how to work for yourself and live the life you want; is the online audience and you know these sites have links to contact me or any of my projects.

In this video, I interview a fellow internet marketers and also lifestyle entrepreneur Corbett Barr. He shares his secrets on how to succeed and also their experiences in developing your blog, and learn how to generate traffic

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