Jan 09

Premier League of TeleHealth Experts Launches Worldwide TeleHealth Company

Waycross, GA (PRWEB) March 24, 2014

Theres a new Dream Team in telehealth led by industry icons and former American Telemedicine Association Presidents, Dr. Jay Sanders, the father of telemedicine and Astronaut Physician, Dr. Bernard Harris. This effort to bring in several of the leading minds in applied telehealth was orchestrated by Paula Guy, CEO of Global Partnership for TeleHealth. Paula has worked for over 15 years in the telehealth industry and has successfully launched several of the most robust telemedicine organizations in world.

TeleHealth International Partnerships (TIP) mission is to deliver worldwide access to healthcare. TIP is led by a world renowned telehealth team of experts including Dr. Jay Sanders – Chaiman, Dr. Bernard Harris Vice Chairman, Dr. David Flannery, Paula Guy – CEO, Dr. Jeffrey Kesler COO and Matt Jansen – CDO. Their combined pioneering successes in applied telehealth and telemedicine initiatives and services has supported agencies in providing efficient, cost effective, high quality healthcare to hundreds of thousands globally. TIPs over 100 years of collective professional experience in applied telemedicine practices, programs and technology integration is reaching far beyond borders of traditional medicine to make the world a healthier place.

Sep 11

SEO Company Ajax Union Welcomes K-Cups Retailer Crazy Cups As New Client

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 11, 2013

Ajax Union is welcoming Crazy Cups, available online at http://www.CrazyCups.com, as one of the newest businesses that will be benefiting from the Brooklyn-based SEO companys expertise. Ajax Union is known for its dedication and experience in helping brands strengthen their online presence and offers a multitude of flexible and customizable plans designed to make it easy for every business to achieve its online marketing goals. Crazy Cups, which sells K-Cups from a variety of brands and in a number of tasty flavors, will utilize Ajax Unions onsite SEO services to promote the multitude of coffee and tea K-Cups it sells.

K-Cups are coffee-filled plastic containers designed for use with single cup brewing systems and are Crazy Cups specialty. The retailer sells K-Cups from Starbucks, Caribou Coffee, Wolfgang Puck, and more. Though not affiliated with the popular Keuring

Aug 15

Self-Esteem Company Holds Live Opportunity Presentation on Facebook

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) August 15, 2013

BYOU LLC announced today that it is holding a live presentation on Facebook to share its vision to empower women and girls worldwide.

BYOU believes that women of all ages deserve to live a life with healthy self-esteem and a positive self-image in order to live happier lives. Unfortunately, up to 90 percent of young girls today suffer from low self-esteem.

BYOU has successfully created an online community featuring an apparel line, a magazine, and an active blog where girls and women can get answers to their questions or voice their thoughts. In order to meet the needs of this growing market, the company is in the process of further expanding their team and looking for women who want to join their organization.

BYOU management believes everyone has had first-hand experience or know women that have experienced domestic abuse, suffered from low self-image or are abusing themselves in some way. This growing trend of extreme pressure is adversely affecting our next generation of young ladies.

Jul 12

Wicked Tickets Go On Sale For Shows In Oklahoma City For September Performances Following The Wicked Houston And Toledo Shows From The Same Broadway Touring Company

Oklahoma City, OK (PRWEB) July 08, 2013

Wicked tickets for the award winning musical at the Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City go on sale today for performances starting September 4 with a run ending September 22. Wicked touring tickets for the Wicked Oklahoma City shows as well as all Broadway Touring shows and Broadway New York tickets remain available for fans to buy at BroadwayTouringShows.com even when seats sell out at the box office.

Other touring shows open with Wicked Houston on July 10 with a second touring company performing Wicked in Philadelphia until August 4. The ticket sales for the Wicked Boston shows remain very strong, bfor their future tour dates. In fact, these touring shows stand as so well received that Wicked in Houston and Wicked Philadelphia both saw more ticket resale activity in the past two weeks than Wicked New York City on Broadway.

Cities visited on this year and in early 2014 by both touring companies include Wicked Philadelphia, Houston, Boston, Toledo, Oklahoma City, Minneapolis, Little Rock, Kansas City, Chicago, Des Moines, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Providence, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Memphis, Appleton, Austin, Cincinnati, San Antonio, Nashville, Fresno, Boise, Richmond, Omaha, Spokane, Sacramento, Tulsa, Salt Lake City, San Jose and Albuquerque. If none of these cities end up close to home, think about a booking a Broadway by combining theater tickets with an overnight stay in Times Square hotel or another city like a Philadelphia hotel.

As the story of the Wicked Witch Of The West and Glinda The Good Witch before and continuing through the time frame from the movie the Wizard Of Oz that everyone knows, Wicked exposes theater goers to aspects of characters already well known to the audience. By learning more about the background of the witches before their activities from the famous film they gain a whole new appreciation of the story learned as children. Along the way the great songs and script bring the level of entertainment up to the point that the show earned 35 majors awards including Tonys and Grammys. Music for Wicked including Wicked’s biggest hits Popular and Defying Gravity, came from the pen of Steven Schwartz who grained frame as the author and composer of Godspell and Pippin, currently playing a revival on Broadway. Wicked on Broadway in New York opened in 2003 and already played to over 2 million people with more attending shows every week.

BroadwayTouringShows.com offers tickets for plays and musicals including Wicked, Book Of Mormon and all others as they tour the United States and Canada with prices cheaper than other resale sites. In addition to lower prices, fans may search Broadway Tour stops by show or city, easily see available dates and even sort performances by cheapest tickets available to attend the show date where a special discount may be available. When looking to attend a sold out show or in need of premium seats visit the site for the best way to buy Broadway Touring Show tickets.

Wicked continues on Broadway and will likely play for years to come as what many consider to be the kind of great musical that only comes around once or twice a decade. For people who may never have seen Wicked or for fans who might like to see it another time, the touring versions provide the opportunity with most ticket prices commanding discounts compared to the version in Times Square. On top of cheap tickets compared to other resale sites, BroadwayTouringShows.com customers may save even more when using coupon code BPACK5. Wicked represents one of the best musicals one might ever see and by attending a touring version in a city like Wicked Minneapolis, Boston, Oklahoma City, Houston or Philadelphia provides those who enjoy musicals a way to experience it for less.

About Financial Firebird and Broadway Touring Shows

The site for Broadway Touring Show Tickets online and its sister sites, including the Broadway Show Tickets and Hotels in New York City site and the site to buy Cheap Tickets online all geared for the consumers looking for low prices on tickets, are affiliated with the Financial Firebird Corporation Travel Group, and stand among the top sites sought by travelers and people who enjoy concerts, pro sports and theater performances. Financial Firebird Corporation provides unbiased consumer information, software and marketing services – established 2000 and a proud BBB member. These sites for consumers to buy tickets online operate in the resale market and maintain no relationship with the venues or performers; the resale ticket market allows consumers access to popular events once the box office has sold out or to buy premium seats when the venue no longer offers any inventory. Within the group of these secondary market ticket services the Financial Firebird owned ticket sites offer lower prices than competitors. Find the site at BroadwayTouringShows.com.

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Jul 05

HITEC Sensor Solutions Acquires Strain Gage based sensors Sensor Developments Engineering Company, Inc. (SDI)

Littleton, Massachusetts (PRWEB) July 19, 2012

HITEC Sensor Solutions, a leading provider of engineering services for a variety of installations of sensors to measure the voltage, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the changing sensors, Inca solutions and torque measurement Michigan-based company specializing in custom token force based strain for many industries. The acquisition is in line with the growth plan HITECs designed and creates a unique opportunity for HITEC to improve existing facilities and support services, with the addition of A2LA accredited calibration laboratory.

Doug Unkel, President of HITEC explained: We are looking for a strong organization with similar skills operating on alternative markets for traditionally approached by HITEC. SDI brings new products and diversified client base that complements the expected growth HITECs.

HITEC and SDI are focused on the provision of design and manufacture of a wide variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, medical textiles, and nuclear, among others. The A2LA accredited calibration laboratory provides additional customers worldwide a large selection of personalized products and services.

HITEC, the portfolio of security technologies Holdings, specializing in the sensor which includes sheet strain gauges, strain gauges freefilament, strain gauges semi-conductors, RTDs, thermocouples, expertise heat flow sensors and the measurement of a corporate knowledge on the application of transducers of voltage sensors and instrumentation solutions strain gauge. President and CEO of Security Technology Holding, Christopher O’Connor said, we are delighted to assimilate SDI in our family of companies. SDI many years of experience in engineering, design of mechanical sensor and manufacturing experience in Lake Orion, Michigan aligns well with the capabilities respected HITEC in Littleton, Massachusetts. In addition, both HITEC and SDI complement a sister division with STH; Humanetics innovative solutions using instrumentation to measure pressure inside the safety of your equipment accident in the world. Christopher O’Connor is also President and CEO of Humanetics.

About HITEC: HITEC has over forty years of experience in providing a wide range of specialized engineering services for a variety of facilities sensors for voltage measurement with additional capabilities that include design and manufacture of custom power, load, torque and pressure transducers. For more information about HITEC visit http://www.hitecorp.com.

About SDI SDI has over 35 years of experience with the worldwide recognition of experience in the design of sensors based on strain gauges for specialized applications of force and torque. For more information on the evolution of sensor http://www.sendev.com visit.

About Humanetics innovative solutions, Inc.: Humanetics innovative solutions is an international company whose strategy is to leverage the best of today’s technology to create high-quality products that play an important role in improving safety, comfort and protection people and their environment. Humanetics innovative solutions is the leading supplier in the design and manufacture of sophisticated models, associated technical support and laboratory services and systems crash wall load cells. In addition, Humanetics develops innovative solutions and provides dummy models of finite element software for the simulation of computer crash tests and specialties measures static and dynamic stresses. Safety Technology Holdings / Humanetics is a portfolio company of Wynnchurch Capital, Ltd. http://www.humaneticsatd.com

About Wynnchurch Capital, Ltd.: Wynnchurch Capital based in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont, Illinois, with offices in Dallas, Detroit and Toronto, and a branch in Montreal, was founded in 1999 and is a way of leading the private equity investment firm market. Wynnchurch strategy is to work in partnership with mid-sized companies in the United States and Canada which have outstanding management teams and have a potential for growth and improved profitability. Wynnchurch focuses on investments in the production of niche services, business services and energy industry and energy, logistics and value added distribution. Wynnchurch Capital manages a series of private equity funds with capital under management in excess of $ 1 billion specializing in management, acquisitions, recapitalizations, carve-outs of companies, restructuring and capital growth. http://www.wynnchurch.com

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May 24

Financial Company publishes three tips on how to have a life insurance in retirement

Toms River, NJ (PRWEB) May 24, 2013

The first reason to consider is the incredible value of a death benefit, which is exempt from federal income tax and state. Many retirees since 2000 have found that their retirement nest egg is less than what was expected due to poor market performance and factors such as forced early retirement, said Brian Solik, president of wealth preservation strategies NJ. These retirees are concerned that your money can not last.

a couple, if one spouse dies before the other, the spouse who is still facing a drop in income from social security and possibly pension income. Let’s say a woman survived her husband by 20 years and receives $ 12,000 less per year in retirement income after his death. The widow is a total of $ 240,000, which could easily be replaced by a permanent life insurance policy, if in place, Solik comments.

If a pension is involved, a spouse may choose the option to pay more if they have or decide at that time to establish a permanent life insurance policy. With this strategy, explains Solik, if the annuitant lives a long life, the family will have more income. If he or she dies, the remaining spouse can be a loss of income covered by a death benefit tax-free.

Another reason to have a policy of permanent life insurance is to maximize the money left to heirs. In my experience, comments Solik, a veteran financial advisor designed to help people keep their money at risk in the stock market and taxation, most retirees do not want to use your head and die without leaving anything their close. They prefer to live on the interest and growth of your money and leave the principal of their children, other heirs or charity.

It is very difficult, even for the rich, to carry, especially when market returns are low and interest rates are so low. However, when you have a permanent life insurance policy, at least a portion of its assets will be replaced by a death benefit exempt from federal and state taxes. With this plan, you can have the freedom to enjoy the money to retire and not worry about spending down some or even more sustainable, Solik says. With proper planning, the assets you go down can be replaced.

A third reason to consider having a permanent life insurance policy is to use the capacity to accumulate substantial cash and then use it for retirement without paying federal income tax or state, such as described in previous articles, Mr. Solik. Since almost all investments are either taxable or tax-deferred, with an account that can be called back without having to pay Uncle Sam his share is a huge benefit for retirees. life insurance cash value policies are flexible enough Solik says. For example, there are no limits to what we can contribute, and executives may also participate.

but not necessarily a good choice for everyone, there are several reasons for the families of the middle class to learn about the rich as a permanent life insurance policy can benefit them and their heirs, concludes Solik.

Brian Solik, CRPC is president and founder of the wealth of NJ conservations strategies. He is a former Wall Street broker who now focuses on educating investors on how to maximize your financial security and reduce taxes. If you wish to receive your regular newsletter with Brian at 732-415-7717, or visit your site bsolik@brokersifs.com http://www.wpsnj.com.

Securities and investment advisory services offered through Brokers International Financial Services, LLC, Panora, Iowa. Member FINRA / SIPC. Brokers International Financial Services, LLC and wealth preservation strategies NJ are not affiliated companies. The views expressed are Brian Solik and not necessarily those of brokers Financial Services International, LLC.

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Apr 10

Forex Company Releases Manual to Aid Introducing Brokers

(PRWEB) April ten, 2013

Forex Day Trading, an FX (Foreign Exchange) trading and investment firm, announces the release of a new how-to manual for introducing brokers (IBs), developed to assist IBs run a productive enterprise.


This 1st-of-its-kind manual represents over a decade of research carried out on hundreds of IBs and affiliates operating under different company models. Any group or person wanting to run a Forex referral enterprise ought to have this manual, mentioned Mario Jimenez, Head of Enterprise Development.


Titled “Introducing Broker Guide: The Full Manual to Help the Forex IB Succeed,” the manual covers the fundamentals, contains a list of business candidates that could realistically succeed in the IB space, and provides detailed examples of worth added services IBs can supply customers to maximize success.


The manual covers essential subjects like compensation, partnering with the proper firm, the effects of regulation and numerous other crucial areas, Jimenez said.


Offered the exceptionally higher failure price of IBs, a lot of FX brokers do not provide them distinct guidance or instruction. Regulatory agencies, such as the NFA (National Futures Association) and the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) in the USA, do not provide any manuals or sensible instruction to members either.


These agencies focus primarily on compliance, registration and licensing of the IB. Even although he CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange), the world’s biggest futures exchange, has technically written an IB Handbook, it only caters to IBs of US futures traders who operate exclusively with the exchange’s products not spot currency traders. The reality is that non-US IBs that handle spot FX have a myriad of available choices outdoors of the United States and its exchanges. These shortcomings are the primary explanation the IB guide was written,” Jimenez added.


Potential IB candidates need to have a realistic image of what the business entails. The purpose of the manual is to paint this image, thereby assisting future IBs be better prepared to tackle what lies ahead. At the exact same time, it will also advantage brokerage firms by bringing a far more certified supply of IB leads to their doors.


Very best of all, this manual is absolutely totally free,” mentioned Jimenez. “All any individual has to do is pay a visit to our website and aid themselves to it.


For a lot more data, go to http://www.forex-day-trading.com.


About Forex Day Trading


Forex-Day-Trading.com was founded in 2002 to offer investors and traders a diverse set of foreign exchange items and services. The site offers articles and research reports on the FX and other markets, a system for new and existing IBs, and a totally free trading demo.


Dec 20

Pat Flynn: On the internet Entrepreneur, Business Strategist and Blogger – The Sensible Passive Earnings Podcast: On the internet Company | Blogging | Passive Revenue | Life-style

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