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Affiliate Marketing – Complete Guide to Finding a Niche Market For Your Blog

If you have finally decided to start your own blog, then firstly i would like to congratulate you. The reason is because the toughest thing to do is always to get started. I am sure you have heard about people rambling on non stop about niche markets and how to define your target market. This article will help shed some light on this topic.

Your blogging style and target audience always come hand in hand. The moment you decide to create a blog, you must figure out what your target audience is; you must know what do they want to read and find out more from your blog. The articles your write on your blog must provide quality and value to your readers in order to build up a relationship with them. If you provide quality information, it would be very effective in building up communication and your readership. Encouraging your readers to leave comments in your blog works fine as well.

At a closer look, the definition of a niche market could be broken down into 3 criteria:

1. A group of people – This particular group of people (targeted audience) interested in a particular hobby, interest or profession.

2. Searching for a solution – Your targeted audience would be better if they are searching for a solution, and you are there to provide it to them. You need to find this group of people through what they are looking for. The most practical way is to use keyword research tools to find out exactly what phrases or questions these people are typing into the search engines to find a solution.

3. They are not finding many relevant results – It would be easier to establish your blog in a smaller and more targeted market than a saturated one. The reason is because if you wish to write a blog to publish updates on soccer news, you would realise that many websites out there are already doing so and the competition is very stiff. In this case you lose out on your readership and traffic.

I advise that people start with their own passions, hobbies, interest or expertise.

You might find this formula handy:

My niche market is people who are (action word) + (your passions)

Here are some examples:

My niche market is people who are (learning) to (play the piano).

My niche market is people who are trying to (build) a (dog kennel).
My niche market is people who are learning to (cook) (French-style cuisine).

Use this questionnaire to dig deeper into your interests.

What websites do you visit when you have nothing to do? What topics do these websites cover?
Do you collect anything?
Do you play any sports?
Do you have pets?
Do you have any specialized knowledge? Example: Flower Arrangement, Gardening Skills…
What is your occupation? What field or area of interest does it deal in?
Is there anything you really want to learn about, but you gave up because of the time constraint in your life?

Come up with a list of at least 3 or more interests and you are ready to go!

To Your Affiliate Success!

Jun 12

FurnitureInFashion Announces New Web Services for Drop shippers, A Complete Package

(PRWEB UK) 25 February 2013

After building a reputed name in the line of online furniture suppliers in the UK, the leading furniture company FurnitureInFashion is now offering web services for small businesses like drop shippers. The company is offering domain, website and marketing services to small and new businesses like affiliates and drop shippers. FurnitureInFashion is currently working with a huge network of drop shippers for expanding its target market and brand awareness. The number of drop shippers has increased over the time which has compelled FurnitureInFashion to give better opportunities to small businesses in making significant name in the online business.

The owner and Managing Director of FurnitureInFashion Asad Shamim said, As a leading furniture supplier of furniture, we are now enjoying working relationship with many drop shippers who are new in the online business. We know how important it is to stay up-to-date when it comes to a new online selling company and online shoppers every changing preference. To help drop shippers lead in the online retail industry, we are offering services in providing domain, full web development services and internet marketing services to create the awareness of business. We are offering complete service package at extremely affordable rates for drop shippers.

FurnitureInFashion is working with several drop shippers and affiliates to sell its products and provide business opportunities to new entrepreneurs. The website of FurnitureInFashion is a fantastic example for drop shippers. The website offers clean interface along with search filters to help customers find exactly what they want. Following the same trend, the company is willing to offer domain for the website along with website development and internet marketing as well. Mr. Shamim said, We have highly skilled web developers who completely understand the importance of having perfect domain for a successful business. Our web developers hold expertise in SEO and believe in SEO oriented domain name for websites in order to make the website rank reasonably on the search engine. With our web developers, the drop shippers will have extra leverage of customizing their website by discussing their requirements with our web developers.

Mr. Asad talked about the web development service and said, Online shoppers today have higher standards and expectations when it comes to choosing and eCommerce website to buy from. For this reason, online vendors need to ensure their website is not only pleasing to look at but are also functional. These two aspects will help the business achieve success in particular niche. Without a careful balance between good design of the website, user-friendly interface and search engine optimization, an eCommerce website can lose its potential customers. Realizing the importance of these essentials, we are offering user friendly interfaces for online shopping carts and account registration. We are also offering search filter functions for providing maximum convenience to customers.

FurnitureInFashion is also offering internet marketing services including the use of social media tools like blogging, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, PR and several other essentials to make a business successful. FurnitureInFashions web design services can help clients achieve better ROI and online exposure while engaging and keeping the online consumers coming back for more.

FurnitureInFashion is welcoming new drop shippers as the company has expanded its warehouse to offer 90% stock at all times. The company has established a great name among the online furniture suppliers which will clearly give an edge to drop shippers as well.

About FurnitureInFashion

FurnitureInFashion is a UK based online retail business. It supplies furniture items from its German based warehouse and has a showroom in Bolton, UK. The company provides everything from umbrella stand wall art and room dividers to bedroom, bar stools and computer tables. FurnitureInFashion offers excellent free delivery within UK and has a fantastic customer service as well. For further information and details about the sale, visit http://www.furnitureinfashion.net

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