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David Siteman Garland – The ascent to the summit is to help you generate revenue big time through their own products and programs online (audio)

David Siteman Garland – The ascent to the summit is to help you generate revenue big time through their own products and programs online (audio)
The Rise To The Top: help you generate revenue big time through their own products and programs online (audio)
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Jun 21

Empower Network Review of David Wood and David Sharpe’s New Affiliate Marketing Program Revealed

Houston, TX (PRWEB) August 27, 2012

The Empower Network is an affiliate marketing program that not only offers marketers a 100% commission on all their sales but also provides them with the training and tools they need to make money with the program and also in their own businesses. Internet marketers, multi-level marketers, direct sales and other business owners are flocking to join because of the high rewards and the professional training.

A quick Empower Network review shows that the program was created by two former homeless guys turned millionaires, David Sharpe and David Wood. Both are top internet marketers as well as in MLM and have taken their expertise and knowledge and transferred it to this new program. They have created and always updating an automated sales funnel that makes it easy for any affiliate to make sales of the program. Within the trainings, the David’s teach members how one can do it for their own business.

For $ 25 a month, affiliates of the Empower Network get access to a blogging platform that is highly optimized to bring in traffic and convert visitors to sales. Affiliates can blog about anything they desire and many utilize the platform to promote their own programs or other products as well. The strong power of the blog makes it ideal for MLM and Internet marketers to promote other products to make money off of as well.

To get access to the Empower Network Inner Circle Training is an additional $ 100 a month. In this level members get access to weekly calls including archives from top earners in direct sales, internet marketing, MLM and more.

In addition, there are even higher level trainings that affiliates can purchase and promote. The Empower Network Costa Rica Intensive is 11 video lessons that go in depth of how 7 figure earners are marketing their businesses both online and offline. There is even a bonus lesson that David Wood shows how to use all the previous lessons and use them in their own business. This training is $ 500.

The top Empower Network training is the 15k Formula which are lessons from top marketers that teach different skills one can plug into their business to make at least $ 1,000 a day in their program fast. This program costs $ 1000.

The minimum requirement is the $ 25 a month level but when one upgrades to the other levels they get access to the additional training but they are also able to get commissions on those programs. If one does not purchase a program, they are not able to promote it.

The commission structure for Empower is also unique, because it allows the affiliate to make money off of the people they refer. For example, when the person the affiliate referred, refers others, the affiliate is eligible to receive commissions as well. The 1st, 3rd and 5th commissions are kept by the affiliate and the 2nd, 4th and 6th go to the referrer. Then, every 5th commission thereafter goes to the referrer. The more people an affiliate refers in, they are able to get more pass up commissions which is great for a passive, residual income.

The structure of Empower Network makes a great fit for those with no Internet experience as well as those with advanced marketing skills.

For those who are ready to join or who want more information should go sign up here at the official website.

If one would like to contact someone directly can email realjohnbarry (at) gmail(dot)com or call 1-877-524-2556.

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