Jul 08

Julie R. Schelling, First-Time Author, Receives Endorsement from Bernie Siegel, M.D.

Narberth, PA (PRWEB) August 28, 2014

Julie R. Schelling, certified life coach, shares her life-long spiritual journey seeking the answers to the purpose of life in her debut as an author. Invitation to Believe: Establishing Faith in the Universal Power is a concise distillation of her experiences searching for a connection to a universal Power. While Schelling was undergoing a medical treatment for a chronic pain condition at a local hospital she had an extraordinary out-of-body experience that compelled her to write Invitation to Believe.

In the book, Schelling shares tales of her youth as she adopts various religious beliefs in search of the answers to her questions Why are we are here? and Who is God? but she leaves each one feeling dissatisfied with the answers. At age 16 she receives a book written by a holy man from Sri Lanka, at which point she is convinced he knows the answers to her questions and immediately becomes a student of his teachings. She explains how his presence and teachings impacted her life. She studied with him for 10 years both in Philadelphia and in Sri Lanka until he passed away.

Invitation to Believe includes her experience with a car accident, which resulted in multiple injuries, and later development of a chronic pain condition. Schellings suffering began to challenge her faith in God. She shares details about her depression and loss of what she thought was faith. Schelling then emerges from this ordeal with the beginnings of real faith and offers a simple step-by-step guide to establishing faith in a universal Power. She invites the reader to call this Power by any name while emphasizing the importance of the Power itself. It is our birthright as humankind to search for the answers of why we are here,” she said, “but if we dont look for the answers how are we supposed to find them?”

Invitation to Believe is published under Schellings business name Coaching for Resonance through Amazons CreateSpace. In addition to self-publishing, Schelling utilizes her marketing background to serve as her own publicist as well. She contacted writer and retired pediatric surgeon Bernie Siegel, M.D., and he responded by agreeing to review her book.

After reading Invitation to Believe: Establishing Faith in the Universal Power, Dr. Siegel wrote back a lengthy endorsement, including the following: Julie Schellings book, Invitation to Believe, offers everyone a guide book on your journey through life. It can help you to find faith and understand why. We are all divine creations and with Julies guidance you can find your inner divinity. Life is a school and we are all here to live and learn so start your education by reading this book. -Bernie Siegel, M.D., author of The Art of Healing and A Book of Miracles.

Schelling welcomed Dr. Siegels endorsement, and immediately took it as a positive affirmation that publishing Invitation to Believe was the correct thing to do. I hope my book will touch the hearts of those who are suffering and seeking spiritual connection to a higher power and provide them with the tools needed to establish real faith along with the guidance of how to utilize that faith in times of need, Schelling added.

The paperback book is on sale on Amazon.com and CreateSpace.com, and will be distributed through Barnes & Noble, Ingram, and other sales channels. Both the Kindle and EPUB versions will be available on various websites as well. For more information regarding the content of this press release please visit http://www.invitationtobelieve.com or http://www.facebook.com/invitationtobelieve or email info(at)invitationtobelieve(dot)com.

Feb 02

New Podcast from James Schramko and Clay Collins Highlights What’s New with the Breakthrough LeadPages Software

Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) April 12, 2013

James Schramko, CEO of SuperFastBusiness.com, discovered a revolutionary conversion page-generating software called LeadPages and has since used it in his own websites and featured it in the review site BuyWithBonus.com. In his latest podcast, Schramko speaks to Clay Collins, co-founder of software developer LeadBrite, about updates and popular new applications of the technology that online marketers everywhere are finding especially helpful in business.

LeadPages enables website owners to create “conversion pages” capture pages, landing pages, launch pages, sales pages, and many others in just a few minutes with a few simple clicks. The software is popular for requiring “no geek speak or nerd knowledge” and enabling newbies and advanced users alike to create, edit and deploy pages without touching a line of programming code.

“Each part of my business just keeps coming back to your products, to LeadPages in particular,” Schramko tells Collins at the beginning of the podcast. “Its now the highest converting opt-in that I have on my site and weve been rolling it out across our other sites. Its so easy to do because we can just go and replicate an existing one and modify it for the new site. And then, depending on the site, were choosing a different application.”

Collins considers LeadPages one of his software company’s most exciting offerings to date. “Weve got a full-time team of ten people. We spend almost all our time on LeadPage, which is a web app that runs in the cloud and it allows businesses to create landing pages … those key pages in your business that are required for capturing leads, making sales, signing up for webinars,” he explains. “The product allows business owners to create those pages in a very, very short period of time. It is an enterprise-level application. It runs on the Google server network. It integrates with all the best platforms and it is consistently beating split tests.”

One notable new feature of this landing page software that is proving to be popular with marketers is the Facebook integration function users can publish their landing pages to Facebook with the click of a button.

“Whats really cool about (this feature) is that … with cold traffic, and even with warm traffic, opt-in rates are higher in a lot of cases when the same traffic is sent to the squeeze page that funds Facebook versus on your own site,” says Collins.

Users can also send Facebook ads to their own sites or send people to a tab on a Facebook page that was created with LeadPages, and Facebook will charge less for the ad display as well as for clicks. Plus, the social networking site will be more likely to approve an ad and a user’s page if it’s already within Facebook; all these serve as significant advantages for online marketers.

Clay Collins will be a featured speaker at Schramko’s upcoming Fast Web Formula 4 live event taking place in Sydney on June 13 and 14. The event brings together entrepreneurs, intermediate to advanced marketers, affiliate marketers, e-commerce store owners, digital agencies, and other members of the Fast Web Formula Internet business forum coaching community.

“Im going to be talking about simple tweaks that people can implement in their business to double the efficacy of their lead capture pages … and it is my intention that each one of the several tweaks that Im going to be sharing is going to more than pay for peoples attendance at the conference,” says Collins.

Jan 17

Affiliate Marketing – Make Money – Work From Home Jobs – Free – 2012

You can make money and work at home free in 2012, online or face to face with the company I work with, I have found a home. Click the link to find out how I …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

http://tinyurl.com/gdiguru69 Find our how affiliates turn their one time sale into a life long investment and growing monthly residual income, getting paid m…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Jan 01

What to Do with Your Tax Rebate or Other “Found Money” — Thirteen Smart Ideas from “Dummies” author Sheryl Garrett and the Garrett Planning Network

Shawnee Mission, KS (PRWEB) March 6, 2008

After concluding their tax preparation activities, many people will see that they are entitled to a rebate from Uncle Sam. “Whether your rebate is large or small, you are wise to determine now what you will do when that check arrives,” says Sheryl Garrett, CFP

Aug 25

Sell a Car in San Antonio TX with a New Guaranteed Quote in Minutes, Used Autos from Cash for Cars Quick

San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) August 23, 2013

The announcement coming from the popular national used auto purchaser, Cash for Cars Quick, may make San Antonio residents want to roundup their old junk or wrecked autos they no longer want, and sell them for rapid cash. The cash for cars San Antonio Texas office has made their new guaranteed quote program available for all those living in the city who wants to sell their unwanted autos for fast cash payments. By making a call and providing vehicle information, a guaranteed quote is provided to the seller in only minutes. Then, if the deal sounds acceptable, the payment is delivered to the seller in cash and in about an hour. All that is required is to call the auto buyer and give the representative information on any autos that are no longer wanted. Fast quotes are given on any type of vehicle regardless of its age or condition. To learn more about the guarantee, or to speak to a company representative visit, http://www.sanantoniocashforcarsquick.com/guarantee

The Cash for Cars Quick new guaranteed quote program has made those living in the area that have old junk or used cars and trucks an easy hassle free way to sell their vehicles. Whats more, all vehicle sales inquiries are accepted by the popular car buyer regardless of their running condition, look, age, make, or model. If its vehicle for sale, then the auto buyer wants to hear about it. The company can provide such rapid quotes as well as guarantee them because of their vast network of partners and affiliates that work in the automotive industry. Their partners include towing companies that are looking to haul inoperable vehicles, and salvage yards seeking wrecked and other junk autos from which to recycle parts, metals, and materials. The company also works with used car dealers after cars and trucks that can be refurbished and then resold on their lots.

The pick-up of sold vehicles is scheduled at the time of the guaranteed payment delivery at the sellers convenience. If vehicles are not in running order, a San Antonio towing affiliate will haul them away without any expense to the sellers. Furthermore, all auto junk vehicles will be professionally rid of any leaked fluids or other toxic materials that may have leaked from damaged or deteriorating vehicles. This additional free service is one in which Cash for Cars Quick takes seriously. The company understands the environmental dangers that such substances can present and so they work hard at ensuring that junk vehicles and the toxic elements inside are disposed of properly. The cash for junk car San Antonio operation has bought thousands of cars and trucks in the city they want to continue this service.

The extra cash that vehicle owners can receive for their used and junk autos can be a welcome site in these troubled economic times. It can be used to pay a child’s school tuition, buy gifts or new items, pay off bills, give to charities, or whatever objective is desired. Many used cars are taken to dealerships as trade-ins on newer cars or trucks. However, a great deal of their value is lost on such trade-ins. Much better deals can be garnered by placing a good down on them. Normally, when auto owners want to sell their used cars they have to go through a rigorous process of placing ads and fielding calls. To avoid the hassles of selling a car or truck contact one of the many service locations in San Antonio offered by the company and schedule a pick-up.

A national leader in the purchase of used autos, Cash for Cars Quick provides guaranteed quotes and cash payments rapidly. The local office promotes the message about the importance of working with a reputable cash for cars San Antonio Texas Company if a vehicle owner is considering selling their car or truck. The company does this by way of the best SEO professional in the county. Cash for Cars Quick continues its online presence by offering an instant quote over the phone, and regularly posts auto recycling information on the company blog and social media pages. By using affordable search engine marketing to promote online, along with instant pricing, the company hopes to attract more San Antonio Texas residents looking to sell their vehicle. To read more on the companys Facebook page visit, https://www.facebook.com/CashForCarsSanAntonio.

About the Company:

Cashforcarsquick.com is a growing fast cash for cars company that offers junk car recycling and that provides a high return to the car and truck owners in San Antonio and throughout the United States. The company and its partners follow environmentally friendly disposal practices to safeguard the future of the planet. To learn more about the Los Angeles car buyer visit the company website or call the corporate office.


William Leonard

Phone: 888-862-3001

Email: info(at)cashforcarsquick(dot)com

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Aug 13

2013 WebSearch University Roster to Include Powerhouse Trio from the Association of Independent Information Professionals

Baton Rouge, LA (PRWEB) August 13, 2013

Among the three researchers, they have 24 years of experience as WebSearch University instructorswith one now a key planner of the annual event. Its no wonder, then, that Mary Ellen Bates, Marydee Ojala, and Marcy Phelps will be featured speakers at next months WebSearch University in Washington, DC, where they will address major shifts in how info pros are doing research and adding value to their research products.

All three women readily acknowledge that their long-time membership in the Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) has helped them stay on the cutting edge as info-entrepreneurs and information industry thought leaders.

The parent company of WebSearch University likewise recognizes the value of the AIIP brand. Tom Hogan, Sr, President and CEO of Information Today, Inc., explains, “Our company has had a close relationship with AIIP for some time. We are delighted to have such prestigious AIIP speakers at WebSearch University, as we think it validates the high quality of the information provided to attendees.

Marydee Ojala, Editor-in-Chief, Online Searcher, and Information Consultant, Ojala Associates (Indianapolis, IN), will present a session on new approaches to using news resources. Explains Ojala, I’ll be talking about how the news cycle has changed, what people need to look out for when searching for news stories and setting up current awareness services, and how newer sources are bypassing our traditional online services. In a second session, Ojala will discuss current trends in question-and-answer services such as ChaCha, Quora, message boards, technical forums, and user-generated content.

Mary Ellen Bates, Principal, Bates Information Services (Niwot, CO), will offer a session titled Information Alchemy, which she defines as the skills and tools that info-entrepreneurs need to transform information into [value-added] impact, an increasingly important feature of our information services. In a similar vein, Batess second session, Stalking the Increasingly Elusive Advanced Search, will address the ongoing need of info pros to get even more out of their online research.

In Visualization Tools for Turning Information Into Insights, Marcy Phelps, Founder, Phelps Research (Denver, CO), explains that I will focus on simple tools, many of which we already have at our disposal, for creating charts, graphs, diagrams, and other infographics to use in our research deliverables. This represents a major shift in that clients no longer value how much or even what type of information we find. More and more, our value is in helping clients understand what the information means to them and making it decision-ready. And, in our increasingly visual world, visual formats are definitely in demand.

Bates and Phelps will also participate in a WebSearch Seminar panel billed as an “unsession,” where the goal is to share tips for research and for adding value to research reports and other deliverables. According to Phelps, this interactive session, in which attendees will participate in the discussion, reflects the trend of conferences and meetings moving to speaker/audience discussion and other interactive programming formats.

According to all three presenters, WebSearch University is a great fit for info entrepreneurs and an excellent platform for sharing skills sharpened through their association with their fellow AIIP members.

As event co-planner Ojala explains, WebSearch University is a skills-based event. It’s not a conference with thousands of attendees and a huge exhibit hall. It’s focused on search skills, allowing people to talk with each other. These networking opportunities are invaluable for learning skills and getting to know potential business partners. Ojala also notes that the event is a great place to share the knowledge I’ve gleaned both from doing research projects for clients and from hanging out (usually virtually) with the highly intelligent, internet-savvy members of AIIP.

Twelve-time presenter Bates says that she usually speaks about advanced research techniques and about adding value to research results, both of which are skills I have honed over the 20+ years of being an info-entrepreneur; and having access to the support of AIIPs industry partners and affiliates has made a big difference in search expertise.

Newcomer Phelps concurs. A lot of what I’ve learned about the topics I’ll be speaking about has been through AIIPespecially [discussion list] AIIP-L. I learn so much by listening to experts, and AIIP members are so willing to share their vast knowledge on any information-related topic. Also, speaking at WebSearch University is by invitation only, so I believe that the professional network that I’ve created through AIIP helped raised my visibility and make the connections that led to that invitation.

All three speakers would recommend belonging to AIIP and attending WebSearch University. As Phelps noted, Theyre both great ways to keep your skills up to date. Resources continually change andin an age of Google and other DIY research toolsit’s especially important to find new ways to increase our value as info entrepreneurs.

Information Today, Inc., is offering AIIP members a significant discount on the upcoming WebSearch University Conference. To receive preferred pricing, AIIP members must contact Information Today’s Registration Department (Nancy Ellor, Registrar, 609-654-6266, nellor@infotoday.com).

For more about WebSearch University visit: http://www.websearchu.com/2013/.

About AIIP

The Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP, http://www.AIIP.org) consists of more than 500 business owners from around the world whose firms provide research and consulting services across a wide variety of industries. Business research, competitive intelligence, market analysis, database development, training, and information management consulting are just a few of the areas in which AIIP members specialize. Some of the vertical industries AIIP members serve include scientific, medical, pharmaceutical, regulatory, information technology, education, financial services, manufacturing, nonprofits, and life sciences. A directory of members is available at: http://www.aiip.org/content/hire-info-pro/.

Media Relations/Public Relations Contact: Jeff Mustard cell: 954-801-8263; email:

Jeff(at)TheBambooAgency(dot)com; http://www.TheBambooAgency.com.

For more information about AIIP, contact AIIP Headquarters, Baton Rouge, LA; (225)408-4400, email: office(at)aiip(dot)org.

Jul 12

Wicked Tickets Go On Sale For Shows In Oklahoma City For September Performances Following The Wicked Houston And Toledo Shows From The Same Broadway Touring Company

Oklahoma City, OK (PRWEB) July 08, 2013

Wicked tickets for the award winning musical at the Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City go on sale today for performances starting September 4 with a run ending September 22. Wicked touring tickets for the Wicked Oklahoma City shows as well as all Broadway Touring shows and Broadway New York tickets remain available for fans to buy at BroadwayTouringShows.com even when seats sell out at the box office.

Other touring shows open with Wicked Houston on July 10 with a second touring company performing Wicked in Philadelphia until August 4. The ticket sales for the Wicked Boston shows remain very strong, bfor their future tour dates. In fact, these touring shows stand as so well received that Wicked in Houston and Wicked Philadelphia both saw more ticket resale activity in the past two weeks than Wicked New York City on Broadway.

Cities visited on this year and in early 2014 by both touring companies include Wicked Philadelphia, Houston, Boston, Toledo, Oklahoma City, Minneapolis, Little Rock, Kansas City, Chicago, Des Moines, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Providence, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Memphis, Appleton, Austin, Cincinnati, San Antonio, Nashville, Fresno, Boise, Richmond, Omaha, Spokane, Sacramento, Tulsa, Salt Lake City, San Jose and Albuquerque. If none of these cities end up close to home, think about a booking a Broadway by combining theater tickets with an overnight stay in Times Square hotel or another city like a Philadelphia hotel.

As the story of the Wicked Witch Of The West and Glinda The Good Witch before and continuing through the time frame from the movie the Wizard Of Oz that everyone knows, Wicked exposes theater goers to aspects of characters already well known to the audience. By learning more about the background of the witches before their activities from the famous film they gain a whole new appreciation of the story learned as children. Along the way the great songs and script bring the level of entertainment up to the point that the show earned 35 majors awards including Tonys and Grammys. Music for Wicked including Wicked’s biggest hits Popular and Defying Gravity, came from the pen of Steven Schwartz who grained frame as the author and composer of Godspell and Pippin, currently playing a revival on Broadway. Wicked on Broadway in New York opened in 2003 and already played to over 2 million people with more attending shows every week.

BroadwayTouringShows.com offers tickets for plays and musicals including Wicked, Book Of Mormon and all others as they tour the United States and Canada with prices cheaper than other resale sites. In addition to lower prices, fans may search Broadway Tour stops by show or city, easily see available dates and even sort performances by cheapest tickets available to attend the show date where a special discount may be available. When looking to attend a sold out show or in need of premium seats visit the site for the best way to buy Broadway Touring Show tickets.

Wicked continues on Broadway and will likely play for years to come as what many consider to be the kind of great musical that only comes around once or twice a decade. For people who may never have seen Wicked or for fans who might like to see it another time, the touring versions provide the opportunity with most ticket prices commanding discounts compared to the version in Times Square. On top of cheap tickets compared to other resale sites, BroadwayTouringShows.com customers may save even more when using coupon code BPACK5. Wicked represents one of the best musicals one might ever see and by attending a touring version in a city like Wicked Minneapolis, Boston, Oklahoma City, Houston or Philadelphia provides those who enjoy musicals a way to experience it for less.

About Financial Firebird and Broadway Touring Shows

The site for Broadway Touring Show Tickets online and its sister sites, including the Broadway Show Tickets and Hotels in New York City site and the site to buy Cheap Tickets online all geared for the consumers looking for low prices on tickets, are affiliated with the Financial Firebird Corporation Travel Group, and stand among the top sites sought by travelers and people who enjoy concerts, pro sports and theater performances. Financial Firebird Corporation provides unbiased consumer information, software and marketing services – established 2000 and a proud BBB member. These sites for consumers to buy tickets online operate in the resale market and maintain no relationship with the venues or performers; the resale ticket market allows consumers access to popular events once the box office has sold out or to buy premium seats when the venue no longer offers any inventory. Within the group of these secondary market ticket services the Financial Firebird owned ticket sites offer lower prices than competitors. Find the site at BroadwayTouringShows.com.

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Jul 07

Affiliate Marketing-Work From Home Jobs?

Does affiliate marketing really provide work from home jobs? You no doubt are familiar with affiliate marketing as a business model, but may be confused about how you can make money in it.

1. Work for someone else as an affiliate manager. Many cost per action programs provide managers to help their affiliates promote the many offers from their advertisers.

If you have some working knowledge of affiliate marketing this may be something for you to check out. Depending on the network you can actually make pretty decent money if you develop a clientele of affiliates who are promoting offers from your network.

2. Work for yourself selling physical affiliate products. Amazon.com has products you can make anywhere from a few dollars to literally thousands of dollars on one sale. Their affiliate program is free to join.

3. Work for yourself selling digital information products. People will pay for information on the Internet if they feel like it can help them in some way. Clic bank has an excellent digital information affiliate program you can make commissions ranging from 50% to 75% on every product you sell.

4. Promote cpa affiliate offers. You can be the affiliate that contacts the affiliate manager looking for offers to promote. This can actually be big money in your pocket once you learn how to do it.

There are affiliate marketers earning six and even seven figure incomes promoting cpa offers. The nice thing is the amount of niches you can get started promoting offers from. Virtually anything that needs to be promoted online has an advertiser looking for affiliates to promote it.

5. Build information websites. Then monetize them with Google Adsense.

This continues to be an excellent way to work from home and make money as an affiliate marketer.

6. Build websites and sell them. You can expect to sell a website for 10 to 20 times it’s monthly earnings. You might even be able to get more if you are in a niche that is in demand. Websites that are monetized with Google Adsense, Amazon, and Clickbank products are highly sought after.

These are a few ideas on how you can turn affiliate marketing into a work from home job!

Dion Boddie is the owner of HomeBizOnlineDirect.com. They offer proven ways to work online. Visit it today to find one real way you can work online from homehttp://www.homebizonlinedirect.com

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May 15

Return the Favor and Give Mom the Gift of Knowledge for Mother’s Day with Learning Experiences from Viator.com

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 07, 2013

She was your first teacher. Now its time to return the favor, but, with a little bit of flare. Viator.com the leading resource for researching and booking tours and activities worldwide has pulled together a selection of fun lessons and learning activities that would make great gifts for Mothers Day 2013. Whether its the kitchen she craves, favors her creative side, yearns for the outdoors, or just wants a beautiful gourmet lunch, Viator has a selection of activities shell love to experience, especially with her family members right by her side.

Experience the World’s Kitchens

Shes not only our first teacher but also our first personal chef. Show Mom you know its about more than just pot-roast. Treat her to a culinary class taught by a professional chef that will help her expand the dinner-time repertoire to include dishes like New Orleans gumbo, Madrids tapas and even Italys home-made gelato.