Sep 23

Time and The False Illusion of Movement

We wake up everyday with the best of intentions of moving forward towards our goals but, somewhere in between the coffee breaks, random phone calls or any of the miriad of distractions we have going on all day… we lose our focus and end up spending our time spinning our wheels and not moving at all.

This is called the false illusion of work/movement.

To do lists are great but if we don’t have the willpower to stick to it and get the most important things done as soon as we wake up… the day just goes by and we keep playing catch-up on urgent work.

  • At the end of the day make a To-do list for the next day and stick to it
  • Before you get out of bed think about the reason why you’re doing this… what is the passion driving you, why are you getting out of bed
  • +20 minute exercise + cold shower = Feeling like a million bucks

Don’t mess around, do what needs to be done.