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Chris: Online Entrepreneur, Affiliate Marketer and Blogger – The Niche Site Tools Podcast: Affiliate Marketing | Passive Income | Blogging | Online Business

Chris: Online Entrepreneur, Affiliate Marketer and Blogger – The Niche Site Tools Podcast: Affiliate Marketing | Passive Income | Blogging | Online Business
from The Niche Site Tools Podcast: Affiliate Marketing | Passive Income | Blogging | Online Business
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Jun 25

A Blueprint PassiveIncomeClass.com 8 steps that actually works How to any amount of passive income on the Internet

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) June 18, 2013

Passiveincomeclass.com teaches a true set and forget system work smarter, not harder for entrepreneurs, students, new parents, retirees, stay home moms and others ages 18-80, even if they have no computer experience in creating quick, simple and easy automated Niche websites they like and what interests are created once and continue to make money for them more.

This project teaches people to choose the money making opportunities online that are interested and passionate about, learn how to create sites in 10 minutes using automated tools, how to get visitors to your website who want to buy, and how sales of these visitors.

PassiveIncomeClass.com Blueprint courtesy of:

1) Choose something you and you are passionate about their interests. This is your market and you will also enjoy what you do.

2) do what keyword research is called. means the search keywords to find the number of people entering words or phrases each month on search engines like Google. PassiveIncomeClass.com provides a tool that automatically performs 3-4 below steps for you, but if you’re not a member, you can still use a tool like a Google search engine keywords available for everyone at: http:/ / adwords.Google.com / o / KeywordTool

If you use the Google search tool keywords, select the phrase match type for your keywords.

3) You want to find keywords that have at least 1,000 visits per month. You should also make sure that the keywords are what we call the purchase intention. For example, a keyword like buying iPhone means that the person who typed in the search engine looking to buy an iPhone.

This means they are not looking for information and they are ready to buy. Keywords also indicate a problem is great because the searcher is looking for a solution. An example might be How to train my dog. Try to get as many keywords as this, how can you, if you can get 100 or more, it would be a good start. Keep the keywords in an Excel file or something similar.

4) With these keywords will discover that meet the above criteria, you should now see if there is a competition for keywords and if you need to see how the competition is fierce. You can do this by typing the keyword in quotes in a search engine like Google. So if the keyword was buy an iPhone you type into Google anyway. Once you do, you will get results from Google and the results of the classification.

what you really want is two things:

a) The number of results returned by Google. You can see the number of results below where you typed in. You are looking for keywords that return less than 10,000 results. If you do, which means that you have a great niche and it will probably be very easy to dominate the search engines for that keyword.

b) The Page Rank of the pages returned by Google. This means that Google sees the importance and results is generally determined by the number of sites linking to a specific page. You can use a tool like: http://www.prchecker.info/check_page_rank.php and you can copy and paste the URL (Web address) there to see what your page rank is.

If you have a lot of sites on the first page of Google with Page Rank N / A, 0, 1, this is fantastic news that you probably can easily master these results. If the page ranks are higher, as 2,3,4,5,6 or more, you may have a hard time competing and perhaps want to watch another keyword.

If you have keywords that match the criteria A and B, you have a solid winner who will earn money for you.

5) Once you have found your keywords make time to create a single market a product around a particular keyword website. PassiveIncomeClass.com provides tools for creating sites that can accommodate and create a website in 10 minutes for you automatically, but if you’re not a member, you can always create a quick blog on wordpress wordpress.com.

6) find or create a product to sell. PassiveIncomeClass.com recommend that if you’re new start selling other peoples products. This is called affiliate marketing. They take care of the payment processing, order fulfillment, customer service and everything else. You just send them to buyers and you receive a percentage of sales commission to do so. You can find tens of thousands of products to sell PassiveIncomeClass.com / products.php

7) Sign up for an email answering as one of PassiveIncomeClass.com / responder.php or any others you might like. An email autoresponder can be your best friend and this is where the magic marketing and how you make money while you sleep.

your sites purpose is to attract visitors to get what is called a list of e-mail addresses, which means that visitors have given their permission to send emails to them about anything. You then create a series of marketing e-mails that will be sent automatically to the e-mail box of visitors who betrays tips, gifts, good information and also your sales message for them to buy.

8) do things to increase targeted visitors to your site. There are literally hundreds of ways to do it and everyone is covered PassiveIncomeClass.com However, it is strongly recommended that you write great articles on your niche and do what is called article marketing. This means that your articles can be found all over the internet and attract traffic to your page.

You can also comment on other peoples blogs and forums that are related to your product. You do not want to spam but you still want to offer a valuable contribution is useful. His only goal is to get in the top 3 for Google, because these three items account for 90% of the traffic for a particular keyword. The number of first location is about 60%, the item 2 to about 20% and the spot of the order of 10% in number of three. If you do not rank in the top three you will not have the money, pure and simple.

9) When the traffic comes and people get on your list of e-mail with the number of emails you’ve created, you get to earn money when someone buys a product. It is important to know what to expect if you know that everything works as it should. For every 100 visitors to your site a realistic expectation is that 10 people want to join your email list. For 10 people on your email list, maybe one or two are going to buy something at a given time. These are averages.

According to the keyword you selected can take weeks for it to build funnel. Do not give up hope. Just wait, be patient and keep marketing and getting traffic to your site. Results will come. In Passiveincomeclass.com talk about how to attract more traffic, then, once the traffic is to get 20% instead of 10% of people get on their email list, and then as an influencing much higher percentage of people to buy.

PassiveIncomeClass.com was also a toll free number (866) 669-0441 available for anyone who has questions.

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