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New Podcast from James Schramko and Clay Collins Highlights What’s New with the Breakthrough LeadPages Software

Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) April 12, 2013

James Schramko, CEO of SuperFastBusiness.com, discovered a revolutionary conversion page-generating software called LeadPages and has since used it in his own websites and featured it in the review site BuyWithBonus.com. In his latest podcast, Schramko speaks to Clay Collins, co-founder of software developer LeadBrite, about updates and popular new applications of the technology that online marketers everywhere are finding especially helpful in business.

LeadPages enables website owners to create “conversion pages” capture pages, landing pages, launch pages, sales pages, and many others in just a few minutes with a few simple clicks. The software is popular for requiring “no geek speak or nerd knowledge” and enabling newbies and advanced users alike to create, edit and deploy pages without touching a line of programming code.

“Each part of my business just keeps coming back to your products, to LeadPages in particular,” Schramko tells Collins at the beginning of the podcast. “Its now the highest converting opt-in that I have on my site and weve been rolling it out across our other sites. Its so easy to do because we can just go and replicate an existing one and modify it for the new site. And then, depending on the site, were choosing a different application.”

Collins considers LeadPages one of his software company’s most exciting offerings to date. “Weve got a full-time team of ten people. We spend almost all our time on LeadPage, which is a web app that runs in the cloud and it allows businesses to create landing pages … those key pages in your business that are required for capturing leads, making sales, signing up for webinars,” he explains. “The product allows business owners to create those pages in a very, very short period of time. It is an enterprise-level application. It runs on the Google server network. It integrates with all the best platforms and it is consistently beating split tests.”

One notable new feature of this landing page software that is proving to be popular with marketers is the Facebook integration function users can publish their landing pages to Facebook with the click of a button.

“Whats really cool about (this feature) is that … with cold traffic, and even with warm traffic, opt-in rates are higher in a lot of cases when the same traffic is sent to the squeeze page that funds Facebook versus on your own site,” says Collins.

Users can also send Facebook ads to their own sites or send people to a tab on a Facebook page that was created with LeadPages, and Facebook will charge less for the ad display as well as for clicks. Plus, the social networking site will be more likely to approve an ad and a user’s page if it’s already within Facebook; all these serve as significant advantages for online marketers.

Clay Collins will be a featured speaker at Schramko’s upcoming Fast Web Formula 4 live event taking place in Sydney on June 13 and 14. The event brings together entrepreneurs, intermediate to advanced marketers, affiliate marketers, e-commerce store owners, digital agencies, and other members of the Fast Web Formula Internet business forum coaching community.

“Im going to be talking about simple tweaks that people can implement in their business to double the efficacy of their lead capture pages … and it is my intention that each one of the several tweaks that Im going to be sharing is going to more than pay for peoples attendance at the conference,” says Collins.

May 30

Adapt or die: Web Business Owner James Schramko approves critical strategy for business growth

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) May 25, 2013

James Schramko become entrepreneurs to ask: What are the assumptions I’ve done what I need to reassess what I can grow my business to the next level? The owner of the company and known web internet marketing expert has released another video this week, showing how companies and other commercial enterprises can achieve long-term growth. According to Schramko, the key to the growth of the company is to do things differently than businesses and perhaps more importantly, the market is changing.

Schramko points

every entrepreneur needs to be informed about the current market and discover the importance of strategies and systems for your business. Since marketing management, hiring more people to achieve revenue targets for outsourcing processes to reduce costs, company owner, said web is the work of all business operators continually reassess they do for your business, it’s always good for them.

As your business grows, Schramko explains and develops and grows, you need to make changes to adapt to the new version of its business.


owner and developer of various internet marketing products, himself, was to make changes to your business by eliminating certain items. Schramkos most recent change was to close their affiliate program. Instead of the basic program committees Schramko now offers a variety of partnership opportunities for stakeholders, such as special joint ventures (especially for community leaders of large companies) and the reseller program.

more close its program of commissions based, Schramko also suspended commitments to the scene speak and now focuses on the production of short videos, but instructive that deliver to the minute news of the industry and its dissemination extensive knowledge of running a business online.

Schramko also changed the way he revealed new products that your business grows. In previous years, owner of the Web company focusing most of its efforts on product launch. Today, he chose simply to introduce new products to its growing online community FastWebFormula, Silvercircle or SuperFastBusiness.

Now in my company, the shares Schramko, I reviewed at least every three months. Every three months I fly overseas to meet the team, return to society and recheck our assumptions to see if they are still relevant. Doing these spot checks helps us make better decisions and that is why the company is strong and continues to be the best it can be optimized for the current climate, based on where they were as a company.

constantly changing as the business changes allows businesses and entrepreneurs to explore new potential markets to spread risk or to eliminate them completely, and make a long-term vision. If you completely change the business model or to apply simple operations changes, Schramko is encouraging entrepreneurs to ask today: What are the assumptions I made that I need to reassess what I can grow my business to the next level

For advice

business development more intensive and targeted training of James Schramko, go to SilverCircle.com, FastWebFormula.com or register for more information on training courses SuperFastBusiness growth.

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