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Features of Valuable Project Tracking Software


Project tracking software used by business customers usually is incorporated into more complex project management systems that allow not only for project tracking but for planning, scheduling, and allocating resources to projects and sets of projects (programs) run by enterprises. Software applications featuring only project tracking functionality are virtually useless without built-in functionality to plan, estimate, manage and control projects, and numerous simple project tracking software product are available for home users. In contrast, business users should rely on sophisticated software solutions, designed to cover multiple processes and procedures involved in project management.


Project scheduling is an essential element in the overall process of project management and one would be unable to track a project’s progress without scheduling a series of events and tasks first. Business software applications have to deal with the task of complex resource scheduling, where interdependent elements of a project are involved or a larger corporate program comprises multiple interdependent projects. Project tracking applications aimed at home users rarely have to deal with such complex project scheduling, though.


Ability to track project progress is considered as the main functionality of project tracking software modules. Top executives, middle-level managers and home users rely on historical information on projects’ progress to plan future actions and gauge actual project performance against planned performance. Thus, project managers are allowed to better utilize available resources and receive early warnings when a project is at risk, through the means of project tracking.


At present, most project tracking modules intended for business users are functioning as modules incorporated into integrated project management systems. Integrated systems for project management are distinguished by their ability to cover variety of business processes and procedures, borrowing functionality from customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. While project planning software is usually not as sophisticated (and expensive) as ERP systems, it often features advanced functionality typically embedded into CRM software. Such an approach toward project tracking software development reflects a more general trend to create software solutions that fit varied business needs.


One of the many challenges contemporary project tracking software is facing is the growing need for sophisticated tools to manage and track a set of projects (called also project portfolio, and often referred to as Program) that are not only interdependent but are considered to be natural elements of a broader strategic plan. In addition, project tracking applications have to deal with costs related to a project as well as numerous variable factors, namely different resources.


Furthermore, project tracking applications should provide business analytics capabilities allowing managers to analyze data on time spent on projects, allocated resources and resource availability, etc. Advanced project tracking solutions are also required to support various file formats and communication protocols, allowing users to easily import and export data from and to the system. A decent system would also be able to deal with and track large number of individual or interdependent projects, which in turn suggests that only licensed software solutions, can fit the needs of enterprise users.


It is debatable if ready to use or custom software applications provide better functionality, but an enterprise should conduct thorough analysis of its particular needs, requirements, and existing software before deciding to implement any project tracking solution. Most project tracking software is developed to be compatible with all major business applications; nevertheless implementation of this type of software requires careful analysis on possible software incompatibilities.

Most project tracking software is developed to be compatible with all major business applications; nevertheless implementation of this type of software requires careful analysis on possible software incompatibilities.

Jul 22

Affiliate Marketing Software Program Tweet Adder – MAKE MONEY – FREE GUIDE

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Feb 12

Paul Farman, Creator of Lead Generation Software Has Hit a Home Run with a New Product called PostBoss. It Auto-posts to Facebook Groups.

Sacramento, California (PRWEB) March 05, 2014

One of the biggest challenges of getting traffic to a website or getting customers to come to a business for special products or services is having a credible marketing campaign. Business owners can have all the sign flippers on the side of the road, or pay for all the media buys they want. The single most effective marketing tool is having a big presence in the market place. People have become blind to pop ups, spammy emails, and banner advertisements. Social media like Facebook groups have become a popular way to get a business name out to the masses. This is where a brand new software application called PostBoss comes into play.

Business ventures have even gone sour when owners join affiliate marketer portals. Theyve dumped thousands of dollars on leads for no profits. Not having a Facebook fan page will stagnate a business especially nowadays with the ever growing demands in technology. To grow a business and establish credibility a business needs to have more than a Facebook page; likes for that page are needed. Businesses need to join Facebook groups to advertise on.

Remember, word of mouth is the most powerful marketing technique and a Facebook ad on a fan or business page gives that company a vote. The vote represents a customer that trusts that business. So its obvious that the more likes gets more people out there vouching for the company. PostBoss only boosts the visibility of a business or company.

PostBoss will help master word of mouth advertising through a Facebook profile and automatically get ads staged in groups that the company are members of. It has the capability to publish services on blogs, and directories as well giving that business more authority online. Developed by Paul Farman of Software Success. Software Success LLC has been dedicated to providing services and marketing plans for individuals and businesses across the United States and Canada. Their commitment is to provide an ethical and effective support to their clients in making wise decisions, allowing them to focus on achieving their objectives. Additionally, they help clients with choosing the right marketing tools for their business. For this, Software Success has a team of professionals in the areas of marketing, advertising, development and information systems, who have the training and experience to help clients achieve a successful brand positioning and improve their bottom line.

The real approach is to generate revenue right? Farman says. So build a Facebook page and get ads posted with a dependable application like PostBoss. Theres even a powerful affiliate marketing network that pays out $ 100 and has a built-in one-up comp plan. PostBoss has already helped thousands make their mark and target a vast customer base with proven results. This application is the real deal that can help scale any business.

A business page may only have a few clicks on the like button, and the page may go stale. If this happens, family members and other people can share your page and a few more likes will trickle in. If you really want to spike your numbers and get more traffic to your website you need to get a page with a lot of likes by automating your ads with PostBoss.

PostBoss is a time saver with positive results by boasting your ad on different mediums from social networking platforms to blogs and news portals to directories all done automatically.

See PostBoss by going to

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Feb 02

New Podcast from James Schramko and Clay Collins Highlights What’s New with the Breakthrough LeadPages Software

Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) April 12, 2013

James Schramko, CEO of, discovered a revolutionary conversion page-generating software called LeadPages and has since used it in his own websites and featured it in the review site In his latest podcast, Schramko speaks to Clay Collins, co-founder of software developer LeadBrite, about updates and popular new applications of the technology that online marketers everywhere are finding especially helpful in business.

LeadPages enables website owners to create “conversion pages” capture pages, landing pages, launch pages, sales pages, and many others in just a few minutes with a few simple clicks. The software is popular for requiring “no geek speak or nerd knowledge” and enabling newbies and advanced users alike to create, edit and deploy pages without touching a line of programming code.

“Each part of my business just keeps coming back to your products, to LeadPages in particular,” Schramko tells Collins at the beginning of the podcast. “Its now the highest converting opt-in that I have on my site and weve been rolling it out across our other sites. Its so easy to do because we can just go and replicate an existing one and modify it for the new site. And then, depending on the site, were choosing a different application.”

Collins considers LeadPages one of his software company’s most exciting offerings to date. “Weve got a full-time team of ten people. We spend almost all our time on LeadPage, which is a web app that runs in the cloud and it allows businesses to create landing pages … those key pages in your business that are required for capturing leads, making sales, signing up for webinars,” he explains. “The product allows business owners to create those pages in a very, very short period of time. It is an enterprise-level application. It runs on the Google server network. It integrates with all the best platforms and it is consistently beating split tests.”

One notable new feature of this landing page software that is proving to be popular with marketers is the Facebook integration function users can publish their landing pages to Facebook with the click of a button.

“Whats really cool about (this feature) is that … with cold traffic, and even with warm traffic, opt-in rates are higher in a lot of cases when the same traffic is sent to the squeeze page that funds Facebook versus on your own site,” says Collins.

Users can also send Facebook ads to their own sites or send people to a tab on a Facebook page that was created with LeadPages, and Facebook will charge less for the ad display as well as for clicks. Plus, the social networking site will be more likely to approve an ad and a user’s page if it’s already within Facebook; all these serve as significant advantages for online marketers.

Clay Collins will be a featured speaker at Schramko’s upcoming Fast Web Formula 4 live event taking place in Sydney on June 13 and 14. The event brings together entrepreneurs, intermediate to advanced marketers, affiliate marketers, e-commerce store owners, digital agencies, and other members of the Fast Web Formula Internet business forum coaching community.

“Im going to be talking about simple tweaks that people can implement in their business to double the efficacy of their lead capture pages … and it is my intention that each one of the several tweaks that Im going to be sharing is going to more than pay for peoples attendance at the conference,” says Collins.

Oct 04

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Sep 26

AutoTrafficTycoon Software Is Set To Shake Up The Internet Marketing Industry

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 8, 2011

On March 10th 2011, internet marketing game-changer AutoTrafficTycoon will be unveiled to the public. This “next gen” software is going to mold the shape of how affiliate marketing will be done in the future.

The internet marketing users of the technology will be able to control their whole affiliate operations online with a few clicks of their mouse. Daniel Carter is the man responsible for bringing this automated system to public knowledge. In an effort to truly re-define affiliate marketing and clean up the industry he has teamed up with 2 high profile marketers for his upcoming release.

“Daniel has a severe case of OCD over AutoTrafficTycoon. It is his personal affiliate marketing software which he has spent the best part of 12 months shaping and tweaking to make 1 click simple. Nothing like this has ever been seen before”

AutoTrafficTycoon is designed in a way that even the complete affiliate marketing dummy could pick up and start using. His system is truly push button simple. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned marketer. AutoTrafficTycoon will completely change the way marketing is done online.

Daniel’s story is quite an interesting one. It wasn’t until 2010 when he finally started to become successful working online after many years of trying. Since then he has went on to generate over 1,034,281 free visitors and $ 239,356 ClickBank cash which he credits to the AutoTrafficTycoon software.

This success has allowed him to invest heavily in the on-going development of A.T.T.

“The original version of his software which Daniel used for personal use required a certain amount of knowledge to use. Over the last year Daniel has been constantly chipping away at it to the point that it truly is push button easy. This isn’t some flash in the pan piece of software that will stop working within a month. A.T.T is totally unique and is here to stay.

About AutoTrafficTycoon

The upcoming launch of AutoTrafficTycoon looks to simplify the lives of affiliate marketers. Completely automated affiliate marketing and online traffic generation will all be achieved in a few effortless clicks of the mouse. For more information visit:


Sep 21

Affiliate Web Design Software

Converting as an affiliate is essentially a 2 step process. First, you’ve got to bring in lots of targeted traffic to your website via organic or possibly paid advertising or both. The other half is what you’re showing that traffic once you bring them in: your website. If you don’t have attractive an attractive, professional, and easy to navigate website then your traffic can bounce faster than you would imagine and spend their money elsewhere.

Website design can be a time consuming and difficult process which is why many affiliates choose to outsource that task to affiliate web design software which has an emphasis on creating conversions and makes website design a snap. This is a look at the best affiliate web design software of today: AtomicShops.

AtomicShops is an online based affiliate web design software which enables you to quickly design your own attractive websites within minutes. First, you pick from one of thousands of sample templates which have all been professionally designed to give your site some diversity and uniqueness about it. From there rather than dealing with HTML or CSS codes you can simply create menus, tweak colors, fonts, really any aspect of the design with one or two clicks.

The major thing which sets AtomicShops apart from other affiliate web design software is the offer integration feature. This makes it simple to integrate affiliate offers from virtually any company which you can think of with a few clicks and in no time you’ve got a professional looking online store which you can create reviews for or however you want your strategy to be.

Once your site is complete, unlike other affiliate web design software options the program publishes your content immediately on the net without your intervention required.


Now Pay Close Attention —

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[VIDEO] ==> $ 120k a month from this little method… Without paying a single cent for traffic.

So if you want to take a behind the curtain pre-release look at the free traffic secret that is about to shake the internet to its core then I strongly recommend you read everything on the next page before it’s too late!

Watch This Video ==> $ 120k a month from this little method… Without paying a single cent for traffic.

Seriously. You really need to see this. Don’t worry, there’s nothing to buy. Just an educational video 🙂 It’s rare you get to meet a real super affiliate, someone who doesn’t sell this stuff for a living. … But is actually out there “in the trenches” doing it everyday. You just gotta watch it… 0k a month from this little method… Without paying a single cent for traffic.

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Aug 29

Faye Business Systems Group Announces Strategic Partnership with Rising Enterprise Cloud Vendor Acumatica ERP Software

Woodland Hills, CA (PRWEB) August 26, 2013

FayeBSG is pleased to announce its partnership with Acumatica, the fastest growing global provider of cloud ERP for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Acumatica Cloud ERP is an integrated growth (ERP) software provider that offers the benefits of cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS), without sacrificing system customization, control, security , performance and speed.


software develops and markets innovative and scalable business that can be easily and quickly implemented to help businesses prosper and grow. The partnership with Acumatica allows FayeBSG increase the quality and variety of software solutions offered to customers and provide your market with a customizable solution reasonable price with unprecedented choices in deployment – on-site, hosted in a center data, or run in the cloud.

became a partner Acumatica, because we needed an ERP solution with options Cloud Hosting, unlimited customization, strong distribution sector functionality and cheaply. There is a huge market demand for a mature solution with these attributes, and Acumatica fits the bill, said CEO David Faye FayeBSG. Acumatica, the company is also an interesting partner for us. They have an ambitious, innovative and open culture and management team. We could not be more excited to go into battle with them.

As an alternative to some other cloud ERP market, exceptionally Acumatica offers users the advantage of three deploymentcloud choice, the data center or on the premises. In addition, the source code is available in all versions. Another unique advantage of Acumatica is your pricing model creative, and not according to the number of users.

About Faye Business Systems Group

Faye Business Systems Group is a technology consultancy company based in Southern California and publisher with over 25 years of experience in helping companies become more profitable growth by working with them to optimize their financial systems and commercial. FayeBSG uses SugarCRM, Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90), Acumatica, and a variety of customized to meet the needs of customers software solutions. Services include software development, project management, software implementations, custom software implementations, integration, consulting, training and support. Faye Business Systems Group has completed hundreds of successful projects of ERP and CRM, is specialized in the integration and custom development, and is a leading U.S. sugar Gold Partner and a Sage reseller and allowed. developer They are also known for their integration of conquest based around price SugarCRM applications.

For more information, call (818) 227-5130, e-mail: info (at) fayebsg (dot) com or visit Connect with Faye Business Systems Group on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

About Acumatica

Founded in 2007, Acumatica is the fastest growing provider of highly customizable ERP applications, small and medium enterprises based on the cloud, providing financial management, distribution, CRM, and the aftermath of the accounting project. Acumatica Studio, the development platform for enterprise technology, enables ISVs and OEMs to develop a rapid and cost-effective integration of cloud-based applications, using standard industry tools.

Red Herring Top 100 Global Tech Company, Acumatica has earned a solid reputation among developers and users the flexibility of its platform and its practice of granting licenses innovative, cloud, on-site, and hybrid deployment options and device independence and licenses large-scale integration and customization options.

company products are owned by a network of channel partners worldwide VARs, ISVs and OEMs. Headquartered in Kirkland, WA, Acumatica has offices in Washington DC, Moscow and Singapore. Acumatica has affiliates in Indonesia and Mexico offices. Acumatica is sold by retailers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Africa, Middle East, India and several countries in Southeast Asia. In the Nordic countries and the Netherlands, Acumatica is sold under

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Aug 03

Affiliate Software For Accurate Affiliate Tracking

Starting an affiliate program is an excellent way for online retailers to maximize their profits quickly and easily, provided they indeed have to tools to make their program successful. In affiliate programs, a reciprocal relationship exists between merchants and their representatives (affiliates) allowing both parties to profit. When affiliate representatives successfully encourage the viewers of their websites to click through to their represented merchant site, any purchases made as a result need to be accurately tracked and attributed to that affiliate, so that he or she will receive their percentage of that sale. Without accurate tracking software, an affiliate program will never be successful due to disorganization, as the best affiliates (super or not) will never stay with a program that is haphazardly constructed or maintained.

There are so many competitive offerings in affiliate marketing software available for purchase currently, and choosing the one that is perfect for your program in particular can be a dauntingly difficult task. It is essential that each prospective software package be researched and measured, comparing and contrasting all of their benefits, in order to arrive at the best fit for your program. One of the most important aspects to consider is the stability of the software you are considering. How can your affiliates maintain a feeling of security in a program whose network is often interrupted for maintenance or due to its inability to handle large amounts of traffic? Reliability is an enormously important factor as it helps to ensure for all your affiliates that the software will indeed be up and running when it is needed, as well as when it is not.

Embarking on creating an affiliate network for a first-timer can be difficult enough; affiliate software that is easy to use and simple to understand is extremely attractive to those just starting out.

Software that might be a little more on the complex side (due to more advanced features, etc) might be the better choice, but it will be advantageous in the long run to make sure the software has explicit instructions available or even representatives (by chat or by phone) that can help with its installation and implementation should problems or needs arise. Depending on the size or your business, your budget concerns might factor into your choice as well. It is extremely important to remember that you do indeed get what you pay for. Read the reviews of all affiliate software offerings you are considering. By performing exhaustive research, you will be sure to arrive at the package that is best suited to your needs as well as the needs of your affiliates-to-be.

About the Author: Peter Ryan is an online marketer and representative of Adapp Solutions, Inc., providing robust online advertising technology and affiliate marketing software.

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