Sep 23

London School of Marketing Announces Success of Overseas Support Branches (OSB) Programme

London, England (PRWEB UK) 3 May 2013

London School of Marketing has announced the success of its Overseas Support Branches (OSB) programme, helping international students overcome prohibitive tuition fees, increasing UKBA regulations and rising living expenses. By partnering with London School of Marketing, OSBs can provide students with a world class study experience, without incurring the costs of studying abroad.

London School of Marketing has acknowledged that many international students no longer find UK study packages as attractive and affordable as they used to. By forging strategic partnerships with a balanced yet comprehensive network of overseas centres, the successful London-based institution has discovered a wealth of untapped opportunities.

Our Overseas Support Branches Programme allows students to gain recognised qualifications through blended learning using our electronic platform, IMSS (Integrated Modular Study System), webinar sessions and online tutor support, combined with local resources, said Anton Dominique, COO/CFO of London School of Marketing. Successful applicants can now benefit not only from lower tuition fees when compared to standard university fees, but they can gain UK qualifications quicker without having to face the challenges and difficulties of travelling abroad.

Already showing great success to date, London School of Marketing has secured a wide range of OSB partners, including:

Sep 17

Where To Get Affiliate Marketing Support

One  of  the biggest  strengths  one  can  have  as  they  venture  into  the  world  of  affiliate  marketing  is  at  least  some  form  of  support. More  and  more  people  are  joining  affiliate  marketing  ventures  as  they  try  to make  money  online. These  people  are  coming  with  a  lot  of  hope  and  some  skepticism  creating  confusion. So  as  to  gain  upper  hand  and  avoid  the  pitfalls  on  the  way  a  good  support  system  is  vital  to  the  success  of  your  endeavors.

This  support  system  will  be  vital  throughout  your  affiliate  marketing  career  and  increases  in  value  as  your  venture  becomes  more  established, it  provides  valuable  insight and  through  forums  one  can  follow  what  new  trends  are  emerging  in  the  industry. It  is  from  these  support  systems  that  one  networks  and  connects  with  valuable  present  and  future  customers.

The  affiliate  merchant  that  you  are  marketing  for  is  another  important stakeholder  of  your  support  system. Reputable  merchants  usually provide  affiliates  with  training  tips  that  allow  them  o  maximize  their  sales  revenue  . This  is  because  benefits  accrue  to  both  parties  hence  in  their  best  interests.

A mentor  is  a person  who  is  knowledgeable  in  your  field  of  interest  that  you  have  access  to  who  is  willing  to  guide  you  through  the  ropes. This  person  does  not  have  to  be  a  marketing  guru  but  one  who  is  genuinely  offering  his  help.

One  cannot  understate  the  strength  of  working  with  an  expert  of  what  you  are  exactly  doing. Many  mentors  can  be  found  in  forums  where  they  are  active  participants  offering  advice  for  free as  they  strive  to  build  their  status  and  credibility.

While  there  exists  many  tools  and tips  to  help  one  get  started  one  needs  to  be  aware  of  the  fact  that  internet  marketing  is  ever  changing what  works  today  may  not  work  tomorrow.

For  a  nominal  fee  , one  can  join  a  membership  training  and  support  site  .  Ensure  that  you  join  one  that  mainly  targets  affiliate  marketing or  variations  of  internet  marketing. Make  sure  that  the  website  suffices  your  needs  and  where  possible  follow  up  on  the  testimonials  provided  on  the  site.

The above are just some of the easiest ways to obtain affiliate marketing support and to maintain it as you proceed in your journey.

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Mar 31

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