Jul 07

Singapore-based, Charles Bim Reveals the Best of Breed Internet Marketing Techniques, Voted the Best Internet Marketing Consultant in Singapore in a Online Survey

Singapore, Singapore (PRWEB) July 06, 2013

Online Internet marketing business guru Charles Bim was voted the best Internet Marketing consultant in an online survey in Singapore. He shared top-secret strategies that will allow business owners to see their brand go up the highest position in search engine results with minimum effort with the new ranking showed up in just a few minutes. Charles Bim, who led an intensive tutorial, is especially focused on helping business owners, online marketers, affiliate marketers and digital professionals get free traffic and capture leads through his business, Big Idea Mastermind; it is highly relevant and applicable for internet marketers as well as brands across all industries. The step-by-step process on how to get free traffic using press releases was detailed through a presentation by other leading marketing experts led by Charles Bim.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get ongoing targeted traffic? To live wherever you want in the world? To have money flowing in daily at $ 100, $ 1,000 or $ 5,000 a day, whether you work or not? says Charles Bim. Then you should start to diversify your income streams in 2013.

According to Charles Bim, having only one source of income in Singapore is a highly risky route, as shown by the recent economic crisis that shook the world and tested the confidence of the regularly employed, average salary earner. He believes the only way to ensure ones own financial stability is to look for multiple income streams, which is just what Big Idea Mastermind can help provide, one of the highest paying and most celebrated affiliate programs on the Internet today. In order to fully maximize the 100% commissions on multiple best-selling information and training products offered by Big Idea Mastermind, members are encouraged to work on being the best internet marketing professionals and master the most cutting edge internet marketing tools and strategies that exist today.

For Charles Bim, one of the most winning weapons of most successful marketers is their PR expertise. He believes anyone with a solid product knowledge can already be considered as a branding expert, and the right PR strategy can cover the most crucial concerns business owners face – and willing to teach the most cutting edge techniques if they are willing to work with him: resolving Google issues such as Penguin and Panda updates and the switch to Google localized searches, ensuring effective promotion and branding campaigns, conducting reputation management, attracting relevant traffic, among others, including resolving problems even if you dont know what the problems are.

Charles Bim and guest Taggart (more popularly known as Michael X in online marketing circles) demonstrate a surprisingly simple, yet proven highly foolproof way to harness the power of the press release. My goal is to ensure your success and a flow of traffic to your websites, Bim says.

Jun 25

Prudential Real Estate Q1 2013 Outlook Survey Reveals Contemplator Confidence Has Increased

WASHINGTON, D.C. (PRWEB) May 14, 2013

Prudential Real Estate, an HSF Affiliates LLC company, released results of its first quarter Consumer Outlook Survey showing that while contemplator confidence has risen since 2012 they are still waiting for the right opportunity. Contemplators are defined in the survey as those who have considered buying or selling real estate in the past year but didnt. Primary reasons why contemplators havent made a move include, waiting for the right opportunity and havent found the right home.

Our survey data shows that people are feeling better about their personal situations and the U.S. economy, said Stephen Phillips, chief operating officer for HSF Affiliates. At the same time, respondents views of residential real estate have grown increasingly favorable.

Additional key observations include:

Contemplator confidence in the real estate market and property value rose 12 percentage points from mid-2012.

Most common reasons for contemplators not buying or selling:

1.) 44% waiting for the right opportunity.

2.) 32% havent found the right home.

3.) 32% trying to save more money

4.) 31% instability of the U.S. economy

5.) 25% not sure about finances

6.) 24% worry about not being able to sell their current home

7.) 18% lack the confidence they can sell their home for the right price

Consumers are aware the market is shifting. In most of our market areas inventory is lower compared to this time last year and prices are slowly rising, said Terri Bracciale, regional vice president of Prudential PenFed Realty. These market conditions are increasing consumer confidence; both buyers and sellers are feeling more positive about their options.

Contemplators will rely heavily on their real estate professionals to guide them through the process. Sellers are determined to sell this spring as 36% want to use their home as a down payment or leverage for another purchase. If their home does not sell in the spring market; 87% will continue to try and sell and 67% will consult with their real estate professional on how to better market their home. In addition, 62% of sellers said they would make repairs to or redecorate their home.

These motivated home sellers, coupled with increasingly ready buyers, will enable more consumers to enter the housing market and fulfill the American dream of homeownership.

Prudential Real Estate Outlook Survey Methodology

Interviews with 2,500 Americans who are in the market to buy or sell a home were conducted online by Edelman Berland in February 2013. Respondents are aged 25-64 with a household income of at least $ 50,000, and either recently bought/sold a home or are considering buying/selling a home. The margin of error is

Jun 01

NAPCP Salary Survey Focuses on Compensation and Hiring Qualifications for End-Users and Provider Relationship Managers in the Commercial Card and Payment Industry

Minnetonka, Minnesota (PRWEB) May 15, 2013

Today, the NAPCP launched its 2013 edition of the Salary Survey, aimed at capturing and delivering insight into the Commercial Card and payment industrys wage, role and staffing trends. Previous editions focused on P-Card professionals, but new this year this survey will also include questions for end-user practitioners who manage Travel Card programs, as well as providers currently employed in a relationship management role. The survey is open to NAPCP members and complimentary subscribers through June 5, 2013, at http://www.napcp.org/survey. Those who complete the survey and provide adequate contact information will receive a copy of the results report (planned publication third quarter 2013), an invitation to attend a follow-up webinar to discuss results, credit toward the Certified Purchasing Card Professional (CPCP) credential, and a chance to win a Target* gift card.

According to Lynn Larson, NAPCP Manager of Education and author of the survey, This exclusive survey delivers critical data to a niche market of business-to-business payment professionals. Historically, the NAPCP Salary Survey report of results is one of the most popular resources on the website. The NAPCPs member and subscriber base of 13,000 individuals is continually seeking guidance on compensation, optimal staffing levels for Commercial Card programs, and preferred experience and skills for program managers, administrators and support staff. Now, our report will include information for providers in a relationship manager role: average number of clients assigned, percent of time spent on service, sales and education tasks, and whether travel requirements play a role in compensation.

This year, we are challenging the industry to double the number of respondents who complete this survey, said Diane McGuire, Managing Director, NAPCP. We estimate that it will take only 15 minutes to answer the questionsthe return on this small time investment is immense. With the results report, survey respondents will be equipped with the data they need to appeal to management for evaluation of job duties, optimal staff levels, compensation or support for continuing education.

Individuals are required to become a complimentary subscriber of the NAPCP first (http://www.napcp.org/JoinNow), then sign in to complete the survey at http://www.napcp.org/survey.

About the National Association of Purchasing Card Professionals (NAPCP)

The National Association of Purchasing Card Professionals (NAPCP) is a membership-based professional association committed to advancing Commercial Card and payment professionals and industry practices worldwide. The NAPCP is a respected voice in the industry, serving as an impartial resource for members at all experience levels in the public and private sectors. The NAPCP provides unmatched opportunities for continuing education and peer networking through its Annual Conference, Regional Forums, webinars, website, newsletters and weekly communication. The association sponsors research and publishes timely and relevant white papers, survey results and other documents. The NAPCP certifies professionals through the Certified Purchasing Card Professional (CPCP) credential program. Please visit the NAPCP website to learn more about Commercial Card and payment programs in general, the value of membership, current member demographics, upcoming events and benefits of becoming a year-round partner sponsor.

*The NAPCP is not affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by Target Brands, Inc.