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Features of Valuable Project Tracking Software


Project tracking software used by business customers usually is incorporated into more complex project management systems that allow not only for project tracking but for planning, scheduling, and allocating resources to projects and sets of projects (programs) run by enterprises. Software applications featuring only project tracking functionality are virtually useless without built-in functionality to plan, estimate, manage and control projects, and numerous simple project tracking software product are available for home users. In contrast, business users should rely on sophisticated software solutions, designed to cover multiple processes and procedures involved in project management.


Project scheduling is an essential element in the overall process of project management and one would be unable to track a project’s progress without scheduling a series of events and tasks first. Business software applications have to deal with the task of complex resource scheduling, where interdependent elements of a project are involved or a larger corporate program comprises multiple interdependent projects. Project tracking applications aimed at home users rarely have to deal with such complex project scheduling, though.


Ability to track project progress is considered as the main functionality of project tracking software modules. Top executives, middle-level managers and home users rely on historical information on projects’ progress to plan future actions and gauge actual project performance against planned performance. Thus, project managers are allowed to better utilize available resources and receive early warnings when a project is at risk, through the means of project tracking.


At present, most project tracking modules intended for business users are functioning as modules incorporated into integrated project management systems. Integrated systems for project management are distinguished by their ability to cover variety of business processes and procedures, borrowing functionality from customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. While project planning software is usually not as sophisticated (and expensive) as ERP systems, it often features advanced functionality typically embedded into CRM software. Such an approach toward project tracking software development reflects a more general trend to create software solutions that fit varied business needs.


One of the many challenges contemporary project tracking software is facing is the growing need for sophisticated tools to manage and track a set of projects (called also project portfolio, and often referred to as Program) that are not only interdependent but are considered to be natural elements of a broader strategic plan. In addition, project tracking applications have to deal with costs related to a project as well as numerous variable factors, namely different resources.


Furthermore, project tracking applications should provide business analytics capabilities allowing managers to analyze data on time spent on projects, allocated resources and resource availability, etc. Advanced project tracking solutions are also required to support various file formats and communication protocols, allowing users to easily import and export data from and to the system. A decent system would also be able to deal with and track large number of individual or interdependent projects, which in turn suggests that only licensed software solutions, can fit the needs of enterprise users.


It is debatable if ready to use or custom software applications provide better functionality, but an enterprise should conduct thorough analysis of its particular needs, requirements, and existing software before deciding to implement any project tracking solution. Most project tracking software is developed to be compatible with all major business applications; nevertheless implementation of this type of software requires careful analysis on possible software incompatibilities.

Most project tracking software is developed to be compatible with all major business applications; nevertheless implementation of this type of software requires careful analysis on possible software incompatibilities.

Oct 09

Bug Tracking System

Fix the Bug! In the software testing arena it is the most common phenomena. After a application is developed, it is given to qualified testers for testing and if any bug or issue is found, it should be fixed to deliver an error free application. If by any chance a bug is missed, then it is give for retesting to dedicated offshore testers. This arises a need for a bug tracking system. A bug tracking system is a software application that is designed to help quality assurance and programmers keep track of reported software bugs in their work. It may be otherwise called as the issue tracking system. Many bug tracking systems allows the testers to enter bug reports directly and are integrated with other software project management applications. In addition to bugs, you need to track a variety of project-related issues, such as tasks, feature requests, and change notices. Having a reliable and robust bug tracking system is very important in software development, and is nowadays used by companies developing both software product and services. Consistent use of bug tracking system is a sign of a good and efficient software development team. Mindfire Solutions, one of the premier software development and IT consulting company in India has developed a bug tracking system for one of its clients. The details of the projects are discussed below.

One of the largest online gaming service providers identified the need to migrate from its older bug tracking system into a Hansoft integrated bug tracking system. The need was more for a project management system which would enable him to track and monitor the status of each bug or defect reported. It was meant to be web-based app because the company wanted its end-users, the gamers/players to be a part of the beta testing efforts. The complexity multiplied because the customer wanted localization in the website as well. In addition, search facility also needed to be provided. The search process complicated the localization process more. The customer opted for Mindfire because we had various game development projects running for the same client in various platforms which included Online Games, Mobile and Video games. The challenge was Hansoft integration and localization for all the areas where the client was operating and was planning to enter into. Mindfire took up the challenge for Hansoft integration. Within a few months, the site was successfully completed. Mindfire stood up to the expectations of the client and strengthened its business relationship with the customer. More details at Effective bug tracking system software.

Mindfire Solutions is the best destination to hire offshore QA(Quality Assurance) & Automated testers and Outsource Automated & QA testing services. Mindfire Solutions provides expert software testing and quality assurance services. The services provides by us in Automated testing are Quick test pro testing services, Ruby Watir testing services and offshore selenium testing services. Mindfire also specializes in building up up regression test suites, that saves us noticeable time each time application undergoes a change and major tests need to be carried out. You can also hire dedicated Quality Assurance testers from us. Our expertise in Quality assurance testing comes from our long association with testing practices. We provide game testing services, cms testing services, enterprise application testing, mac testing, web application testing, desktop application testing, load testing and automated testing services. We have a dedicated dedicated team of certified testers who have worked on various testing projects relating to in varying industries. Please browse through our offshore testing projects page to know more details about our outsource Automated & QA testing services. We have 6+ years of experience in testing and we are very much familiar with changes and trends in testing tools and applications. We have 200+ happy clients today in US, Europe, Australia. A robust application can exists only if there is a strict testing process and procedures. Therefore our experienced testers take lot of pain in detailing out the master test strategy, test plans and test scripts for you.

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Aug 03

Affiliate Software For Accurate Affiliate Tracking

Starting an affiliate program is an excellent way for online retailers to maximize their profits quickly and easily, provided they indeed have to tools to make their program successful. In affiliate programs, a reciprocal relationship exists between merchants and their representatives (affiliates) allowing both parties to profit. When affiliate representatives successfully encourage the viewers of their websites to click through to their represented merchant site, any purchases made as a result need to be accurately tracked and attributed to that affiliate, so that he or she will receive their percentage of that sale. Without accurate tracking software, an affiliate program will never be successful due to disorganization, as the best affiliates (super or not) will never stay with a program that is haphazardly constructed or maintained.

There are so many competitive offerings in affiliate marketing software available for purchase currently, and choosing the one that is perfect for your program in particular can be a dauntingly difficult task. It is essential that each prospective software package be researched and measured, comparing and contrasting all of their benefits, in order to arrive at the best fit for your program. One of the most important aspects to consider is the stability of the software you are considering. How can your affiliates maintain a feeling of security in a program whose network is often interrupted for maintenance or due to its inability to handle large amounts of traffic? Reliability is an enormously important factor as it helps to ensure for all your affiliates that the software will indeed be up and running when it is needed, as well as when it is not.

Embarking on creating an affiliate network for a first-timer can be difficult enough; affiliate software that is easy to use and simple to understand is extremely attractive to those just starting out.

Software that might be a little more on the complex side (due to more advanced features, etc) might be the better choice, but it will be advantageous in the long run to make sure the software has explicit instructions available or even representatives (by chat or by phone) that can help with its installation and implementation should problems or needs arise. Depending on the size or your business, your budget concerns might factor into your choice as well. It is extremely important to remember that you do indeed get what you pay for. Read the reviews of all affiliate software offerings you are considering. By performing exhaustive research, you will be sure to arrive at the package that is best suited to your needs as well as the needs of your affiliates-to-be.

About the Author: Peter Ryan is an online marketer and representative of Adapp Solutions, Inc., providing robust online advertising technology and affiliate marketing software.

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Nov 17

Affiliate Tracking Computer software Program

If you have ever worked in an affiliate advertising and marketing plan you know how important it can be to preserve track of your sales. Successfully tracking your consumers is one particular of the most effective techniques to make confident that you will be in a position to maximize your earning prospective. By functioning to make confident that you know where the internet targeted traffic is you will be capable to much better gear your advertising and marketing and advertising plans to make sure that your affiliate program is doing all that it can to get clientele to the right websites.

By utilizing an affiliate tracking computer software program you will be far better capable to get far more targeted traffic, which in turn will assist you to obtain far more sales. One particular way that it can support you to accomplish this is by supplying a basis by which you can get a larger search engine ranking. This is a component of world wide web sales that is frequently overlooked, but it is essential simply because people most typically discover the details that they are searching for by means of a search engine. Nine occasions out of ten if your internet site does not appear on the first page of outcomes then people will not get to you. This is why it is imperative to make certain that you use your affiliate tracking application to optimize the search engine outcomes.

There are a lot of options for this sort of application, and the kind that you get will depend on what your wants are. To uncover the system that will work for you it is essential to look by means of all of the ones that are on the market place to find the method that will greatest adapt to your requirements. You should also keep in thoughts that some of the affiliate tracking application on the marketplace can get pricey, so make positive that you are only hunting for applications that relate directly to your requirements.

This article was written by Markus Wirth. Understand far more about Affiliate Tracking Application at, Click Right here!