Sep 18

Ezra Firestone Explains How Google’s URL Builder Can Greatly Benefit Online Marketers, in New Find the Edge Video

Manchester, UK (PRWEB UK) 11 September 2013

Online marketing Guru, Ezra Firestone, has explained why marketers should start using a free tool from Google to gain greater insight into how much traffic their content generates.

In his first post on Find the Edge, Firestone uses a video to walk viewers through the process of creating custom URLs, which are designed to provide a simple way to improve analytics.

He said: “This tool is so dang cool and nobody is using it. The point of the URL builder is to be able to pass data into your Google analytics account so that you can see exactly where your traffic is coming from.

“This can be used any time you’re posting a link anywhere – whether this be on your blog, social page, in an email or an affiliate link. You can run any link through the URL builder, and have clearer tracking in your analytics account.”

Firestone recommends using the tool in conjunction with a URL shorterner, in order to slim down the size of the generated links. He also explains how the tool allows multiple links within the same content to be tracked and analysed separately.

He recommends using the data it provides to discover which channels are most effective for generating traffic and conversions, and which should be avoided in future.

Firestone said: “When you share your content on Google, on Twitter, or email it out to your lists, you want to be able to see how those sources of traffic doing for you.

“So by creating these individual links for each social platform, you’ll be able to see how those different sources of traffic are converting for you, who buys, and how much time leads spend on your website.”

The video can be viewed here:

Ezra Firestone is the latest Expert Panellist to sign up at Find the Edge, and is a digital marketer and conversion specialist who leads several businesses. More about him can be read here:

Kenny Goodman, founder of Find the Edge, said: “Ezra is superb at what he does, and I’m delighted that we can feature his content on Find the Edge.

“All marketers need to keep a close eye on what is working and what isn’t, and this tool provides a simple, yet effective, way to do this.”

Find the Edge is a business website where leaders from a variety of industries share their knowledge with the wider business community.

Jul 27

Matthew Armstrong Youtube Video Series Reveals Revolutionary Way To Make Money Online and Create Financial Freedom

London, United Kingdom (PRWEB UK) 25 July 2013

Matthew Armstrong, a well known Youtube and internet marketing guru, in his most recent and not yet concluded video series is showing ordinary folks as well as established online business owners how to make big money online and create financial freedom in record time. Not everyone likes Armstrong’s style and that can be seen by the comments that he has received on some of his videos, but it is hard to deny that the content, wealth of resources and tools he provides are cutting edge and powerful. A viral blogging platform called Empower Network is the number one vehicle for developing multiple streams of income online according to Armstrong in his video series.

He believes that the only way to ensure financial stability and rapid business growth is to build multiple income streams, which is what Empower Network one of the highest paying and most celebrated affiliate programs on the internet, provides. Not only can people become affiliates but can also create a team of affiliates that will provide them with multiple streams of income and Empower Network shows exactly how to do this using a fool proof and scientific internet marketing formula. All the online marketing and mindset training needed is available in Empower Network’s products.

Be warned when you watch his video series, Armstrong is a little different to your average wealth creation expert, or trainer. Not likely to be found wearing a suit and tie and sporting a gold watch, but is often either topless or in a ripped t-shirt. His way of teaching and delivering content is also quite unique and his videos are said to be informative, entertaining and inspirational by his viewers that don’t mind his sometimes unusual attire.

Mindset is everything, Armstrong explains. An entrepreneur can have a proven system like Empower Network for making money online, but without the money mindset, success will be limited and the entrepreneur may even sabotage their results and end up with unfavourable outcomes. Much of this is unconscious and has to do with the minds association to money and money blueprint which is generally received as as a child. The idea of the one hundred day wealth creation video series is to transform this money blueprint into one of limitless abundance. According to Armstrong, a proven system or vehicle like Empower Network coupled with the right big money mindset is the recipe for success and creating financial freedom online.

Financial freedom doesn’t have to be millions, in fact for most people earning $ 3000 to $ 10000 per month is all it will take to live the life of one’s dreams, (amounts depending on one’s values and lifestyle choices.) This may be very easily achievable with the huge commissions that Empower Network offers. Armstrong believes that this can be achieved in one hundred days or less. He talks about the concept which first shifted his own money blueprint when a speaker at an internet marketing seminar told him that he could work once and get paid over and over again. This concept shifted his mindset from being employed or self employed to being an entrepreneur with limitless income potential and more free time in which to enjoy it. Ever since then he has been creating and involved in systems that do just that.

Using Youtube to leverage his Empower Network business has allowed Armstrong to rank at number 226 in Empower Network’s most recent competition. Baring in mind that there are 150,000 members In Empower Network’s system and he has only been actively promoting it for four and a half months, this seems like a phenomenal result. Not only does he receive huge commissions from Empower network, but he also profits from the adverts Youtube places on his videos. One of his videos that took him only ten minutes to make has consistently raked in over $ 200 per month for the last 7 months, simply from the adverts on the Youtube video.

Armstrong explains that it is only from this understanding of Work once and get paid over and over again is he able to attract these types of income opportunities into his life and more importantly implement them. The inner game of wealth is what creates the outer results. Many people will have the same opportunities and some either won’t see them, won’t act on them or will act but then sabotage their resultswhile others will seize an opportunity when it presents itself and take decisive action and persevere until it’s potential has been maximised.

Without a doubt Armstrong has amassed a wealth of knowledge on both the inner and outer game of creating financial freedom and this is plain to be seen in his video series and through the results he is producing with Empower Network and also through his very popular Youtube channel, which has 4,161,851views and 12,457 loyal subscribers at last count and growing rapidly. One can view his financial freedom video series here.

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Nov 16

Cash For Vehicles Kansas City MO Provider Launches New Promotional Video in Search of A lot more Vehicles

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) February 27, 2013

Cash for automobiles Kansas City Missouri office for Cash for Cars Fast is conscious of the intricate particulars of the procedure of recycling automotive waste components. The science of recycling is large as there are a lot of diverse particulars that a single wants to preserve in thoughts. The firm and its affiliates are skilled and proficient in the field of recycling waste components, and the exceptional top quality of perform which they have been performing for so extended has ensured that they already appreciate a very good reputation. They have been excelling in this field and offering a single of the most impressive solutions. Nevertheless, they are searching for approaches in which they can much better their attain. The organization hopes the new video becomes common, and they will get far more viewership which can come in handy for the business. To understand more about the business, or how to sell a junk vehicle or truck for money in Kansas City visit, http://www.cashforcarskansascity.information.


They are one particular of those organizations that have managed to preserve a very good reputation, but they are constantly aiming at additional continuing the journey to full market place domination, and so they are tapping the different marketing and advertising techniques. Their selection to launch a new promotional video has been effectively believed and planned. With this new video, they would be explaining the need to have to opt for recycling of old cars and trucks. There are a lot of automobile waste goods that can be effectively reused, and the hazardous waste that cannot, have to be disposed of effectively. By opting to discard such materials, vehicle owners are really wasting the accessible sources. At such a time when the planet is going by way of a crisis, the company believes it is incorrect to waste accessible sources. If the used sources can be recycled and reused, a single must attempt to reuse the materials, as it can support the environment in methods far more than one.


The cash for cars Kansas City operation is searching to turn out to be larger and far better, and in order to do so, they require to find out the greatest advertising activities. Even the most successful firm may falter, if they do not participate in the correct type of advertising activities. So, the choice to have a new promotional video is confident to turn out to be helpful. The promotional video will elaborate and illustrate the diverse recycling methods, and how to get cash for junk automobiles and trucks. The cash for cars Kansas City business is of the opinion that people should be created conscious of the want for recycling junk vehicles and trucks. When they understand the value of recycling process, and feel that they also ought to to support out the atmosphere in whichever way achievable, they are probably to take the correct initiative. The company will be explaining how straightforward it is to recycle automobile waste and put them to reuse as nicely.


The video can turn out to be a significant function player as far as escalating business profits are concerned. It is crucial for all firms to participate on the appropriate kind of marketing and advertising activities since the competition level is so immense. The business believes that it requirements to participate actively in the location of internet advertising. The promotional videos will be talking about the companys solutions, the companys principal aim is to succeed in their ambition of acquiring a lot a lot more customers. As the quantity of consumers increases, the net amount of waste components that is discarded would be lowered, and this will have a direct effect on the improvement, and in the high quality of the environment. So, money for junk automobiles Kansas City is definitely undertaking a splendid job, and they can in fact contribute to environmental welfare in much more approaches than one. All these who want to know a lot more about the company or are seeking to use their solutions need to make it a point to check the promotional video, or they can also pay a visit to their website and extract the essential details. To view the latest video by the business check out,


Money for vehicles Rapid in Kansas City is a single of the finest firms in the field of junk automobile and truck getting. They are incredibly skilled and their understanding of the auto buying method is worth a round of applause. With their new promotional videos, they are hunting all set to additional increase their recognition, and get far more clientele that can aid them in their enterprise growth.


Money for Automobiles Fast works with 1 of the very best Seo expert in the county to support with the money for cars service promote the message about the importance of using a trustworthy money for automobiles Kansas City Missouri Organization if a vehicle owner is thinking about promoting their vehicle or truck. Cash for Vehicles Fast continues its online presence by providing an immediate quote over the phone, and routinely posts auto recycling data on the company weblog and social media pages. By using a Seo business along with instant pricing the business hopes to attract much more Kansas City Missouri residents searching to sell their vehicle. To read more on the companys money for cars Kansas City Facebook page visit,


About the Company: is a developing rapidly cash for junk automobiles service that provides junk automobile recycling and that gives a high return to the vehicle and truck owners in Kansas City and all through the United States. The firm and its partners adhere to environmentally friendly disposal practices to safeguard the future of the planet. To understand more about the money for automobiles Kansas City MO service call the organization corporate office or pay a visit to the website right here,



William Leonard &#13

Phone: 888-862-3001 &#13

Email: info(at)cashforcarsquick(dot)com


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