Amazing Selling Machine Course Closing October 11th 2013, How-to Successfully Sell on a 60-Billion Dollar Market That Is Course Bonuses Revealed

Owatonna, MN (PRWEB) September 24, 2013 had revenues of about $ 60 billion dollars last year, but what most people don’t know is that almost half of that revenue was produced by business owners and online marketers just like Matt and Jason. That means that over $ 25 billion dollars a year is produced by third party sellers on Amazon that are small business owners and entrepreneurs like them,”

James Harbal is a successful, current member of the ASM course. “After quitting my job as a cable TV installer, I found this Course back in 2012 when it was originally called the Amazon Money Machine. I have always dabbled in Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, but have never had any luck with it, maybe making a few bucks selling other people’s products.”

He goes on to say, “I watched the prelaunch videos and I knew these guys were for real, so I jumped on the chance to join the program.”

The current prelaunch videos are available now, but will be taken down once the course has closed its doors to new members after midnight October 11th 2013.

Watch the videos now and see their amazing results.

6 months after quitting his installation job and joining the course, James Harbal was grossing over $ 50K on Amazon per month selling wholesale and private label. “I don’t do as well as Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback, combined they are have grossed $ 4.1 Million selling on Amazon from the beginning of this year, 2013. But I am working my way up to their level. I expect to get up to 100K per month during the Christmas shopping season.”

You can see more of James’ Story on his Facebook event for the relaunch of The Amazing Selling Machine.

A Little About the Course Creators, Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback

Over the last 3 years Matt Clark has been mastering e-commerce and selling on Amazon, Jason partnered with Matt less than 2 years ago and has been killing it since on Amazon.

Matt & Jason Decided that to grow their businesses, and become experts in the community, they had to share their knowledge with others, and the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) course was Born. Of course, sharing knowledge was their goal, but they also were able to learn a lot from all the different backgrounds of the entrepreneurs that joined them on their quest to dominate in the world of Selling on

In Matt and Jason’s First ASM prelaunch video, they prove their results. They also share with you their secret, a 7-step process on How to Sell a Product Successfully on Amazon by getting their Private label products ranked in the top positions of the Amazon Search pages. “If you don’t rank well for your keywords, you won’t sell anything, and you won’t be able make it on Amazon”

Watch Matt and Jason reveal their secret 7-step process to dominate the competition on Amazon here.

The verdict is in, selling on Amazon works. Not only do entrepreneurs all over the United States successfully sell on Amazon, but business owners and online marketers are successfully selling on Amazon worldwide. The major difference is most people are not following the proven step-by-step system and plan Matt and Jason layout in their video. They are simply listing their products on Amazon just as they do on their own business or personal websites.

“This is where us as ASM students have such an unfair advantage,” says Harbal. “We are able to implement the systems, processes, software, tools and community support provided by Amazing Selling Machine and gain a significant competitive advantage in every category of products being sold on Amazon. The Prelaunch videos will be providing tremendous value to anyone that watches them, even if they decide not to purchase access to the valuable ASM course, tools and community.”

Don’t miss the first video, or the other 3 that are released before the course opens to new members October 4th 2013, and closes to new members on the midnight of October 11th 2013.

“As a member of the ASM community membership, I have been able to help many other members get through the course content.” Harbal continues to talk, “There are many concepts that some may not get right away because they seem so simple, or because the concepts are new to them. Many of the new members have never sold anything online before, so they need more help then the more experienced members. The beauty of the course is that it walks you step by step on how to sell on amazon your own private label goods. But when someone needs help, the community of members step in to make sure that when someone has questions, those questions are answered.”

James Harbal is a big part of the ASM Member Community. He has been able to help many people with questions. Probably due to his success with the ASM Community, his willingness to help others, and because he started with the original AMM Course Matt and Jason Released in the middle of 2012.

James continues, “Because I have been so successful with this course, I am offering my mentorship and personal attention to new members that decide to sign up for the limited time offering ASM membership.”

Some of the “Bonuses” that James will be offering are one-on-one coaching calls, 8 personal Q & A webinars with a fellow successful ASM member to coincide with the mass member webinars that Matt and Jason have after each week of the course. “We think you will most likely have questions that won’t necessarily get answered by the mass Webinars, so we want to give you the opportunity to ask those questions on a more personal level.

Other Bonuses Include:

Some professional photography to make those Amazon Product Images pop! Lists of potential products you could sell on Amazon that James thinks would work well starting off.

Also, a Super Launch Formula that James uses personally to gain market share on Amazon within the shortest time frames possible to make sure you are successful with your first product on Amazon.

If you want to get these bonuses, valued at $ 2000, when you Purchase this course and membership you will have to sign-up under James Harbal.

Other bonuses are explained by james on his facebook event if you click on this link you can view them and join the Amazing Selling Machine course launch on Facebook

Make sure to grab the Free 7-step ultimate promotion system PDF before it is taken down when the doors to the course are closed, maybe for good.

About James Harbal

James Harbal is a successful member of the Amazing Selling Machine course. He is a member so he has exclusive knowledge of the inner workings of this course and can help you build your new Amazon business into an empire. Referral commissions are typical with a course offering like ASM so please do go to the ASM launch Facebook event to read his full disclosures and get the details about the Course.

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