AutoTrafficTycoon Software Is Set To Shake Up The Internet Marketing Industry

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 8, 2011

On March 10th 2011, internet marketing game-changer AutoTrafficTycoon will be unveiled to the public. This “next gen” software is going to mold the shape of how affiliate marketing will be done in the future.

The internet marketing users of the technology will be able to control their whole affiliate operations online with a few clicks of their mouse. Daniel Carter is the man responsible for bringing this automated system to public knowledge. In an effort to truly re-define affiliate marketing and clean up the industry he has teamed up with 2 high profile marketers for his upcoming release.

“Daniel has a severe case of OCD over AutoTrafficTycoon. It is his personal affiliate marketing software which he has spent the best part of 12 months shaping and tweaking to make 1 click simple. Nothing like this has ever been seen before”

AutoTrafficTycoon is designed in a way that even the complete affiliate marketing dummy could pick up and start using. His system is truly push button simple. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned marketer. AutoTrafficTycoon will completely change the way marketing is done online.

Daniel’s story is quite an interesting one. It wasn’t until 2010 when he finally started to become successful working online after many years of trying. Since then he has went on to generate over 1,034,281 free visitors and $ 239,356 ClickBank cash which he credits to the AutoTrafficTycoon software.

This success has allowed him to invest heavily in the on-going development of A.T.T.

“The original version of his software which Daniel used for personal use required a certain amount of knowledge to use. Over the last year Daniel has been constantly chipping away at it to the point that it truly is push button easy. This isn’t some flash in the pan piece of software that will stop working within a month. A.T.T is totally unique and is here to stay.

About AutoTrafficTycoon

The upcoming launch of AutoTrafficTycoon looks to simplify the lives of affiliate marketers. Completely automated affiliate marketing and online traffic generation will all be achieved in a few effortless clicks of the mouse. For more information visit:


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