Best Free Online Affiliate Program

One of the best free online affiliate program which you can find on the internet is run by OA Internet Services. It pays you as high as 50% when a customer orders their product through your affiliate link.

It has many types of products which you can promote ranging from penis enhancement pills, penis enhancement patches, sperm enhancement pills, female libido enhancer, human colognes for both male and female, human growth hormones pill, male libido enhancer, breast enlargement pill and the rest of others.

I promote range of their products and I must tell you that most of their products are profitable. I have made more than $ 1500 in some few weeks alone from the promotion of OA Internet Services online affiliate program. The screen shot of my earning can be found at my website, which link is found at the end of this article.

OA Internet Services, as one of the best free online affiliate programs, has a way of rewarding its affiliates. When you make a certain amount of money in a month which is usually 1000 dollars and above, your commission percentage will be increased to 60%. OA Internet Services pays through many means. It pays through paypal, epassport, wire transfer and check. The best part of OA Internet Services is that it pays every week. It pays you every Friday for the sales you have accrued for the previous week. This is the only affiliate program that pays on time and when due.

Their minimum payout plan is very low. When you have accrued up to $ 100, you will be paid through the means you chose to receive your payment. One thing I have noticed with OA Internet Services affiliate program is that their customer care is very fast in responding to your message. I received a reply for the questions I asked them within hours. This is unlike many affiliate programs that takes up to 2 to 5 days to reply your mails, if at all they will be able to reply.

I have compiled a step by step on how i make money using O A Internet Services affiliate program. You can learn from how i make money using this free online affiliate program when you visit my site at

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