Gets Its Own Facebook Fanpage

(PRWEB) January 29, 2013

Just recently, a new Facebook Fanpage was created for, a handy online marketing site which offers many helpful guides and resources to its visitors. This newly created page will help promote Bizwaremagic and its resources to a more socially based audience and/or marketplace.

Facebook users can now see at a glance, many of these useful free guides and resources, which can be viewed online or instantly downloaded from the web. At the moment, the three most popular downloads are the Laptop Buyer’s Guide, Online Fax Guide and our perpetual Desktop Calendar. Users can also recommend and share these helpful resources with all their friends and colleagues by using the popular Facebook “like” button.

Besides promoting its resources in this social network, one of the major reasons, for creating this page has to be Facebook’s strong move this month towards online search. Facebook users can now search the site for people and products which interests them.

“Moving forward, one can easily see Facebook becoming a fully equipped search engine,” says Titus Hoskins, a former teacher who now runs the Bizwaremagic site. “A search engine with a strong social element backed up by a billion or so users. For any business, big or small, recognizing Facebook’s impact on web search and the marketplace, could prove crucial.”

In addition, any business can promote their products and services, by using Facebook ads. This gives the social network much more marketing clout than other marketing methods because these ads can be targeted to the right buyers. Besides, recommendations by friends and colleagues, has always been a major trigger or selling point for any product or service.

Bizwaremagic will be using its Facebook Fanpage not only to promote its main site but also its partner sites and resources. As new products come on stream, they will be added to the Facebook Fanpage.

The newly created Facebook Fanpage can be found here: Founded in 2002, is an Internet Marketing website, dealing with all aspects of running an online business. It has been fairly successful, welcoming millions of visitors and selling millions in affiliate products, mainly through major affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, LinkShare, ClickBank and Google. You can follow us on Twitter @bizwaremagic.

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