Boost Super Affiliates Reveal Secrets to Success in Afternoon Webinar

Boston, MA (PRWEB) October 03, 2013

Last week, Boost Software entrepreneurs and former super affiliates Amit Mehta, Brock Bourne, and Peter Futchko revealed key marketing secrets. At 2pm EDT, they hosted the “How to Make Super Affiliate Income Promoting PC HealthBoost webinar.

They introduced PC Health Boost and shared tools for success that are for Boost Affiliates members only. Their objective is to help all affiliate marketers reach the 90% commission tier and snag the $ 150 bonus for the first 5 sales.

They also answered any questions aspiring marketers had on the road to making PC HealthBoost the most profitable and top registry cleaner in their arsenal of affiliate income.

If youre successful, so are we, said Bourne. “Nothing breeds success better than copying something that’s successful.

Along those lines, the three former affiliates advised marketers to tap into the power of smaller networks. This will help them find their niche in order to gain the 5 unique sales they need to earn their bonus.

Its all about finding diamonds in the rough, Bourne said.

They recommended that Boost affiliates do a quick online search but go 12 to 15 pages deep. This is where PC HealthBoost promoters will access newer networks where they can place ads even if they only have a $ 5 a day budget.

The target demographic for promoting this product is quite broad, but particularly suitable for persons 50-60 years old. However, they dont just have to advertise on computer and technology sites.

For instance, people reaching retirement age might be interested in investment products, the weather or the economy. Perhaps they also might want to know where to travel during certain times of the year.

Of course, it might take some creativity on the part of Boost Affiliates to incorporate software ads on non-computer related sites. Needless to say, anyone who wants to promote PC HealthBoost is given all the resources they need on the members site.

For instance, they can access high-ranking keywords, ready-made ads and landing pages, a direct download link, and affiliate training videos. Of course, they also receive inspiration as they listen to the stories of how the former (3 and 4 figures per year) super affiliates started.

In fact, Amit Mehta ran 16 different affiliate marketing campaigns before he found what works. However, his journey didnt stop there. It took him 8 more months to even begin making sales.

Then, on the ninth month, he made the most ever $ 10,000. Mehta refers to this as the tipping point, because after this, his profits skyrocketed. He said he made more money this month than he did at his former job.

The How to Make Super Affiliate Income Promoting PC HealthBoost webinar reached a large audience. However, anyone who didnt attend can visit to learn more about how to make PC Health Boost, the top registry cleaner on ClickBank, work for him or her.

You may also contact the Lead Affiliate Manager, Pete Futchko for any questions at pfutchko(at)boostsoftware(dot)com.

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