Boston will host the opening week of Near Field Community June 12-15

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) June 4, 2013

OTA Ventures NFC Bootcamp training program and AccelerateNFC incubator, today announced the NFC Week in Boston. This inaugural program, consisting of three separate events, launches June 12 to 15.

partnership with the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridges Community Circle NFC, the NFC Bootcamp will be held on 12 to 13 June at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) campus. The two-day event aims to educate business leaders on how they can take advantage of NFC technology to drive brand awareness, improve customer experience and facilitate the adoption of available solutions through NFC devices . Speakers for this event are:

? Daniel Bailin, HID Global
? Matthew Kammerait, Quad Graphics
? Mikhail Damiani, Blue Bite
? Tony Sabetti, NFC specialist and Consultant
? Jim Ellis, AB Note North America
? David Shalaby, Touch track
? Robert Sabella, CEO of NFC Bootcamp and co-founder of the AccelerateNFC the incubator program.

On June 13, the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge hosts the 4th Auto-ID & Sensing Solutions Expo will showcase products in circulation today, companies and leaders of RFID, NFC and others. Participants will have the opportunity to hear and network with companies like SMARTRAC, Identive-Group, Cellotape, Verizon Wireless, HID Global, staff and AccelerateNFC NFC Bootcamp.


June 14 to 15, and AccelerateNFC hack / reduce welcomes the Near Field Communication Hackathon where developers will compete for cash and prizes for creating applications and NFC mobile solutions with a focus on the improving social interactions, games and build bridges between the real-world objects and mobile devices. This free event is presented by the following sponsors:. Blackberry, HID Global, TapTrack, bite Blue Circle Boston NFC, NFC Bootcamp, SMARTRAC, AB Note North America, and Kinvey NFC Jobs, with more being announced every day


Robert Sabella, we see a lot of growth and interest in NFC technology to market solutions by moving beyond the capabilities of mobile wallet. There are many possible uses to address common challenges in consumers’ lives and daily activities. We are delighted to be a driving force for this week NFC inaugural Boston. In partnership with opinion in the ecosystem of near field communication leaders, these three unique and distinct events are prepared to drive awareness of the capabilities and adoption of NFC solutions, including mobile marketing, mobile wallet, programs loyalty, social media and digital experiences outside the home and more.

With the increasing availability of NFC devices if smartphones, tablets and other devices such as bracelets, customers require simplified experience, personalized and customized as they are moving. There is no better place to go and understand the impact that technology will have on the way companies do business over the NFC week, Sabella added.

For more information on upcoming NFC Bootcamps or to register for the Boston event, visit

For more information on the 4th Annual Auto-ID & Sensing Solutions Expo organized by the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge, visit -id-sensor-solutions-expo /.

For developers who wish to participate in the Near Field Communication Hackathon, visit # to register.

SOURCE: OTA Ventures



NFC Bootcamp ( Based in Dallas, Texas, NFC Bootcamp is part of OTA Ventures subsidiaries. Series NFC Bootcamp training program is the first internationally standardized training of its kind, bringing together the most experienced and respected leaders in the NFC industry to share their knowledge and ideas. It also features the NFC Showcase, which highlights the real-world, hands-on demos of NFC technology at work key enterprises NFC ecosystem. The cities that have hosted a NFC Bootcamp include London, New York, San Francisco, Sydney, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Boston, Toronto, Atlanta and Johannesburg with more cities are added soon. For more information and to register for one of the NFC bootcamps go to: on Twitter and use # nfcbootcamp


AccelerateNFC ( Created by OTA Ventures (, based in Dallas, Texas, is a mentor AccelerateNFC driven incubator of ideas mentor / funded accelerator success for companies with high potential. Accelerate NFC focuses on near field communication (NFC) companies, combining with the highest caliber of talent, resources and financing companies that are willing to take their ideas and products to the next level .

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