Choosing the Right Affiliate Marketing Merchant

One of the biggest reasons some people succeed online and also one of the biggest reasons people fail online comes down to if they choose the right affiliate marketing merchant. It may sound like I’m exaggerating, but I assure you I’m not and I’m going to prove it to you.

You see, most people will pick a market to target based on their interests and passions first. And there’s nothing wrong with that per se. But it becomes a problem if your passion or interest happens to have no decent affiliate program for it.

For example, many of the big third party providers of affiliate merchants like are loaded with garbage programs. To be fair, there are many good ones. But most of them are programs that pay anywhere from 8% to 15% of sales — and only one time. If you are actually spending money to drive traffic to make sales, like PPC, or building websites that take a lot of time and expense, it’s very difficult to turn a profit getting paid a one time sale.

Let’s do some quick math to illustrate why it’s so hard to make money with an average affiliate marketing merchant. Let’s say you’re getting paid 10% on a sale and the average sale is $ 50 dollars. That means you’re making $ 5 bucks a pop on a sale. Typical conversion rates in affiliate marketing are 1 to 2% if you know what you’re doing. Higher conversion rates are typically the domain of super affiliates with years of experience.

Now, you’d have to send over 100 targeted visitors a day just to make $ 5 to $ 10 dollars a day. Let’s say you made $ 10 dollars a day. Well, that’s $ 300 dollars a month. Not TOO shabby but nothing to write home about. But what if you had to pay for that traffic using PPC? Forget it.

You’re sunk. Even if you were doing SEO and making those sales for free because you weren’t paying for the traffic, what happens when your rankings suffer as they invariably will and the traffic dries up? So does your income!

That’s why when it comes to choosing an affiliate marketing merchant I stick only with lifetime income programs. Because with these programs, the commissions can compound as the visitors come back time and again to buy more and more product. And also, if your traffic should fall, you’ll still have built a customer base that you’ll be making long term passive income from….so you’re much more hedged and your income tends to be a lot steadier.

And having a constant income coming in equals peace of mine for us affiliates.

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