Figure 7 Speaking Empire is proud to announce the subsequent workshop information-advertising Entitled “Be legendary ‘

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7 Figure Speaking Empire announced its Info-marketing and advertising workshop close to Irvine, CA on June 21-24, 2013. The workshop industry data is intended to help entrepreneurs enhance their data advertising and marketing organization remarkable. Dave Mathews and Dustin Vanhoose 7 Figure Speaking Empire is promising to train firms on how to boost your credibility, create a lot more sales and improve. The workshop lasts four days, and allows firms to have access to each info and marketing mentors are booked months in advance for expert speaker one particular-on-a single education known as name a day diet.

The industry data workshop

, has Kristen White, founder of The Ripple Impact. Kristen provides training, consulting and training to assistance the objectives of the client and puts his passion into practice. Kristen White specializes in helping release an genuine voice and locate a clear message to express unique gifts to the world. Kristen has spent his complete life as a messenger, an author, journalist, correspondent and producer. Now your mission and your heart joy to use his encounter to teach others how to turn into potent messengers. Her passion is to aid authors transform, authorities and specialists to be magnetically attractive to the media. Kristen uses a dynamic method, but basically to help visionary entrepreneurs and opinion leaders to identify your market and then produce a clear and concise video content material on the internet.

For a lot more details and to register for the occasion, check out:

Figure Speaking Empire

7 relies on the expertise of world-class communicators, providing the tools, encounter and resources needed to develop effective messages to compel public action and make incredible outcomes.


Dustin Matthews
Dustin Mathews professional in Web marketing and advertising has earned him national recognition and respect for the advertising market information. It publishes the most extensively study newsletter offline for speakers, sponsors and affiliates. This web marketing and advertising guru started his company achievement as marketing and advertising genius behind the good results of foreclosures day-to-day. His knowledge was crucial to assist take the organization to the position of quantity 35 on the Inc. 500 list. Throughout his remain in FD, Dustin managed and marketed more than 200 events per month and generated more than $ 14 million of sales. Dustin has swiftly turn out to be recognized for its capacity to produce a frenzy of marketing that drive folks to buy millions of goods and services on-line and offline.

After his good results in the FD, Dustin founded enterprise credit infusion. As advertising and marketing director of the company, it permits organization owners and entrepreneurs get the cash they want for their company.

Right now, their success in producing a lot more than $ 11 million in online sales for their item release consumers created him one of the most sought soon after item launch specialists. Nonetheless, most of his time these days is spent forming sector specialists on specialized processes it has created. His location of ​​tutoring solutions central to the good results Speaking Empires Figure 7.

What is next for the graduate of the University of Florida? Dustin is now focused on the defense of the Web Movement, which will concentrate on the use of standard PR to obtain new clients for details advertising and marketing market. The objective is to catalyze a new organic development for the market as a entire. Dustin is committed to share their concepts and successes with a wider audience, so that men and women turn into much more passionate to achieve greater levels of good results.

Dustin is the co-author of How to Get wealthy functioning for Marketing Secrets Revealed totally free and on-line, Millionaire Secrets property.

In his spare time, Dustin enjoys playing tennis and mountain biking with his wife Missy.

About Dave Vanhoose
owner Dave Vanhoose 7 is platform-Speaking Empires master trainer. Daves masterful execution of sales presentations is evident in his own achievement and that of their students. Dave is the coach and mentor to some of the speakers most skilled speakers in the seminar business. He masterfully requires a veteran and extends its capabilities as a platform to new levels. What is your secret? Knowledge! Larger # ‘s mastered the art of persuasion and platform personally delivered far more than three,000 presentations step.

His leadership and sales abilities took its 1st sales organization based seminar, seizures daily, at quantity 35 in the list of fastest Magazine INC 500 development organizations. In three years, the company had one hundred personnel, Daves more than $ 30 million in revenues, and created events seminar 50-100 per month! He shared this good results with two Dustin Mathews and Debbie Montis.

Dave is a correct example of the spirit of conquest. He attributes his achievement to his ability to accept absolutely nothing less than the best, and its commitment to an abundance mentality. That focus on the exact same excellence that has permitted him to play a crucial function for the group in 2003 Tampa Bay Storm Arena Bowl (XVII) Globe Championship season! His insistence on the physical and mental engagement fort gave the potential to overcome the many obstacles she faced in her life, like the paralysis at the age of 29 years. Leadership capabilities to inspire and supply speakers with the tools and approaches they require, continually rising the caliber of speakers in the business.

Dave has focused his skilled life to motivate folks to achieve world-class more than I ever thought achievable. His own achievements led to channel his power and achievement in his new charitable foundation.

Dave holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Michigan Sports oriental medicine. His awards contain winning the President Instructor of the Year in 2010 and U.S. coach in 2011 and the platform closer to the speakers Year National Organization.

In his spare time, Dave enjoys spending time with the women in his life, his lovely wife and daughter.


MVP & Associates
MVP & Associates is a consulting service that trains and buses speakers and organizations in numerous markets around the world, like: private development, internet advertising and marketing, business opportunities, trade , software program, overall health and wellness and network advertising and marketing.

Nicole Thomas
MVP & Associates
813.938.2160 office /> email />

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Help other implies, or at house Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to assisting our Household of Charities. Frankie Verdugo, President of the Foundation CASA wants to aid charities that several worthy as attainable in their struggle in these tough financial instances. Frankie Verdugo collects funds via raffles luxury dream house, gifts, awards, events and the Upper Residence of the celebrities in Hollywood … “Our mission is to aid charities obtain their fundraising and awareness to their praiseworthy causes.”

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