Fitness – 10 minute workout ab

Fitness - 10 minute ab workout

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18 thoughts on “Fitness – 10 minute workout ab

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  3. Hi Laura. U can make a video for abs workout with weights? Sry for my bad english .. 🙂

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  5. Hi Laura, I started to make this video and I love it. How many times do I have to do. I try to get my body after having a baby, I’m not a big I just have a muffin top and get my ass. What do you recommend? You are a great source of inspiration. I hope to get in shape fast.

  6. Holy shit that was the killer. Loved it. Finally, an ab workout that feel really burn!

  7. This is my best workout.Thank u Laura.7 last month, but I did not give him workout.Now can I lose my weight at any time for this workout. ^ _ ^

  8. Hey thought I accidentally ate a potato yesterday (thought it was a nightmare parsnip #) and I wondered if I ruined any chance of getting that perfect body for the summer? You really want to impress the boys at the beach?

  9. laura has not lost what you eat tutorials. I love ur workouts are the boss, but I’m far from being a healthy person. i prllly cpuldnt to a vegan diet, if I won, but I hate the fish well, so I am at a loss to merge exercises hearts Part I ga party food, I do not eat fish, I do not like I rarely eat meat of pork and I’m the one who SUPPS pills vitas are still a rare effect in the way that makes the chicken and turkey, excluding I just give what I can do

  10. Hello! I’m 18 5’9 “160 pounds and was recently awarded a high school diploma. Throughout my life, I’ve always been self-care with my body.I always hated my thighs and I don ‘ I never owned a bathing cute bath. My problem is that it is difficult for me to be motivated! when I decided to work on what I shoot and begin to see results in my abs and arms really fast, but I always fall back to their old habits. I just want to thank you for giving me motivation ….

  11. I forgot to ask Laura, more kettle bell workouts, my friend suggested me to check yours, but I do not see much. I’m a big strong boy, but need to lose 2 stone, she proposed an individual 8-10 kg, there are also exercises where you can use two kettles or bells, advice welcome, I’ll let you know how I arrived. Thank you and God bless you.