How to build an Amazon affiliate and make a killing site?

How to build an Amazon affiliate website and make a killing? – Can you really make a living full-time to affiliate marketing using the Amazon affiliate program? In …
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19 thoughts on “How to build an Amazon affiliate and make a killing site?

  1. Thank you for the info. Terry. I just got the green light to become an affiliate and I thought it was my best bet after putting a lot of money on programs scam. I need something now profitable.

  2. Small sales up fast huh? I disagree – my great sales totaled faster – affiliate marketing high ticket is the most profitable way to go.

  3. You suck at math. The $ 30 Amazon will sell $ 1.20 commissions. Not as you say “certainly less than a dollar.” These small sales can add up quickly. I have made the average of $ 130 per year for the last three years from a website with four short articles that sell cookware. lol. Have not touched in two years. Spend a few days a week, to sites like this and you would be amazed at the money they bring in. It is not for everyone, I guess.

  4. My web and recommendations are always open site, do not know what you mean by turning it off me, come to my website and contact me – I’ll show you the ropes.

  5. I make money with Amazon? Of course not, I think this is the online affiliate worse because of low payments program. I favor the so-called “license fees” come to my site and I’ll show you everything works.

  6. Hey Terry – I just saw the video guy I am a Newby, where do I start, what is the realistic income that is wise? I think you put the opportunity to join? I’m curious to know what was the cost to join your program? Required

  7. Thank you for your honesty, because I certainly do not know where to start or what information to believe because everything they say “srety and success” as they could all be as successful with little or no mention not be all they say. So thank you for all that work does not mean hype and buyer beware!

  8. These programs work very well with my internet time distribution list candidates. Check it out!