Introducing, a Top Forex Affiliate Program for Forex Affiliates Offering High Payouts

London, UK (PRWEB) August 27, 2014

The new Forex affiliate network is an offering that caters to revenue generating partners focused on marketing in financial markets and the online trading industry. Affiliates will now be able to advertise WWM as a premier Forex partner in return for industry leading commission payouts. ForexExpress offers marketers the option of CPA payouts up to $ 700 or revenue sharing up to 50%.

A large component of the success of ForexExpress is driven by the WWM teams Forex affiliate marketing expertise. The WWM team has developed strong long term partnerships with affiliates and paid out over $ 20 million in the last three years alone. The launch of Forex Express expands WWMs offerings to serve affiliate marketers through the use of new technologies to deliver and manage ad campaigns along with conversions in real-time.

Commenting on the new launch, WorldWideMarkets Daniel Alexander, a highly experienced marketing expert, who was recently appointed to the role of Director of Digital Marketing, explained ForexExpress is the most intuitive and innovative FX affiliate program on the web. Offering the highest payout commission plans and premium partner support that exceeds our partners expectations.

These qualities have combined to create an efficient solution for money managers, introducing brokers and affiliates which include the following features that help affiliates succeed:

Platforms available as a web-based, desktop, tablet and mobile devices
Available in 15 different languages and growing
Fixed or Variable Spreads
Free Unlimited-time demo account
Trade live with as low as $ 100 deposit
Broker Authorized and regulated by the FSC/FCA
Easiest registration process in the industry
The quickest and easiest account opening process

ForexExpress: Gateway to earn Commission from Marketing WorldWideMarkets

The ForexExpress mission is to create value for affiliate marketers through a process that delivers the industrys highest conversion rates and highest payouts. High conversion rates are delivered through a fast and easy customer account opening process driven by fully automated processes that allow the customer to fund and account and begin trading immediately. The highly automated and efficient processes also produce higher profits that drive the industrys highest affiliate payouts. High conversion rates and the industrys highest payouts is the core of the ForexExpress value proposition to the affiliate marketer.

ForexExpress expands WWMs offerings to serve affiliate marketers through the use of new technologies that deliver and manage ad campaigns and account conversions in real time. The ForexExpress website will serve as a hub for partners and forex affiliates of the WorldWideMarkets brand, and will provide resources and capabilities for users to access banner, text ads and related marketing features.

Offering a proven and efficient user experience that allows affiliate marketers to focus on acquiring customers and generating revenues. ForexExpress software features include advanced tracking and reporting features like a 365 day cookie tracking, real-time performance control panel, which combine to make it easier for affiliates to track the success of campaigns and various banners and traffic generated, while earning commissions in real time. The key to the system is transparency and ease of use. As our partner you will have full access to view your referred customers activity.

The idea behind the name of ForexExpress is to make it fast and easy for clients to start trading, and is made possible because of WorldWideMarkets instant account creation process and funding options, which are based on an automated administrative process of verifying and approving live forex trading accounts for clients. This makes it possible for affiliates to provide one of the most efficient options for prospective traders to open, fund and trade with WWM in the fewest amount of clicks from their computer.

The Highest Payouts in Industry, Gives Affiliates Best of Both Worlds:

ForexExpress offers a lucrative commission plan of up to $ 700 per customer acquisition, and is one of the most competitive structures available for forex affiliates.

In the end, leveraging the internet to earn income from advertising and marketing online trading, which is a category that has proliferated in recent years, makes sense when choosing forex broker affiliate programs to build a long term partnership. Considering the fast growth of WorldWideMarkets, as well as when examining the background of the company, it remains one of the best options for new affiliates to sign up to.

The leader of forex affiliate programs is now open to the public, simply join for free and a dedicated affiliate account manager will be assigned to assist you throughout the steps to become a successful partner.

You can learn more or sign up for free by visiting their official website at

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