LivingMyDream Is Excited To Announce Its New Affiliate Program: Make Money While Spreading Happiness

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) July 28, 2014

LivingMyDream offers products that make it fun and easy for people everywhere to dream big. The company sells a variety of themed vision board kits, charm jewelry, wine glasses, and other fun products through their website, LivingMyDream is also organizing Dream Big Day, a national event on October 11, dedicated to celebrating personal achievements and Living As If. In order to help spread its mission and empower individuals and businesses to reach their goals, LivingMyDream is excited to announce its brand new affiliate program.

Currently, LivingMyDream is working with professionals across the country to spread the values of visualization and to help more people achieve their dreams. The new affiliate program is intended to reward professionals for spreading a good cause. Affiliates may be individual professionals or companies who advocate for the use of visualization in order to help people reach their goals. From life coaches and financial planners to nutritionists, personal trainers, and other businesses focused on empowering others to reach their goals, LivingMyDream welcomes everybody who supports its mission to help people live their dreams. Its all about helping to turn more dreams into reality through visualization, while having fun.

This national Affiliate Program will make it possible for people and companies to earn sales commission on LivingMyDream products, with no sign-up cost. After registering and qualifying for LivingMyDreams Affiliate Program, each partner will get a personal Affiliate page and a choice of special links to be added to their website. Customers who come to the LivingMyDream website using that link and make a purchase will generate 12% commission for the affiliate on the total order. The affiliates will be able to track their sales commission on their Affiliate page. Affiliates can be located anywhere in the world, however the only requirement is that they have clients in the continental USA who buy online.

Its free to be a part of LivingMyDreams affiliate program. Simply follow this link to sign up: The program requires no work on behalf of the affiliate other than sharing their unique affiliate link on their website. By sharing this link, affiliates are helping to encourage people to dream big while simultaneously raising awareness about LivingMyDreams Live As If Party on Dream Big Day (10.11.2014). For more information, visit LivingMyDreams website.

About LivingMyDream: Based in Nashville, TN, LivingMyDream offers products packages based on the concepts of visualization and celebration in order to help individuals live their dreams! LivingMyDream has entered the retail market with the first ever pre-themed vision boards, vision charms, and various other products specifically created to make dreaming big, fun! The company aims to make the concepts and use of visualization more relevant for the benefit of all.

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