Marketing With Anik 3.0: Review Critiquing Anik Singal’s Latest Training Released

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 18, 2013

Marketing With Anik 3.0 the latest training from prominent internet marketing coach Anik Singal has just been released to the public generating a buzz of excitement through the online business community and prompting an investigative review from’s Tiffany Hendricks.

“While the majority of marketing start ups fail within the first few years, other marketers are able to build their businesses to the seven figure level and beyond just as quickly,” reports Hendricks. “The reason why some succeed where others fail is a constant source of speculation in the online marketing community, and something we receive numerous emails about on our website Anik Singal, a thought leader in this field who has coached over 62,000 students has apparently been asking himself this same question, and has created his new Marketing With Anik 3.0 coaching program to level the playing field for his newest batch of students. When we were informed about the release of Anik’s latest training we were eager to review it for our website visitors to give them the low-down on this new training.”

Hendricks’ Marketing With Anik review explains that the program includes 15 weeks of live training with Singal conducted via webinar. Each week Anik intends to outline a strategy that is currently working effectively in today’s ever changing online market. Hendricks asserts that this kind of intensive coaching can have an important impact on a business’ bottom line.

“Most marketers who are serious about building long-term profitable businesses realize the need for ongoing coaching,” says Hendricks. “One thing we discussed in our review, which can be an important realization is the fact that just about every hugely successful marketer, or business leader has themselves received quite a bit of coaching. Of course there may be some rare exceptions where people somehow figured everything they needed to know all by themselves, but for most coaching proves to be a valuable investment.”

In addition to the 15 weeks of live coaching those enrolling in Marketing With Anik 3.0 will also receive access to a collection of Singal’s best-selling training courses including Affiliate Classroom which offers affiliate training, “Lazy Tubester” which outlines how to get free traffic from YouTube, and several offer training bonuses.

Those Wishing to purchase Marketing With Anik 3.0 or for more information, click here.

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