Matthew Armstrong Youtube Video Series Reveals Revolutionary Way To Make Money Online and Create Financial Freedom

London, United Kingdom (PRWEB UK) 25 July 2013

Matthew Armstrong, a well known Youtube and internet marketing guru, in his most recent and not yet concluded video series is showing ordinary folks as well as established online business owners how to make big money online and create financial freedom in record time. Not everyone likes Armstrong’s style and that can be seen by the comments that he has received on some of his videos, but it is hard to deny that the content, wealth of resources and tools he provides are cutting edge and powerful. A viral blogging platform called Empower Network is the number one vehicle for developing multiple streams of income online according to Armstrong in his video series.

He believes that the only way to ensure financial stability and rapid business growth is to build multiple income streams, which is what Empower Network one of the highest paying and most celebrated affiliate programs on the internet, provides. Not only can people become affiliates but can also create a team of affiliates that will provide them with multiple streams of income and Empower Network shows exactly how to do this using a fool proof and scientific internet marketing formula. All the online marketing and mindset training needed is available in Empower Network’s products.

Be warned when you watch his video series, Armstrong is a little different to your average wealth creation expert, or trainer. Not likely to be found wearing a suit and tie and sporting a gold watch, but is often either topless or in a ripped t-shirt. His way of teaching and delivering content is also quite unique and his videos are said to be informative, entertaining and inspirational by his viewers that don’t mind his sometimes unusual attire.

Mindset is everything, Armstrong explains. An entrepreneur can have a proven system like Empower Network for making money online, but without the money mindset, success will be limited and the entrepreneur may even sabotage their results and end up with unfavourable outcomes. Much of this is unconscious and has to do with the minds association to money and money blueprint which is generally received as as a child. The idea of the one hundred day wealth creation video series is to transform this money blueprint into one of limitless abundance. According to Armstrong, a proven system or vehicle like Empower Network coupled with the right big money mindset is the recipe for success and creating financial freedom online.

Financial freedom doesn’t have to be millions, in fact for most people earning $ 3000 to $ 10000 per month is all it will take to live the life of one’s dreams, (amounts depending on one’s values and lifestyle choices.) This may be very easily achievable with the huge commissions that Empower Network offers. Armstrong believes that this can be achieved in one hundred days or less. He talks about the concept which first shifted his own money blueprint when a speaker at an internet marketing seminar told him that he could work once and get paid over and over again. This concept shifted his mindset from being employed or self employed to being an entrepreneur with limitless income potential and more free time in which to enjoy it. Ever since then he has been creating and involved in systems that do just that.

Using Youtube to leverage his Empower Network business has allowed Armstrong to rank at number 226 in Empower Network’s most recent competition. Baring in mind that there are 150,000 members In Empower Network’s system and he has only been actively promoting it for four and a half months, this seems like a phenomenal result. Not only does he receive huge commissions from Empower network, but he also profits from the adverts Youtube places on his videos. One of his videos that took him only ten minutes to make has consistently raked in over $ 200 per month for the last 7 months, simply from the adverts on the Youtube video.

Armstrong explains that it is only from this understanding of Work once and get paid over and over again is he able to attract these types of income opportunities into his life and more importantly implement them. The inner game of wealth is what creates the outer results. Many people will have the same opportunities and some either won’t see them, won’t act on them or will act but then sabotage their resultswhile others will seize an opportunity when it presents itself and take decisive action and persevere until it’s potential has been maximised.

Without a doubt Armstrong has amassed a wealth of knowledge on both the inner and outer game of creating financial freedom and this is plain to be seen in his video series and through the results he is producing with Empower Network and also through his very popular Youtube channel, which has 4,161,851views and 12,457 loyal subscribers at last count and growing rapidly. One can view his financial freedom video series here.

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