MJ Gottlieb from N2ITIV Solutions Discusses Eight Fatal Flaws When Trying to Make Funds Blogging

(PRWEB) March 20, 2013

MJ Gottlieb from the entrepreneur and start-up blog, N2ITIV Solutions discusses eight fatal blunders folks make when attempting to make income blogging.


Getting spent the last twenty-one years running offline businesses, Gottlieb admits he was fortunate enough to meet some productive bloggers along the way who gave him the lay of the land from the starting as he was completely new to blogging just 10 months ago. John Paul Aguiar from the Funds Dummy Blog, and a leader in blog advertising and marketing, has been instrumental to the development of the N2ITIV weblog which enabled Gottlieb to obtain insight into the major misconceptions men and women have when starting a business for the 1st time.


Right here are eight fatal flaws Gottlieb believes 1st-time bloggers make when starting out:



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