Moving Day: A FatWallet Documentary

FatWallet moves its entire company from Illinois to Wisconsin as a result of a new Illinois Internet Tax law. The law would have caused the popular coupon si…
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12 thoughts on “Moving Day: A FatWallet Documentary

  1. Its funny how states forget that the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT ruled that ALL internet tax is unconstitutional and illegal. How is it that these states are getting away with this? Internet Sales Tax is unconstitutional!!! The USSC said so.

  2. My Kinda Video, Thanks. Gotta love Youtube right? Stay connected and see you on the next one!

  3. Well done Tim. I’ve been with you since the Anandtech days and remember when you first decided to create the site. BansheeMullet

  4. Leave it to the bankrupt & corrupt state of Illinois to drive even more jobs out of their state! Just keep re-electing these spend & tax liberals you stupid retards then in another 20 years every business will be gone!

  5. I’ve got to form an LLC in another state because of crap like this. Jerry Brown, thanks for NOTHING.

  6. Thanks for sharing. Consumers and small business owners need to know what their fate is.

  7. I’m in CT and i’ve been dropped by several affiliate programs already because of the nexus laws, thereby limiting my chances to make an honest living.

  8. where and what? They can be stupid at times. Please share and like and favorite this. trying to get the word out, support the PMA lawsuit against Illinois and get the attention of federal lawmakers to get it right.