NAPW Los Angeles, CA Chapter Expelled in 2013, with resolutions, goals and plans for the coming year at the meeting in January

Garden City, NY (PRWEB) February 14, 2013

Members and guests of the NAPW Los Angeles, CA Local began in 2013 with a professional networking event on January 16 During dinner, the group of women Professional discussed future plans for Los Angeles, CA local chapter of the new year, including having a group of members to join the NAPW National Networking Conference April 26 in New York, and the possibility of meeting California All-chapter.

Chapter president Ruth Garcia-Corrales welcomed members and guests to the monthly meeting of the chapter. She told participants of the chapter is quickly exceeded their meeting place and may need to consider a new location. Lorri Herman will look for a new place. Ruth asked everyone to make suggestions for a new location for the next meeting of the Chapter. She then announced the NAPW National Networking Conference will be held April 26.

will be in New York at the Sheraton New York Hotel Times Square and the speakers are Martha Stewart and Arianna Huffington, she said. We hope we can have a good group to go to this event!

I look forward to seeing all the new faces here, “said Ruth.” I would like to discuss new goals and exceptions for 2013, I see a big year for us. “


chapter meeting also includes a roundtable presentations from each of the members and guests were present: Jovita Jenkins coach, leadership consultant and author of Get Out Of Your Own Way-create the next chapter of your life. As a coach, she inspires and supports individuals and organizations as they discover and leverage their unique value.

Lorri Herman Arbonne offers financial freedom by teaching someone how to make choices that will make your dreams. If someone is willing to make a change and looking for a new way, they can achieve more control, in touch with her for consultation.

Ruth Klein, Branding & Productivity Coach Owner of award winning boutique firm, Marketing / Time Source. Ruth is a business consultant nationally recognized author, speaker, trainer, coach and spokesperson for clients ranging from solo entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies. Currently, she is the host of a new class that will help build your arch type brand and how to communicate. It also launches Universal Mother that promotes self-esteem and personal development of children.

Cat Lambertini, Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch, a division of Bank of America. Cats accomplishments are beyond impressive, as all members of NAPW! She talked about how important it is, particularly for women, 80 percent are very stressed about their finances while embracing the challenges of the business world and a satisfactory home lifethe theme Ruth Klein this morning. Cat talked about how it can help your customers, particularly women, to deal effectively with 401K!

Daisy Marks, Westside Regional Center Executive Secretary She informed the participants of a course at West LA College, entitled How to market your business using the Internet. It is offered Saturday, March 9 for $ 75 09:00-15:00. It is directed by Scott Spooner, a Consultant for Internet Marketing with a decade of experience.

Atlantic Sarah Nargiso regional Arbonne Consultant – 30 days to better health! Solutions for a new health goals season. Sarah talked about the difference between resolutions and goals and objectives specified that require effort and commitment. She also informed us of the many ways we can begin to incorporate healthy eating habits in our daily lives because eating is a weight loss of 85%. It offers a free health course January 19 at 14:00, RSVP 607-226-2604.

MD Shilpa Sayana, Sayana MedSpa & Wellness Center Medical Director Sayana Medical Spa offers a special on Botox and Juvederm with additional biometric evaluation. Offer expires January 31. Please call 818-331-4386 for more information.

Anita Finlay, author of Dirty Words on clean skin, exposing it to the 2008 election and his journey to find his own voice as a modern woman worthy of being listened to is honest and fascinating.

The book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. She is also co-host a blog / talk show hosted by John Smart seeking to interview guests and maybe have some of the women of Los Angeles Chapter held.

Dr. Marie-

fallie psychologist, in collaboration with FIND: Families in new directions (a consulting nonprofit) serving the community of Los Angeles Crenshaw. FIND focused on adapting to the changing needs of the community and today’s challenges for the provision of mental health care. Community and corporate support are received by phone 323-296-3781.

Joy DeMichelle Mooore-Ysaguirre, representing several companies, joy is owner and CEO of Joy of Health & Wealth. Their service offers those looking for healthy ways to lose weight, fitness and performance, young age, and who want to bring their personal well-being and financial support for the creation of wealth, with a plan for success foolproof it works. Please call (323) 331-4228 for a consultation. Joy is also co-owner of padding Ysaguirre. Your ideal client is a person willing to update, enhance and customize your furniture style and comfort.

Ysaguirre padding can help turn old treasures for new pleasures. Contact them at (323) 331-4228 for estimates, consultations and incredible referral program / affiliate rewards. She has another company, in collaboration with Joy, where she is acting and presentation skills coach. Joy said that her ideal client is someone willing to presentation “zone.” She will teach someone to relax, prepare and engage your audience to be more dynamic and persuasive live or in front of the camera speaker. To work with us by phone (323) 331-4228.

Caroline Kim, certified court interpreter Korean / English – simultaneous conference interpreter, Voice-Over Talent and Korean dialect coach for television and film. She is also a qualified business partner for Momentis / Just Energy (JE, 3000000000 Public Company) with Home & Business Essentials / natural gas, electric / EMS, cable, Internet, mobile, ADT, Marketing and M-M-games. Please call (213) 820-6802 for more information on the 30 January 7:00 business presentation.

Daphne Daphne Chocolates Vandegri property. Daphne the group for its delicious creation using the latest Super Bowl Sunday as a theme. She is looking for information. Daphne asked members and guests to send Daphne (at) with their opinions.

Celia Goldman, Office and Print Manager at Liberty Paper. Its main activity is the supply of U.S. companies and government agencies with copy and fax paper elsewhere, as well as several other brands. In addition, they provide special papers, toners and printing to our customers. Celias education and training in manufacturing, purchasing, printing, graphic design and advertising. It is the impression of the order of its customers and plans to get to know them and their business.

Nicki Frank, President and CEO of Thoreau Service, Inc., a national company specializing in the cleaning and maintenance of retail stores. 310/822-8017.

Alicia Gargaro-Magana and Pictures of Los Angeles, Inc., production and photography. Alicia plans to open a publishing division also. Pictures of Los Angeles, Inc. is a full service production for creating marketing tools for your business, whether it be a video on your site, the pictures of your brochure, or a global campaign to your business message.

Maureen Tepedino, Interior, abstract artist and color specialist for W

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