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Affiliate Internet Marketing

I have spent hours reading fairy tales to my children. Each story always had a catchy little moral at the end. One of the most common morals in children’s stories is that everyone occasionally makes a mistake. Internet business owners are no exception to this simple truth.

Here are seven mistakes that are common for internet marketers.
1. You don’t market from a personal website.
Affiliate internet marketing and its marketers are famous for this mistake. They wonder why they aren’t successful, but they have no foundation to build on! Marketers who direct traffic to merchant pages don’t make much money. If you want to build an audience and become a successful affiliate, you have to have a website.

2. You don’t have a mailing list.
Building a mailing list is so easy. Every internet marketer should have a box on their website where readers can sign up for a free mailing list. This is the easiest way to get follow up contact information on your readers. Research has shown that most people don’t buy a product the first time they look at it. So you need to have a second point of contact to reinforce your product’s value and make the sell.

3. You don’t know how to pre-sell.
Pre-selling is the key to making money online. People aren’t going to buy a product from someone they don’t trust. Pre-selling is a way to build your reader’s confidence in you and what you can teach them. When people care what you have to say, they will also be interested in what you have to sell.

4. You don’t write a blog.
Blogs are a great way to gain attention in your sales niche. Blogs get high rankings from search engines and people love to read them. If your marketing plan is going to be successful, you will need to write regularly on a blog and build traffic.

5. You focus on your traffic quantity, rather than quality.
Every website needs traffic to reach success. However, affiliate internet marketing should focus on drawing the right kind of traffic. For example, if you are selling a product that will benefit pregnant women, you don’t want to target traffic from women over age fifty. You have to figure out who will buy your product and then target your traffic accordingly.

6. You frequently shift focus between projects.
Affiliate internet marketing takes a lot of work and organization when you get started. Many beginners make the mistake of starting several projects without devoting sufficient time or energy to any of them. Focus your efforts on one thing at a time until you get the hang of marketing. Also be careful not to waste time on the internet’s time killers like chat rooms and gaming sites. Remember, time is money online!

7. Neglecting SEO.
Search engines are a marketer’s best friend. You should learn everything you can about search engine optimization so you get more traffic from people who are actually searching for your product. The easiest way to immediately boost search engine traffic is to use longer keyword phrases. Small phrases get a lot of traffic so there is a lot of competition. Narrow it down and be specific to get a real edge on your product’s niche.

Affiliate Internet Marketing
Avoid these seven mistakes and you will be on your way to marketing success. Internet businesses have amazing potential, but you have to avoid these common pitfalls if you want to make money online.

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Jul 06

Affiliate Scalper Review

Is the new Affiliate Scalper software just another scam? Contrary to some speculative claims, this new software tool’s main capability is not to drive free traffic to any website and offer that you choose. Rather, it is more capable of being able to help users monetize traffic with much better offers that convert better. Using this program has boosted my conversion rates by a significant number.

1. Who Created the Affiliate Scalper System and Can You Really Trust Him?

Besides monetizing your offers, this course also taught me where to find the fastest free traffic scalping sites which I can use to create an income from. Created by a highly professional and experienced marketer Kevin Houghton, this program combines the use of a powerful traffic and conversion software with a step by step instructional course teaching users how to earn an income in the fastest manner possible on the Internet.

2. What Exactly Does the Affiliate Scalper Software Help You To Do?

Unlike many other software tools that I have tried but do not live up to their claims, beta testing with this program has shown that it really does achieve the types of income as shown on its websites. Also, it is worth noting that the traffic you can get from using this tool is quite targeted and anyone can reasonably earn a full time income simply monetizing them with affiliate offers without having to collect leads etc.

3. How Is Affiliate Scalper Different from Other Solutions Offered by Other Gurus So Far?

Driving high quality traffic to a site has always been the biggest concern for anyone wishing to generate an online income. Although there have been many solutions offered by the ‘gurus’ for these problems including strategy guides, plug-ins and software programs, most of them have been very disappointing for me while others only work for the very short term. Affiliate Scalper looks set to be different as it focuses on creating long term residual income businesses with strategies focused on the long term.

Is Affiliate Scalper a scam? Visit http://www.top-review.org/affiliatescalper.htm to read a FREE report about this Affiliate Money Making Software to learn the truth and get a FREE Affiliate Scalper Bonus Download!

Jul 04

Back to Soccer School…EduKick Academic Year Football Academies Kick Off

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) September 05, 2014

EduKick International Football Academies (EIFA) 2014/15 Residential Academic Year Soccer & Education Courses officially “kicked off” this week in Spain, England and other EduKick venues around the world.

EduKick provides academic year soccer academy boarding schools (also half-year, semester, monthly & summer language immersion football camps) in Spain, England, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, USA and Mexico with full-time educational options (ESL, EFL, BTEC Sports Science, Foreign Language Study, IGCSE and A-Level, and USA 8-12 Online Distance Learning).

The two most popular EduKick venues worldwide are EduKick Madrid and EduKick Manchester. EduKick President & Founder, Joey Bilotta credits the popularity of these country’s world renown professional football leagues and football pedigree of it’s players and also the need for international student-athletes to learn important second languages such as English and Spanish in this modern-day competitive, global market.

Bilotta explains, “We have seen our Manchester & Madrid academies become very popular with our international footballers over the last 6 or 7 years. Parents want their children to learn a useful second language that will help distinguish them in the professional workplace and become more inter-culturally competent and experienced. The participating players are attracted to Spain and England because arguably, they have the two best professional leagues on the planet and attract the most popular superstar soccer players.”

The EduKick Manchester Football Academy is EduKick’s most popular venue this academic year with nearly 30 players attending the year-long course currently and an additional 8-10 expected to arrive in January for the half-year course offered.

Participating players can expect daily soccer training and regular matches throughout the academic year and exposure to professional clubs is provided on a constant basis in the following three (3) key ways.

Firstly, competitive friendly matches are scheduled on a regular basis. Throughout the season the EduKick Manchester squad will play competitive matches against professional and semi-professional club youth academy or development squads or against local North West College teams whose coaches are also scouts for professional and semi-professional clubs.

There are two categories of fixtures at EduKick Manchester: “Development” fixtures, where all available players receive equal playing time and exposure and “Target” fixtures, where a squad is selected based upon performance in previous training sessions and development matches.

A second way EduKick exposes players to the pro game is by holding professional club guest coaching sessions. EduKick Manchester has affiliations with many professional clubs in the North West of England and each month the EduKick Manchester squad will receive two guest coaching sessions from professional club coaches. One session will take place at the EduKick Manchester training complex and the second follow-up session will take place at the facilities of the professional club.

Lastly, EduKick conducts Open Football Trials. All EduKick Manchester participants are entered into open trial events that take place in the North West of England during the Winter, Spring and Fall (Autumn) seasons. EduKick has carefully selected and partnered with a well-respected and ethically minded UK national scouting/trials organization to give participants the maximum opportunity to expose their talents in front of the invited professional & semi-professional club scouts & coaches.

Other EduKick soccer and education academy venues include, Perugia, Italy, Cannes, France, Hennef, Germany, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and starting in 2015/16 a new US based venue in Santa Barbara, California. In each venue participating players (and parents if under 18 years of age) choose from a selection of academic pathways to combine with their daily, intense and progressive soccer training regimen.

Because of EduKick’s extensive international marketing efforts over the past decade on the internet, through educational consultants, and via social media, the ethnic diversity at EduKick International Football Academies has become extremely impressive.

For example, there are 27 international players attending EduKick Manchester presently from 18 different countries. At EduKick Madrid its a similar situation with the 2014/15 academy class consisting of footballers from around the world (Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas). EduKick academy players are enriched by learning about several other cultures (of their academy teammates), not just the culture of the EduKick program they happen to be participating in. This inter-cultural exchange nicely compliments the overall EduKick soccer and education experience abroad.

Because the demand from lady footballers worldwide, in 2012, EduKick made a concerted effort to design a specific football and education course for international female players. Currently in Spain, female players can register to participate for an academic year or longer in the EduKick Madrid Female Football Academy.

This soccer school for girls combines daily academy morning training sessions with insertion onto a Madrid area competitive female club for an additional three evening training sessions and weekend match play. Interested female players can “follow” the current course via their “Female Football – Soccer & Education Academy” Facebook Fan Page.

Registration is now open for footballers worldwide from 12-24 years of age to begin in January 2015 for the EduKick “Half-Year” Courses or September 2015 for the “2015/16 Academic-Year” Course.

To inquire or to Register, Interested parties please contact EduKick direct at the contact information provided in this release.

Jul 04

Search Engine benipal Launches Online Marketplace

Silicon Valley, CA and New York, NY (PRWEB) August 28, 2014

Search Engine benipal.com announces the launch of its Online Marketplace offering individuals, sellers and merchants a unique venue to showcase and sell their New and Used products online.

Offering simple, easy product posting, benipal offers the finest search capabilities in the Online Marketplace space. Choose from any of the over 250 million products currently on sale at benipal.com or post a fresh product, Used or New, set a Fixed Price or Accept Offers and Negotiate live.

Sign Up for a New Seller Account, load products and start selling within minutes. No need to manage expensive e commerce websites, carts, online stores and SEM or SEO programs or wait for auctions to end. One click to post, search, market and sell. With the unique search capabilities of the benipal search engine built in, posted items are available live for search in seconds.

Sell for free within same City. Pay no Selling Fees on Local Pickup only items. Pay Low Selling Fees on all Sales. Compare prices across Sellers and Merchants. Obtain Price Intelligence to decide optimum Selling Price. Bargain and Negotiate.

Sellers can choose from over 30 categories to sell their products and Art Galleries can showcase and sell their Art Works in the Fine Arts section. Individual Artists, Fashion Designers and Labels may qualify for free or low selling fee accounts, subject to certain restrictions.

Currently offering payment options by Stripe, other payment options by Amazon Payments, Paypal and Balanced available soon.

Unique Features

Excellent search capabilities

Over 30 categories to sell in

Choose from over 250 million existing products to buy and sell

Post Fresh Products

Low selling fees across all categories

No item posting fees

All Local sales are free

No selling fees for Artists, Fashion Designers and Independent Labels

Bargain and Negotiate live with the Make Offer feature

Excellent Referral Program

Used Goods Marketplace coming soon

benipal marketplace offers affiliates a high paying referral program that pays out over a full year for each account referred, whether buyer or seller. Referrals and Affiliates can earn up to 2% on each qualifying transaction on the benipal marketplace for a full year for each new account.

“I am very pleased to offer a simple and easy way for individuals, sellers, artists, designers and merchants to showcase and sell their products online and to take full advantage of the excellent search capabilities offered by the benipal search engine. Starting with a New Goods marketplace where all Local Sales and Local Pickup products Sell for Free, a Used Goods marketplace and a larger variety of payment options will be available soon,” said Sukhbir Benipal.

About benipal

The benipal e commerce search engine was launched in March 2014 and currently offers over 250 Million products to buy from over 10,000 merchants. With its unique “search any which way” algorithms that understand the intent of user query, benipal provides the finest product search online.


Jun 30

Affilate Marketing: How to market affiliate programs via newsgroups

How To Create a Steady Stream Of Buyers
Direct from 1000’s of NewsGroups”
I don’t get flamed when I post to newsgroups. I try my best to provide value in the form of Special Reports! My sales message is embedded within the report or at the end! 

 Magic Seo Bot

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  Newsgroups as they exist NOW are a ripe Gold Mine for ANYONE WHO 
WILL GIVE VALUE FIRST…usually in the form of information reports! In business newsgroups you will stand out from all the foolish scams being advertised. You’ll have little competition! 

 A single report posted on a few newsgroups has brought in over 700 leads a week for me recently. That’s the difference between giving value and trying to force your message down your prospects throat. 

 When people like you, they buy from you, and the newsgroups have millions of people that can read your messages every day. In some ways I think it’s better than direct e-mail. Create many different powerful reports or short articles and post them in as many places as you can. Test placing in more and more newsgroups everyday. 

  If you get flamed  – delete the newsgroup from your ‘okay to post in’ list! 

 Soon, you’ll have a few hundred you can post in without problems. You can pull down some serious money this way. Million dollar companies are quietly being created on the newsgroups right now. Front Porch Computers built a 10 Million A Year business from answering questions and having powerful sig files attached at the end of every message! 

Private Label Rights

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  The contacts I have made and offers that have come out of the blue have been unbelievable and profitable beyond what I expected. A single contact from someone could earn you a fortune. I’ve had some great deals offered to me without even asking. Also made some great lifetime friends!


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Jun 28

LivingMyDream Is Excited To Announce Its New Affiliate Program: Make Money While Spreading Happiness

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) July 28, 2014

LivingMyDream offers products that make it fun and easy for people everywhere to dream big. The company sells a variety of themed vision board kits, charm jewelry, wine glasses, and other fun products through their website, http://www.livingmydream.com. LivingMyDream is also organizing Dream Big Day, a national event on October 11, dedicated to celebrating personal achievements and Living As If. In order to help spread its mission and empower individuals and businesses to reach their goals, LivingMyDream is excited to announce its brand new affiliate program.

Currently, LivingMyDream is working with professionals across the country to spread the values of visualization and to help more people achieve their dreams. The new affiliate program is intended to reward professionals for spreading a good cause. Affiliates may be individual professionals or companies who advocate for the use of visualization in order to help people reach their goals. From life coaches and financial planners to nutritionists, personal trainers, and other businesses focused on empowering others to reach their goals, LivingMyDream welcomes everybody who supports its mission to help people live their dreams. Its all about helping to turn more dreams into reality through visualization, while having fun.

This national Affiliate Program will make it possible for people and companies to earn sales commission on LivingMyDream products, with no sign-up cost. After registering and qualifying for LivingMyDreams Affiliate Program, each partner will get a personal Affiliate page and a choice of special links to be added to their website. Customers who come to the LivingMyDream website using that link and make a purchase will generate 12% commission for the affiliate on the total order. The affiliates will be able to track their sales commission on their Affiliate page. Affiliates can be located anywhere in the world, however the only requirement is that they have clients in the continental USA who buy online.

Its free to be a part of LivingMyDreams affiliate program. Simply follow this link to sign up: http://livingmydream.postaffiliatepro.com/affiliates/. The program requires no work on behalf of the affiliate other than sharing their unique affiliate link on their website. By sharing this link, affiliates are helping to encourage people to dream big while simultaneously raising awareness about LivingMyDreams Live As If Party on Dream Big Day (10.11.2014). For more information, visit LivingMyDreams website.

About LivingMyDream: Based in Nashville, TN, LivingMyDream offers products packages based on the concepts of visualization and celebration in order to help individuals live their dreams! LivingMyDream has entered the retail market with the first ever pre-themed vision boards, vision charms, and various other products specifically created to make dreaming big, fun! The company aims to make the concepts and use of visualization more relevant for the benefit of all.

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Jun 26

Three Must Know Tips For Affiliate Marketing Beginners

Affiliate marketing is perhaps the easiest way to create an income on the internet. You do not need to have your own product or even your own website. As easy as it may be, many affiliates struggle to make a living off of it, and it is probably because they are not following these tips…
Choose One Marketing Strategy

The reason that so many new affiliates are saying “how come I’m not making any money?” is because they want to try everything at once. So many beginners are writing articles, managing a PPC campaign, linking, and creating videos right on their first day of being an affiliate. They try to learn everything at once thinking that they will make more. But the truth is you are just spreading yourself to thin. Go out there and look at all the different strategies. Pick one and stick to it for at least 3 months. It is better and much easier than sticking to 10 things for 3 months.

Stick with One Product

Another thing you should be aware of especially when you are just beginning is that you should only market one or two products. As you start getting more successful, you will be mature enough to market 5 products at a time and so on. The reason you should stick to one in the beginning is because you will be able to soak in more knowledge and experience. You will have more focus. You can improve upon your mistakes and have a clearer view of what is going on.
Find a Mentor

This is the most important part. I bet that you are thinking that it is not worth paying for any kind of knowledge or mentorship. The truth is that you will make money much faster if you just let someone else teach you all the shortcuts. Let them build you a foundation and then just add on to it as you go along with your own experiments. You don’t always have to pay for this kind of help; you can simply just read the articles (or videos) of those whom interest you for free. But they always leave important pieces out. Just buy their stuff and see what can happen.

These tips are yours to keep and to follow. You can either ignore me and move on to reading another article, or you can take my advice and apply this into your own life. Remember to keep on learning and keep on adapting, this is me signing off…

The affiliate marketing information above is just a small sample from a greater map found at the Maverick Money Makers club. Click here to learn more.

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Jun 24

Redwood Options Binary Options Broker: Offering More Advanced Educational Courses For Any Trader

Gibraltar (PRWEB) April 17, 2014

Redwood Options, one of the top rated binary options brokers, continues to upgrade their platform. See everything they have to offer.

New Deposit Method

It is now easier than ever to deposit with Redwood Options. Traders can deposit and withdraw using several different methods. Redwood Options is proud to announce they have added Skrill (MoneyBookers) to their deposit methods. Redwood Options still offers many deposit methods including all major credit cards, Maestro debit cards, as well as wire transfers. Furthermore, withdrawing funds is made easy with Redwood Options. There is no fee to withdraw via credit card. Only a $ 200 deposit is required on RedwoodOptions.com and from there you can begin trading immediately.

Webinars For All

Redwood Options wants all of their traders to have the highest success when trading, for that reason, they have added additional educational webinar courses to their platform. These courses are available for anyone that wants to learn about binary options. It is not mandatory for traders to register with Redwood Options in order to view these webinars. This is something unique that only Redwood Options offers, unlike almost every other binary options platform. The three new webinar sessions are called, What are Binary Options, Platform Walk Through and Market News. Each of these webinars are available at least once a day and best of all, free of charge. For more information and registration for these free sessions, visit RedwoodOptions.com.

About Redwood Options

Redwood Options has been the broker of choice since its launch in 2013. This platform offers up to 81% payouts for the 60 second trading option and over 150 different assets to trade. Redwood Options has three different account types for their users. The packages consist of a Mini Package, Executive Package and a Gold Package. These packages range with different advantages and bonuses. This platform is unique because it is ideal for beginners and experts. Redwood Options is one of the most innovative and professional binary options platforms currently on the market.

Meet A Redwood Options Market Analyst

Redwood Options has one of the top teams of market analysts. Carine Banks has been trading for almost nine years, including two years on the New York Stock Exchange. Her favorite type of trading is binary options trading for the reason that traders have the ability to simply place trades and walk away. She appreciates the fact that traders can make daily or monthly investments instead of being glued to the computer screen and chasing pips all day, as in many other types of trading. She likes the flexibility binary options, specifically Redwood Options, and their offers to their clients. According to Banks, Redwood Options is the best broker because it is headache-free, profitable and the icing on the cake is that we offer a variety of free educational tools upon sign up.

RushBucks Affiliate Program

Redwood Options is marketed by the prominent binary options affiliate program, RushBucks. Rushbucks has been named the number one binary options affiliate programs because affiliates are provided with the best resources and conversion tips. If you think you have what it takes to join this binary options affiliate program, please visit, http://www.RushBucks.com and see all they have to offer.

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