Paul Farman, Creator of Lead Generation Software Has Hit a Home Run with a New Product called PostBoss. It Auto-posts to Facebook Groups.

Sacramento, California (PRWEB) March 05, 2014

One of the biggest challenges of getting traffic to a website or getting customers to come to a business for special products or services is having a credible marketing campaign. Business owners can have all the sign flippers on the side of the road, or pay for all the media buys they want. The single most effective marketing tool is having a big presence in the market place. People have become blind to pop ups, spammy emails, and banner advertisements. Social media like Facebook groups have become a popular way to get a business name out to the masses. This is where a brand new software application called PostBoss comes into play.

Business ventures have even gone sour when owners join affiliate marketer portals. Theyve dumped thousands of dollars on leads for no profits. Not having a Facebook fan page will stagnate a business especially nowadays with the ever growing demands in technology. To grow a business and establish credibility a business needs to have more than a Facebook page; likes for that page are needed. Businesses need to join Facebook groups to advertise on.

Remember, word of mouth is the most powerful marketing technique and a Facebook ad on a fan or business page gives that company a vote. The vote represents a customer that trusts that business. So its obvious that the more likes gets more people out there vouching for the company. PostBoss only boosts the visibility of a business or company.

PostBoss will help master word of mouth advertising through a Facebook profile and automatically get ads staged in groups that the company are members of. It has the capability to publish services on blogs, and directories as well giving that business more authority online. Developed by Paul Farman of Software Success. Software Success LLC has been dedicated to providing services and marketing plans for individuals and businesses across the United States and Canada. Their commitment is to provide an ethical and effective support to their clients in making wise decisions, allowing them to focus on achieving their objectives. Additionally, they help clients with choosing the right marketing tools for their business. For this, Software Success has a team of professionals in the areas of marketing, advertising, development and information systems, who have the training and experience to help clients achieve a successful brand positioning and improve their bottom line.

The real approach is to generate revenue right? Farman says. So build a Facebook page and get ads posted with a dependable application like PostBoss. Theres even a powerful affiliate marketing network that pays out $ 100 and has a built-in one-up comp plan. PostBoss has already helped thousands make their mark and target a vast customer base with proven results. This application is the real deal that can help scale any business.

A business page may only have a few clicks on the like button, and the page may go stale. If this happens, family members and other people can share your page and a few more likes will trickle in. If you really want to spike your numbers and get more traffic to your website you need to get a page with a lot of likes by automating your ads with PostBoss.

PostBoss is a time saver with positive results by boasting your ad on different mediums from social networking platforms to blogs and news portals to directories all done automatically.

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