Protrada Announces New Pricing Plans

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) November 22, 2011

The worlds first aggregator of major domain auction houses, Protrada today released new pricing packages, The Protrada Lite, Plus and Pro Plans aimed squarely at new domain name investors and professional domainers. We have revamped our pricing plans to make it easier for everyone to trial Protrada and every plan is designed to deliver results, said Troy Rushton, CEO and Founder. These have been specifically planned from the user perspective, whether you want to try Protrada for the first time or whether you want to continue to build a valuable domain portfolio. These three new plans suit usage and budget needs but we have not compromised on the powerful Protrada platform opportunities.

The new Protrada Lite Plan has no monthly subscription fee, includes 10 free credits towards building websites and access to the Basic data set.

The Basic data set available to Protrada Lite users includes the current domain price, how many bids, number of characters, the age, if the domain has a hyphen, its Top Line Domain (TLD), if its a Geo domain, and if the .com, .net and .org versions are available to register. Members can search, sort, filter and watch domains that fit their unique custom criteria.

Protrada Lite requires a one time $ 1 anti fraud fee to activate the account. This initiative is a front line defense against dummy bidders and provides members with added protection when bidding and selling their domain portfolio.

The Protrada Plus Plan includes 50 free credits for building up to 10 websites each month and access to the Advanced data set. This Plan also offers unlimited free listing of domains and websites for sale.

The premier Protrada Pro Plan is an annualized plan designed especially for professional domainers and delivers all the features of the Protrada Plus Plan as well as a massive 1000 credits; enough to build 200 websites.

The Advanced data set for Protrada Plus members includes the Basic data set plus the powerful Value, SEO, Web and Reach data sets that significantly increase the degree to which a domain can be analyzed.

The Value data set shows an independent valuation of the domain, how many exact match keyword searches are preformed each month and the CPC.

The SEO data set shows Pagerank, authenticity, Alexa rank and index results.

The Web data set shows exact match twitter account availability, number of available affiliate products, volume of related articles, number of related images and videos for the domain keyword.

The Reach data set shows how many backlinks are available for the domain in total and from .edu and .gov websites, and if the domain is index in the DMOZ and Yahoo! directories.

Full plan details and all terms & conditions are available at

About Protrada

Protrada is the worlds first aggregator of the major domain auction houses. It provides members with the data and tools to buy, build and sell domains automatically from within the Protrada platform. Launched in mid 2011, Protrada manages more than 150,000 global domain names.

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