RocketCPA Media Limited outside its membership and transfer network clients vCommission

(PRWEB) June 11, 2013

Rocket CPA Media Limited, an affiliate marketing network based in Mauritius, which offers specialized services affiliate marketing through its network of advertisers and publishers in Asia Southeast has decided to close its branch network RocketCPA ( and transfer your business to an Indian company vCommission Media Pvt. Ltd. (India based Affiliate Network) and move forward all your business (including advertisers and publishers) will be held in vCommission Media Pvt. Ltd banner.

RocketCPA, a company based in Mauritius, with a focus on Asian traffic, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, along with India. They had many customers e-commerce and games that are speculated to contribute to 80% of our revenues. The company decided to completely change the focus on something that is more profitable for them first registration now closed advertiser and the network completely.

vCommission ( RocketCPA helped to get new customers in the United States and the United Kingdom and vCommissions recent collaboration with other major Asian network, they should grow at a faster pace . RocketCPAs ideas with customers and business vCommission may have an advantage.

vCommission is Indias first international affiliate network with over 10,000 registered members and takes online advertising based on the performance of hundreds of brands worldwide. This will give you a new opportunity for vCommission to grow and develop in their international clientele and gain everything. A position not only in India but also internationally.

vCommision this will help to meet new challenges and achieve its vision to lead the digital space through a first in innovation, top class user experience, in-depth knowledge and solutions adapted to become an industry trend setter for the securities industry, wisdom and revolution, impact on the transformation of the scan.

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