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The Industrial Food Gear Service Association (CFESA) announced that they had selected Fixxbook private network software to handle your members. FixxbookPN with the documentation CFESA not only manage internal members, but ultimately catalog all education certifications for technicians and generating a platform for national buyers ServiceChannel visibility in need to have of repair, installation and upkeep of industrial cooking equipment.

one particular of the very first significant trade associations to join the Fixxbook were excited about the exposure it will bring to our members, mentioned Carla Strickland, executive director of CFESA. In addition, the use of its computer software will permit us to manage all our on the internet services for members, which enables us to supply good quality customer service to our members.

Fixxbook CFESAs private network software allows members to shop and share all the needed documents, such as service level agreements, company, terms and conditions, and non-disclosure types. The software program continues to supply value to entrepreneurs with seasoned employees CFESA formed by a function named traders that enables individual technician certification appear on the profile of your employer.

its merchants elements that offer genuine worth to the neighborhood CFESA mentioned Eric Schechter, president of Fixxbook. Be in a position to catalog certifications, licenses and diplomas of every technician opens great possibilities for everyone. CFESA any contractor who knows the value of training staff can easily view the credentials of his group, providing them a competitive advantage for facility managers hunting to hire, all without compromising the privacy of their technicians.

This relationship is really a win-win for contractors and facility managers CFESAs seeking entrepreneurs Fixxbook. Here’s how:

Fixxbook: Through this partnership, Fixxbook allows the association to legitimize all contractors who claim to be portion of their organization, and to invite all its members who are not however in Fixxbook to join your network. This means that entrepreneurs will be listed in far more Fixxbook and all these who want to be portion of an association of partnership are reputable.

facilities managers

. Facility managers hunting to hire a contractor by way of Fixxbook can not be guaranteed that the contractor associations with the insignia of a partnership is a certified member

Contractors CFESA

: Once an association of entrepreneurs becomes a partner Fixxbook all prospective employers can see by means of your profile badge they are a member of the association observed. Your profile will now stand prior to contractors in your location who are not members, as members held a reputation for quality perform.

Trade associations

: The major constructive professional association in partnership with Fixxbook, other than to do the operate of your most engaged, recruiting prospective new member.


Founded in 1963, the Commercial Food Gear Service Association (CFESA) is a trade association of specialist service and parts distributors for industrial cooking gear. CFESA mission is to anticipate trends and to offer sources, instruction and education to assistance excellence in service.

About Fixxbook

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Fixxbooks mission is to connect organization entrepreneurs with new revenue opportunities, educational sources and education as well as marketing and advertising tools and management accreditation. Offer private network services Fixxbooks facility managers and associations with a set of tools to collect, manage compliance and industrial enterprises. Is a product of Fixxbook ServiceChannel, Inc.


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ServiceChannels supplier management software offers facility managers with a set of tools for acquisition, supply, manage and spend for the solutions of upkeep of their own network of suppliers. ServiceChannels flagship product, ServiceClick, supplies true-time, net-based service for information in all businesses, places and organizations, and allows facility managers to drive important ROI for their organization without having relinquish manage of the outsourcing firms or invest in new infrastructure. Much more than 35,000 entrepreneurs ServiceChannels use tools each and every day in a lot more than 100,000 retail outlets and restaurants in far more than 24 countries.

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