The best affiliate programs

When we have to choose the best affiliate program and best source of our income, so we need to do some research and development ads.Here this article, I ‘m list gives some good build sites and earn programs:

Pay Per Visit Program: a program payment per visit is a new trend of affiliate marketing for publishers, and we must choose which is the best program for you. Pay per visit is a new choice of publishers. According to the program payment per visit as many visitors you send on ads you will get paid for them. Later in this article, I list the various programs pay per visit to a market sharing. As part of internet marketing that you should choose a good source of income.

several lists of programs Pay Per Visit (PPV). PPV is the new market leader. From my side, I’m sites are the best PPV and programs I used Sharing Services:

1. Clicksor ( – Earnings per 1000 visitors: $ 5.20

2.Shineads ( – Earnings per 1000 visitors: $ 8.50

3. ADS Infinity ( – Earnings per 1000 visitors: $ 4.75

Pay per click programs: a program of pay per click is paid each time a visitor clicks on your ads .. In Pay per click program, we have a fear in mind about invalid clicks, and if somebody make invalid clicks on ads and Ad Proviiding company can deactivate your account. Several programs pay per click are:

1. Google Adsense ( / adsense)

2. Chitika ads (

pay per sale program: a program pay per sale is totally based on product sales. If the visitor buys the product, then you will win, but if the visitor does not buy the product, then you will not win. There is no doubt that winning the division is good, but here is not a guarantee of winning. Site that offers Pay per click program is the following:

1. Clickbank (

2. Bay Market (

Conclusion: Here is founded conclusion of these ads, so I’m going with “Pay Per Visit Program” because it is the guarantee here to win and is not afraid to disable a click incorrect account.

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