The School of Internet Marketing Interviews Sarah Bundy and Aftaab Gulam On The Potential Power of Wearable Technology


Wearable technology is fast becoming an idea that is catching the public eye by storm and according to a study compiled by the Centre for Creative and Social Technology at Goldsmiths University found that sixty percent of Americans felt that the phenomenon had helped them improve the way they managed their life.*

James Martell, VP of Business Development at The School of Internet Marketing, sat down and spoke to Sarah Bundy and Aftaab Gulam about how wearable devices such as Google Glass will impact the world and the affiliate industry in years to come. Sarah Bundy is a marketing expert who founded and runs successful digital marketing agency, All Inclusive Marketing, and is also a instructor at The School of Internet Marketing. Aftaab Gulam is a technology blogger who has been previously nominated for a Webby Award and runs an established technology blog that has taken on the likes of the Huffington Post.

“The wearable technology industry is currently valued at $ 4bn and is set to rise to between $ 13-15bn in the next five years”, explains Gulam.

Knowing what trends are going to be big in the future is something that really needs to be identified early to stay ahead in the affiliate marketing industry. Technology, in particular, is one aspect of society that is always evolving and its important to learn and understand what the next trends may be in order to help keep a business running. Wearable technology products have already blended together many of the features that are currently seen in tablets and smartphones but have been adapted to make them much easier and practical to use on the streets.

“Wearable technology is going to be an incredible phenomenon, and the new norm in the years to come. Digital marketers will need to figure out how best to communicate and send targeted messages with changes in technology being worn rather than carried.”, says Sarah Bundy

In the podcast, Sarah and Aftaab explain what wearable technology is and identify what someone can do with, and use the gadgets for. Alongside that, the panel will also look into how affiliate marketers will be able to use the technology in the future and also discuss some of the problems facing the software such as personal privacy and security.

“I just wonder what might happen with wearable technology privacy settings and how customizable it will be in to the future to protect things like our kids, but not necessarily protect us from messages and communication pieces that we would like to receive”, Sarah Bundy.

“Sarah and Aftaab are both leading experts in their fields and they have followed the developments of these new gadgets very closely which has allowed them to see how wearable gadgets may change both our personal and professional lives.” says James Martell. Sarah also shares important information and latest trends in affiliate marketing, business strategy and ecommerce on her blog at Sarah also goes more in depth on the subject of wearable technology in her recent article that you can find here,

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