Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Terms You Need to Know

Affiliate marketing terms have come a long way since I registered my first account. I had never heard of affiliate marketing before and honestly thought it was probably some type of scam online. Little did I realize how huge this industry would become and how much money I would generate over a relatively hort period of time. If I had known the language of affiliate marketing it would have been a much faster process for me. here is a list of some common terms to get you started on the right track.

Search engine – Google, Yahoo and MSN are the big boys but there are many other search engines you can use to market your site.

Advertiser is the company who has the affiliate program you agree to promote. Some will offer a percentage of sales and others will pay a flat rate each sale. You as the affiliate will register yourself as the “publisher”.

Content – consist of the information you are using to promote a product or affiliate site. Content can be used by submitting articles, blog post, video post, forum post and press releases.

Affiliate marketing – simply put, you get paid for being the middle-person in a transaction done on the web. If you promote someone else’s website and have an affiliate relationship with te other site then you are reimbursed for the referral.

Backlink – is important for your search rank because the more websites that point to your domain you are promoting makes your site seem more important to the search engines.

Blog marketing – Blog is the term that is short for “web log” and are powerful tools to promote your affiliate program by posting blogs or general information to the public.

CPA – cost per action is when an affiliate advertiser reimburses you without a sales transaction taking place.

Many affiliate programs only require a person to provide information and give you reimbursement for the referral.

CPC – cost per click is the amount of money you pay from an advertising account to promote a site. Every time a person clicks a link you are advertising there is a predetermined amount of money taken from your account.

Keywords – are search terms people are using to surf the web on search engine. Keyword research is probably the most important aspect of marketing you affiliate program because without using the correct keywords you can wast a lot of time and money trying to get traffic to go where you want.

Affiliate network is where you can find a list of hundreds to thousands of affiliate advertisers. Networks make it easy because you only have to apply once and then you can choose as many affiliate sites to promote within that network.

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