Top Affiliate Marketing Network

So you clicked on this link and are reading this article in hopes of finding out who the, “Top Affiliate Marketing Network Is,” right? Well I’m here to tell you that there isnt one.

Everyone has their own opinion as to who the top affiliate marketing network is. I’m here to explain what constitutes as a top affiliate network to me.

1. A top affiliate network must have great AM’s. To me the affiliate manager is everything. Its really the only connection you have to the affiliate network. He or she leads you in the right direction, offers support, and answers any questions you have. So if the AM is terrible it doesnt matter how great the offers are to me I’ll just go to another network.

2. A top affiliate network must have great offers. Again, it doesnt matter how great the AM is, if the offers are horrible whats the point? Some big networks do have terrible AM’s dont get me wrong so it really all depends.

3. The Offers and AM’s have to be right for me. It doesnt matter if they have both, if I’m not compatible with either one then it again wont work. How does a great offer not work for me? Well maybe the offer is in a niche I dont work in or cant work in. Maybe the niche is to competitive, or saturated.

As you can see there are plenty of factors that go into a top affiliate marketing network. What makes or breaks a network for you?

Personally I suggest joining newer affiliate networks. They are easier to work with because their AM’s are usually always available. They have great offers because they dont have TOO many affiliates that have already saturated each offer.

So there are a number of reasons why I choose new affiliate networks over popular, saturated affiliate networks.

The new affiliate network I joined was Underground Elephant. They have over 24 categories of campaigns that make up around 80 or so offers. Before I joined a number of affiliates recommended them to me.

Join Underground Elephant’s affiliate network

Underground Elephant has a great affiliate network that I consider one of my top affiliate networks, check them out.

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