Top Ten Network Marketing Companies

There are thousands of network marketing companies currently operating in the world. They offer a variety of products and services ranging from healthy foods and vitamins to pet supplies. Choosing a company to align itself can be overwhelming, but for those who want to work with the best, the following list is one of the current top ten network marketing companies.

was built by non-harmful. This list was consistent with the following criteria: more than two years now (a determinant of business success), the popularity of the company based on web searches, popularity based on organic visits website (not used search engine) and total revenue.

Here are the ten largest companies in Network Marketing:
1. Oriflame – personal care products
2. Amway / Quixtar – Other products and services
3. Melaluca – Products
welfare 4. Pre-Paid Legal Services – legal insurance plans
5. USANA – nutrition, skin care, wellness
6. Mary Kay – Cosmetics
7. The C N – Telecommunications
8. Herbalife International – nutrition and personal care
9. Specialty Merchandise Corporation – present
10. Simple and elegant – Food

Before signing up with one of the top ten companies in network marketing, it is important to do plenty of research. Choose a product or service that you can be passionate. There are very few men Mary Kay consultants, not because society is sexist, but because men do not usually get excited about the sale of skin care and makeup. Someone who does not like the food may not want to work with simple taste.

You also need to investigate how the company works with new distributors. What is the training like? Most of these ten companies have a proven training experience and successful distributors are successful because they took advantage of all the training that the company provides.

And of course, you must take your budget into consideration. If start-up costs are too high (or too low – low buy-in may not always be the best option because you can find add-ons are more expensive), have another look. But these ten companies must have a startup cost to fit most every budget. And always remember that network marketing is what you make it. This is not a get rich quick scheme, but a way of owning your own business for very little startup costs.

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