Top Three Affiliate Networks for Marketers Added Online

San Antonio, Texas (PRWEB) September 29, 2013

Average businesses typically hire marketing companies to help promote products and services that are released each year to the public. There are now affiliate marketing networks providing commission based employment to marketers and a new listing of these companies is posted online. The company has posted its top three affiliate networks for marketers online at

The network list now posted online includes some of the commission payout percentages that some companies are paying marketers to help with product and services promotion. The list includes companies that are paying up to 75 percent commissions and bonuses are available if target goals are reached.

The reduced costs involved with promoting products through affiliates is one of the advantages for network providers when seeking qualified marketers to handle company promotions.

The cost to produce some products and services can cause some companies to explore outsourced options to handle the marketing required for retail sale. Some companies have downsized internal marketing departments as changes have been announced by major search engine companies. The affiliate list now posted online is expected to help new and established marketers find the best affiliate opportunities.

“Part of the advantage of becoming an affiliate through a network partner is that no costs are involved to promote products for established companies and all payments are handled by network providers,” a reviewer for the Brian Hanson company said.

The network affiliate list currently posted online is in addition to other marketing resources that have been launched this year as a method of introducing new ways to boost company income for marketers. The changes to search algorithms online has affected some companies that are relying on traditional search engine traffic for website promotion.

“Many of the affiliate networks that are provided in the list offer full marketing details and marketing materials to eliminate the costs that new or experienced marketers need to start promoting for other companies online,” the reviewer added.

The top affiliate network list that is accessible online is part of a new series to introduce different strategies to marketing companies online. This content is in addition to a newsletter that is now available providing exclusive marketing information to website visitors at the company.


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