Vehicle Protection Association (VPA) has announced the annual meeting September 15-16, 2013, Las Vegas

St. Louis (PRWEB) July 25, 2013

The Vehicle Protection Association (VPA), a professional non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the integrity of the automotive service contract industry, will hold its annual meeting 15 -16 September 2013 Bally Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.


join members, future members and friends of the organization 6-8 pm Sunday, September 15th May for a warm welcome. Monday, September 16, the day will begin with a forum sponsor, which will be held from 10-11:30 am The exhibition style forum is open to all participants and showcase companies that sponsored portions of the annual meeting. After the forum, lunch will be served from noon 1:00 in the program, which ends at 04:00 The program will include guest speakers and updates on the latest industry standards.

Participants will be invited to ask questions about the Association and the ongoing developments in the vehicle service contract industry during a Q & A session. This will once again be an exciting event filled with great speakers, networking and updates in the industry.

The annual meeting will be held in the same week that the F & I and Showroom and Industry Summit of the University of used cars, which will feature the F & I Conference and Expo, subprime Conference, the CRM of the Convention and Used Vehicle Convention retail. Participants at the annual meeting are invited to attend the summit on September 16 to 18, 2013 at Paris Las Vegas, however, the APV is not affiliated with the event.


for the annual meeting are available on the website of the VPA. The cost is $ 250 per participant, register before August 19th and book your seat for $ 125.

book hotel rooms in Las Vegas Bally, contact (877) 603-4390 or visit

About the Association for the Protection of vehicles

Vehicle Protection Association (VPA) is a non-profit organization representing companies operating in the sector of car service contract. Members include service contract marketers, administrators, insurers, payment providers and software vendors. VPA currently has more than 60 members. The organization is committed to ensuring regulatory compliance among members, educating consumers on their rights and otherwise ensuring the integrity of the automotive service contract industry. For more information, visit site.

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