What is Rippln and How can I Start My Ripple?

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) October 07, 2013

Rippln has introduced the worlds first Incentivized Sharing App. It is called Photo Guessaroo and it is the first App that the general public will be able to profit from. This article is all about what you need to do to be one of the lucky people who profits from Incentivized Sharing which will in my opinion become the new norm in the coming years.

Imagine that when you joined Facebook someone kept track of every person you invited to join and all of the actions that each of them performed. For example how many of the people you invited to Facebook played Farmville, or Texas Hold’em and just how much revenue has been generated from their use. Well this is exactly what the people at Rippln have decided to do. If you like this idea please visit http://www.startyourripple.ca , Startyourripple.ca is an independent affiliate of Rippln.

Rippln has introduced Incentivized Sharing. Put simply this means that people get paid to like and share cool new apps and products. Rippln is a customer acquisition model that rewards ‘players’ for inviting new people to join their ‘Ripple’ When you receive an invitation and you accept it, you enter that persons ‘Ripple’ as a ‘Fan’ which allows you to invite 5 people per 24 hours into your ‘Ripple’. You also have the option to ‘Power Up’ from a ‘Fan’ to a ‘Player’ for an approx. $ 90 activation and $ 25/month fee. This unlocks features that allow you to invite a lot more people and gives you the marketing tools to do so.

I feel like this is the next logical step in the evolution of the Internet, the people who ultimately put the value into Facebook and Twitter, etc. are the people who use it everyday. If it wasn’t for people liking and sharing apps and products, updating their statuses and tweeting there wouldn’t be billion dollar payouts for these huge companies. Finally the little guy can get rewarded for his/her part in the making of these online giants.

Rippln plans on launching 6 to 12 new apps starting with Photo Guessaroo as well as promoting cool new products like Smart Watches etc. Anyone who has joined Rippln has the chance to earn money just for sharing and liking these apps and products based on the amount of revenue generated by his or her ‘Ripple’ either through In App purchases or sales of the promoted products. I personally feel as though the idea is genius and while large companies are calling Rippln a scam I think they are simply worried about their bottom line!

If you would like to Join Rippln you can do so at http://www.startyourripple.ca. Simply click on the red Start My Ripple button and this will take you to the page where you can start your own Ripple by filling out your personal information and creating your own password. Once you submit this form you will be taken to your Rippln Dashboard, which is where you can learn all about the company, watch videos on how to get started, and how and why Rippln was created. The Dashboard is also where you will find the Invite section, which is where you can invite 5 friends to join your ‘Ripple’ and you will also find Marketing tools and also a Commerce section and of course you will be able to see Your Ripples and how many people are in them. Just don’t forget if you want the chance to make money from Rippln you will need to upgrade from a Fan to a Player.

Like I said before I feel that Rippln has introduced a new way to do business online that will benefit ordinary people like you and I. Hopefully with this opportunity and some hard work there will be a transfer of wealth from the Big Companies back into the pockets of The People.


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